Bichectomy is known as removing cheek fat. It is a surgical procedure to create sharper cheekbones. Most of the celebrities have done a cheek fat removal to look more appealing. The surgery is created for having a sharper line on the cheekbones. A surgeon has to remove the fat from the cheeks to have sharper structures for this procedure. A lot of women prefer getting it done but men also can have a Bichectomy surgery too. It is known as aesthetic surgery.

People can get it done for aesthetic purposes and also for other purposes too. In addition,  some people can be born with chubby cheeks which can cause them low-esteem issues. People who want to have a more contoured look on their cheekbones have this surgery. Most celebrities who have sharp cheekbones usually had their cheeks fat removed.

Bichectomy “Hollywood Cheek”

Hollywood celebrities truly affect aesthetic surgeries and their popularity. Bichectomy is one of them. Famous people like Angelina Jolie have really sharp cheekbones. Most of the male and female models also have really defined cheekbones. A lot of people are trying to find ways to achieve their looks.

Most famous people get aesthetic surgeries to look better on physical appearance. Cheek fat removal surgeries are done with so many celebrities. It is hard for the face to lose its weight, so people can still have chubby cheeks even though they are losing weight on their bodies. At last, This surgery promises people slimmer and thinner cheekbones.

Thinning Cheeks

People are curious about the ways to lose weight on their cheeks. So, people can be born with chubby cheeks naturally and it can be hard for them to lose weight on their face. Cheek fat removal is known as the perfect way for it. It is a surgical process where the cheeks get thinner by removing fats on the cheeks.

Sharper cheekbones can change the whole face. People who have thinner cheeks can look more underweight since the face is the key for our physical appearance. This surgery is actually already a trend for celebrities. Therefore, It is also becoming more popular around people too. With the removal of cheek fat, the face will look very weak. To achieve this aesthetic appearance, cheek fat removal surgery can be performed. It will be important for your health that this surgery is performed by a specialist doctor.

Cheek Fat Removal

Bichectomy is known as a cheek fat removal surgery. Nearly all models have sharp and defined cheekbones. Most of these models and celebrities actually have cheek fat removal surgery to get their desired looks. However, It is done for removing the fat from the cheekbones. The cheekbones look sharper after the surgery. It makes the cheekbones smaller and gives the whole face a slimmer look.

Patients who lost weight but still have fats on their cheeks can get this surgery done. It is becoming more popular around the people since every celebrity is having this surgery done. This surgery can be known as cheek fat removal or as buccal fat removal. Bichectomy is created for removing the fat from the cheeks.

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