Bichectomy Before and After

Cheek fat removal or Bichectomy was always popular around the celebrities. Most models have actually got Bichectomy done on their faces to have a sharper face structure. Some people can be born with sharper cheekbone lines while some people can have a chubbier face structure. Bichectomy offers people an opportunity to have more defined cheeks. They can still achieve sharper cheekbone lines even though one is born with chubbier cheekbones. A lot of celebrities had Bichectomy surgeries to look more appealing. Bichectomy before and after gives us a difference on the cheeks. Cheekbones look better and more defined after getting it. It is usually done for aesthetic purposes but people can have chubby cheeks after losing too much weight. This surgery is a preferred surgery to make the face look younger and more beautiful. It is important for an expert in the field to perform this surgery for a good result.

What Is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy can be defined as a surgical procedure for removing the fat on the cheeks. People can have fat cheekbones due to different reasons. A lot of people are born with chubby cheeks and there isn’t any way to lose weight on the natural chubby cheeks. There is a tissue called bichat is in the cheeks. Some people can have more developed bichat and it is really hard to lose them.

This adipose tissue can’t be lost with exercises and diets. So, getting a Bichestomy surgery is the only way to get rid of a chubby cheek looks. Bichectomy helps to get clearer cheekbones lines and it gives the cheekbones a shadow to create a sharper look. Cheek fat removal before and after shows us that it gives the cheekbones a contoured look.

Cheek Fat Removal

Bichectomy is also known as cheek fat removal. It has a process where the patient is under a general or a local anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision in the mouth area. The incision is usually around 1 cm. The adipose tissue Bichat gets removed through this incision. It is closed with stitches after this step.

Usually, it takes around 45 minutes on average. However, it can last more than an hour for different cases. There are no visible scars on the face since the whole procedure was made inside of the mouth. Patient can go to their home on the same day of the surgery. People who are over 20 to 24 years can have a Bichectomy surgery. The results of cheek fat removal can be seen after months later.

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is also another name for a Bichectomy surgery. Both of the genders can have cheek fat removal surgery. Age limit can change for different people since each bodies develop differently from each other. Patients can see the effects of Bichectomy before and after months later.

Minimum, 3 months can be the time period for patients to notice their thinned cheeks. However, it can last more than 6 months for cheeks to appear thinner. Buccal fat removal doesn’t cause any kind of collapsing on the face. Bichectomy before and after can be noticed after several months.

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