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FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

FUE hair transplant treatment, which is a follicular unit extraction technique is applied under local anesthesia by shingling and implanting the hair into the channels within the hirtellous part or bald patch. it’s been applied since 2004 and it’s still been developed because of its openness to innovation. By FUE hair transplant treatment, individual follicular units including 2 to 3 hairs (named as grafts) are eliminated by tiny punches of very small micro blades or fine needles between 0.7 to 1.0mm in diameter from the donor site. Grafts are going to be transplanted into the targeted areas. what proportion of grafts are going to be needed by the patient is decided by the surgeon during the examination before the surgery.

Preparing for an FUE hair transplant

Here area unit some things you might have to do before obtaining an FUE hair transplant treatment:

  • Don’t smoke for at least daily before your surgery.
  • Don’t drink alcohol for a minimum of three days before your surgery.
  • Don’t take a pain pill or blood thinners for two weeks before your surgery.
  • Don’t take any vitamins or dietary supplements for two weeks before your surgery.
  • Try to avoid taking antidepressants for two weeks before surgery.
  • Don’t get your hair cut before the this procedure.
  • Do a scalp massage ten to a half-hour daily for some weeks to extend blood flow to your scalp.
  • Take any medications, like minoxidil (Rogaine), that your doctor asks you to require.
  • Have an ECG (electrocardiogram) and blood tests done before this procedure.

How is FUE Operation Performed?

Before starting the FUE hair transplant treatment, the patient is going to be examined by a variety of our professionals to see that this kind of operation is the one that he/she desires. when the analysis, enlightened regarding the transplant method, benefits, and drawbacks, the patient is going to be able to bear the follicular unit extraction. As a primary step, our surgeons can establish the donor areas, and for the foremost attainable natural-looking results, there’ll be a customized designing method. when the non-surgical preparations area unit is completed, the scalp is going to be clean-shaven for the surgeons to urge a transparent vision of the donor area; otherwise, there might occur many complications as a result of over-harvesting, like telogen emission.

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Extracting the Hair Follicles

Before the extraction of the hair follicles begins, our doctor can clean and benumb the donor space, employing a local anesthetic agent, so the patient won’t feel pain. Considering your transplant desires, he/she can choose an extraction technique between 2 options: sharp or blunt dissection. Preventing follicle transaction, sharp punch dissection technique inhibits the depth of punch insertion and so, will increase the consistency of the grafts. On the opposite hand, the blunt punch technique makes use of some reasonably uninteresting tip that is a smaller amount vulnerable to transect the follicles. whereas putting the follicles into the middle of the punch, this tip enhances the depth of the dissection level and reduces the manipulation, and ultimately the graft extraction needs less force.

Using a powerful microscopic scientific instrument, the surgeon operates with a one-millimeter in diameter instrument, like a little punch or forceps, and extracts every individual vesicle unit from the donor space on just one occasion. Multiple steps area unit required to finish the extraction process: first of all, in a trial to isolate the graft, a circular incision around the vesicle should be done. After then, we tend to extract the grafts directly from the donor space via the said instrument and put aside until the position method. it’s critically vital that these grafts area unit maintained in the best condition; thus, they’re split into teams counting on the number of hairs inside every follicle and soaked into an isotonic saline solution.

Once the extraction procedure has been completed by our team, the tiny holes created at the donor space area unit left to heal – or so for some days –, and therefore the patient is asked to take a seat on an upright position for the implantation method. At the top of the extraction procedure, our doctors can have harvested two,400 to 5,000 grafts. As the last step of the follicle extraction, our doctors can contemplate the best positioning of every follicle so as for reaching the required results, supported your distinctive hair loss pattern.

Placement of the Follicular Units

As shortly because the follicular grafts area unit able to use, razor blades or needles of one millimeter in width and 5–6-millimeter long area unit ready, to use whereas gap slits within the recipient space. After that, the hair grafts area unit exquisitely and strategically ingrained in every cut one by one, counting on the quantity of the hairs inside every follicle. The tissue harm resulted from the cutting method sometimes starts to reverse in three to four weeks. By the third week, the hair follicles stay inside the skin, however, hair tips begin to shed. whereas there is also no hair loss in some rare cases, it’s usually four to six months needed for transplanted hair to start out growing once more. The whole hair transplant operation is going to be completed in four to eight hours, counting on the size of the transplant method.

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Who is That the Best Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?

FUE hair transplant treatment has many benefits over the opposite hair transplant methods, particularly nearly invisible scarring. By undergoing FUE hair transplant treatment, you’ll be able to fully amendment your look, leading to a dramatic confidence boost, however, it’s vital to own a practical approach to the operation. albeit their area unit various patients World Health Organization would love to get these charming results, sadly not most are an optimum candidate for FUE procedure. Since achieving the most effective results is that the highest priority, our doctor’s main objective is to utilize the prevailing hair as effectively and strategically as attainable. When decisive the needed hair transplantation technique and assessing the patient’s compatibility with FUE hair transplant, surgeons think about the subsequent as critical factors:

  • The range of grafts needed to realize the optimum results
  • The range of grafts which might be extracted from the donor space
  • Adequate density of the hair inside the donor web site
  • Having restricted scalp snap, because it makes the tiny diameter punches the most effective choice
  • Hair variety of the patient, straight or slightly curled hair is preferred
  • Patient’s conceive to wear his/her hair shortly, a trial to camouflage any scarring perhaps
  • Cause of the hair loss, in some cases it’ll be a spare procedure
  • Patient’s sensitivity to pain
  • Overall health and lifestyle
  • Patient’s want for the smallest amount post-surgical restrictions
  • Patient’s disposition to realize long-run results
  • Possibility of future hair loss

Recovery Process

After the surgery, your scalp is going to be quite tender for a short time. you may be wearing bandages on your scalp for a couple of days, and there’s a high probability of feeling pain or soreness each at the implantation website and therefore the extraction space. to stay the swelling and alternative attainable complications in check, your medico may visit medications including:

  • Pain medications, like ibuprofen
  • Antibiotics to avert infections
  • Anti-inflammatories, like an oral steroid
  • Medications like finasteride (Propecia) or minoxidil (Rogaine) to assist trigger the hair growth

It is vital to recollect that each typical and transplanted hair grows or so one cm per month, therefore it’s not cheap to expect some shampoo-ad-locks in mere some days. Once it’s the fifth or sixth month when the surgery, the ultimate results can become intensely visible to the attention. There area unit one or two of measures you’ll be able to soak up order to not hinder the post-operation amount, including:

  • Do not wash your hair before one or two days. solely use the cleansing products suggested by your doctor.
  • Do not roughly brush or comb your hair for regarding three to four weeks
  • Until your doctor says the alternative, don’t wear hats or jackets with hoods.
  • Take a clear stage from exercise for one or two weeks.
  • Apply an ice pack to scale back the swelling.
  • Sleep in a very semi-upright position to stay grafts in place.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold, these conditions will stop proper healing.
  • Get enough rest and watch out for your scalp for quicker recovery.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke for a month, they will interrupt the blood flow to the top.

From Our Surgeon’s Viewpoint

  • Need for professionals is restricted, only one doctor and one or two assistants can operate.
  • Necessity for hair grafts is less than the other methods, thus the preparation method is shorter.
  • Since the procedure isn’t that traumatic, the requirement for the surgical process is negligible.
  • A restricted number of kit is sufficient for the surgical period.
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