Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery, Breast augmentation is the procedure in which we raise the size of an individual’s breasts. It’s also known as mammoplasty augmentation.

Implants are used in most medical operations to increase breast size. It is also possible to use fat from some other part of the body, but this technique is less prevalent.

We are an expert clinic on breast augmentation procedures. Our experienced crew provides world-class treatment. Thanks to our state-of-art technology and expert medical team, you can not go wrong with our facility regarding breast operations.

Recovery from breast augmentation operation is one of the main questions that people ask us. Nowadays, it is a trendy medical aesthetical procedure. The demand for breast augmentation is growing exponentially. 

Recovery generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on how you recover and the general wellbeing, it can require more time. Each individual is different, and if you’re worried about the healing process, it’s better to speak to one of our surgeons.

Key Factors of Recovery

In most of the medical procedure recovery stages, there are many determining factors. The three most important determining factors are how you recover, the surgery’s quality, and proper caretaking.

Many operations, including breast augmentation, require general anaesthesia. This indicates you are sleeping in the process.

We will move you to a recovery area after the operation is complete. You will wake up gradually because a team is treating you of medical professionals. You will still feel tired and achy.

You may feel tightness or muscle aches in the region if we put the implants under the pectoralis muscle. The discomfort should diminish, as the muscles expand and relax over time. So, it is not a thing to worry about.

You’ll be less tired and exhausted in only a few hours.

Typically after some hours, you will go home, but you’re going to need someone to transport you.

Our doctors must tie your breasts together with a bra or elastic band before you quit. This should help the regeneration of your breasts. Your doctor will clarify how to take care of the incision points, too.

You will definitely feel the most pain within the first three to five days. Your doctor will prescribe you medicine to better manage the discomfort. Pain killers will be helpful. You do not need to worry about it too much.

You may experience minor bleeding at the sites of the incisions. This is perfectly normal. But if you are preoccupied with some bleeding, speak to the doctor.

When you reach one week, counter pain-killers can help you manage the pain.

The discomfort for the first week will be mild.

With the approval of your surgeon, you can gradually return to daily activities carefully.

You will always get some swelling over this moment.

If you have a physically demanding job, you’ll have about three weeks or more to work. Like jumping, you may even need to stop heavy lifting and vigorous physical exercise as much as possible.

You will nearly complete recovery in around two months, but that depends on how quickly your body heals.

If you want to resume regular activities, you should get your doctors to advise. Our medical team will always provide support for you whenever you ask for it.

Healthy Recovery Tips

Wear bras for healing. Follow orders from the doctor. Recovery bras support to relieve the discomfort to swelling.

Watch the incisions. You can need to wear a bandage or add ointment based on your surgeon’s choice. Always meet the leads.

Take your medicine. The pain medicine should allow you to relax throughout the first week. If your doctor wants you to take antibiotics, follow the complete course. It will be essential.

Organize your house before you undergo surgery. Complete any housework and meal preparation before the procedure. Once you’re back home in rehab, you’ll need to relax.

Put on loose clothing. Breathable, loose-fitting clothing should make you feel more relax.

Stop heavy movement. An intense motion will delay the healing process.

Feed something healthy. A balanced diet can help rebuild the body. Consume plenty of lean protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is breast augmentation procedure painful?

No, you will be under the effect of anaesthesia during the procedure. It is going to be a pain-free process. Your doctors will prescribe medicine for the recovery stages after the surgery. 

Question: Is recovery from breast augmentation hard?

No, it is considerably easy to recover from breast augmentation, in comparison to other surgeries. Of course, there might be cuts or scars, but your doctor will prescribe pain-killers to overcome pain in the later stages.

Question: Who is suitable for the procedure?

Our surgeons will decide whether or not you are suitable to undergo this surgery. We need to see your condition first. Please contact us to learn about this matter more.

Question: Will I have surgery marks or scars after the operation?

In medical aesthetical surgeries, better hands provide better results. We always guarantee you that the best surgeons will take care of you during the whole process.

Question: Do you guarantee natural-looking results?

It is really dependent on your preferences. We work very hard to meet your needs and wishes. You can feel comfortable since we provide you with the best medical team.

Question: How long is the healing process?

After the procedure, it will take more than two months to recover completely. However, you will get rid of the hard part both medically and aesthetically in the first two weeks. The pain will reduce dramatically after the week, and after the second week, most of your cuts will heal.

Question: How can I get more information about your clinic?

You can always reach us to learn anything you want to learn. We are an expert clinic with a top-class facility. We always provide you with the best hands in medical aesthetics. We strongly encourage you to contact us to get more information on procedures, our doctors, our clinic, and more. We would be delighted to help you anytime.

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