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Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week

Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week

Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week

Breasts are an important part of our body. It shows the elegance and aesthetics of the body. That’s why we follow the breast augmentation recovery week by week. Some people may not have this beauty naturally. This deficiency causes a decrease in self-confidence and causes problems in social life. Every year, more than 3,000 breast augmentation operations are performed using breast implants. Every woman has her own reason for this; the breasts are small or underdeveloped, the volume has decreased after pregnancy, or the breasts have sagged and shrunk after dieting.

Before and After Breast Surgery Photos

Breasts may be small or undeveloped since puberty. Sometimes the volume of the breasts decreases after pregnancy or the breasts become more saggy and smaller after a weight loss diet. There is no clear age limit for breast augmentation, but after the age of eighteen, you can breast augmentation recovery week by week.

It is important that you request breast augmentation yourself. People around you should not be wanted by, for example, your spouse. Breast enlargement does not usually solve social or sexual problems. In many cases, the image we have of ourselves determines the way we present ourselves to the world around us. But breast augmentation is also a medical procedure, so you should be well acquainted with the possibilities and impossibilities of this operation.

Breast Aesthetics

Facts About Breast Surgery

A breast that is too small can make a woman feel restless and insecure. Everyday things like choosing to wear certain clothes can become a task. Breasts are one of the most important external features of a woman. When women are unhappy about the shape and size of their breasts, the only solution is surgery. Thus, they can follow the breast augmentation recovery week by week.

Operations such as breast augmentation are the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures in the world. With relatively little intervention, we can often regain self-confidence. Breast enlargement can remove this dissatisfaction, but it is not a remedy for deeper personal or psychological problems.

Is Breast Surgery Permanent?

Whether breast augmentation surgeries are permanent or not is always a big question. People are looking for a more precise solution because they don’t want to have surgery all the time. Unfortunately, doctors cannot give clear information about this. Because the longevity of an operation depends on the patient. If the patient considers the doctor’s recommendations after the operation, the operation may be partially permanent.

Some surgeries have major effects on people. People expect a lot from plastic surgery. Unfortunately, not all of them meet expectations. Therefore, doctors act carefully and do not give clear information. Otherwise, the negative result may disappoint the patient. Therefore, the patient should do breast augmentation recovery week by week.

Breast Surgery After 2 Months

After breast augmentation surgery, the breasts sometimes feel sore and tight. You can feel it  in breast augmentation recovery week by week. This will subside in a few days. Pain is often experienced as muscle pain. If the drain is inserted, they are usually removed the same day, one to three days later at the latest. It would be wise to arrange assistance for the first week after returning home.

It is recommended to wear a bra day and night for four or six weeks after breast augmentation. In addition, an elastic band over the chest is sometimes recommended if the prosthesis is placed behind the pectoral muscle. You should not exercise, lift heavy or raise your arms above your head for 2 months after breast augmentation surgery. After 2 months, you can start to follow breast augmentation recovery week by week.

Does Breast Surgery Harm the Breast?

In some patients, contractions occur around the silicones. Because of this, the breasts become hard and begin to hurt. If you do not go to a doctor, it will be deformed in a short time. If the breasts are not taken care of, the tissue around the implant begins to rub. Over time, the substances in it can erode and spread to other tissues.

As with any other surgery, breast augmentation has advantages and disadvantages. These will be discussed with you in detail. The lifespan of breast prostheses used in breast augmentation may be limited. While following breast augmentation recovery week by week, you should go to the doctor regularly for at least 10 years.

Breast Augmentation Scars

Every surgery has risks and possible complications. As with other surgeries, complications may occur in breast augmentation surgery. As with any surgery, bleeding or infection may occur after breast augmentation surgery. It is especially difficult to determine how the scars will be.

Body structure varies from person to person. Some people’s skin may be more sensitive. Therefore, the traces are more pronounced. However, your behavior after surgery can also erase the effect of scars. You can relax the wound by massaging with special creams. If you notice that the scars are decreasing as you follow breast augmentation recovery week by week.

Breast Surgery Cost

The cost of breast augmentation surgeries can vary. The technique used is important for the price. At the same time, how long you will stay in the hospital and how to get support is something you should talk to your doctor about. After getting detailed information, you can choose according to your budget.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week in Turkey

You need to rest a lot for the first few weeks while watching breast augmentation recovery week by week. It is very important that you do not lift weights. You can take leave from your workplace. You should also stay away from housework for a while. It will be difficult for you to raise your arms in the air. Therefore, you should wear clothes with buttons on the front.

Depending on the prosthesis used, you may not exercise for 3 or 6 weeks. If you have small children, you should consider that you may have much less physical contact in the first weeks. Playing and spending time with them is prohibited. Also, remember not to sleep on your side or stomach. Sleeping on your back supports breast augmentation recovery week by week.

Breast augmentation recovery week by week results and possible risks


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