Also known as the “Hollywood cheek procedure,” it targets enhancing cheekbone definition through surgery. This process removes the buccal fat pads, leading to a more defined facial structure. Numerous celebrities have opted for this cheek fat removal surgery to attain an attractive, contoured look. The surgery aims to create a more pronounced cheekbone line by carefully removing cheek fat.

The procedure is popular not only among women but men as well, highlighting its wide appeal across genders. It is categorized as aesthetic surgery and is sought after for both aesthetic reasons and to address certain personal concerns. For instance, individuals born with chubby cheeks may opt for a bichectomy to alleviate low self-esteem issues stemming from their facial appearance. People desiring a more contoured look to their cheekbones often choose this surgery, and it’s noted that most celebrities with distinctively sharp cheekbones have likely had their buccal fat pads removed to achieve their iconic looks.

Is Bichectomy the Same as a “Hollywood Cheek” ? 

Hollywood celebrities truly affect aesthetic surgeries and their popularity. Bichectomy is one of them. Famous people like Angelina Jolie have really sharp cheekbones. Most of the male and female models also have really defined cheekbones. A lot of people are trying to find ways to achieve their looks.

Most famous people get aesthetic surgeries to look better on physical appearance. It is hard for the face to lose its weight, so people can still have chubby cheeks even though they are losing weight on their bodies. At last, This surgery promises people slimmer and thinner cheekbones.

Thinning Cheeks

Sharper cheekbones can drastically change facial aesthetics. Those with thinner cheeks might seem more underweight, highlighting the importance of the face in our physical appearance. People are showing more interest in ways to slim down their cheeks since naturally chubby cheeks can challenge those wanting to refine their facial features. Cheek fat removal offers an effective solution. Celebrities have popularized this surgery, boosting its appeal to the wider public.

Removing cheek fat achieves a more defined appearance, appealing to those desiring a particular aesthetic. Surgeons perform this procedure under general anesthesia, making cheeks thinner by excising fat through a small incision. This method not only reduces cheek volume but also sharpens facial contours, altering the face’s overall look.  Ensuring the procedure’s safety and effectiveness requires a specialist doctor’s expertise to achieve the wanted facial contours.

Why Opt for Cheek Fat Removal? 

Bichectomy, also known as cheek lift or buccal fat removal surgery, aims to enhance facial aesthetics by creating more defined cheekbones. This procedure directly targets the bichat fat pad, a distinct fat area in the cheek. Removing this fat pad results in a more contoured cheekbone appearance and a slimmer face with smaller cheekbones, enhancing the overall facial profile.

Patients who have lost weight but still see unchanged fat on their cheeks often seek this cheek reduction surgery. Its popularity is soaring as more celebrities undergo the procedure, making it increasingly attractive to the general public.

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