Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey. Turkey is leading country in hair transplant worldwide. Especially in the world of hair transplant costs certainly, Turkey is seen as the first choice. It is extremely popular with European countries. Of course, the first reason for this preference is that there are world-renowned hair transplant doctors, the second major reason is the cost difference compared to other countries.

In addition to all this, it is also important to find a good hair transplant center. Some points should be considered for the best hair transplant in Turkey. When it is decided to have a hair transplant, it is time to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Although this process progresses a little easier for those living in Turkey, it may be a little more difficult for patients coming from abroad. The reason for this is undoubtedly Turkey’s success in health tourism. Turkey, which is very successful in health tourism, develops itself every day in hair transplant.

How To Find the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are many criteria for determining the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. These:

  • The abundance of service diversity in the hair transplant clinic: It is thought that clinics with more service diversity are better than other clinics.
  • Actively applying most of the hair transplant techniques: There are many techniques used for hair transplantation. The most commonly used methods are the FUE technique, sapphire technique, and DHI hair transplant.
  • Specialist doctors and an expert medical team in the clinical staff: The point to be considered here is that it should not be forgotten that hair transplant is a surgical operation as a result. Before the surgical operation, even if the medical history of the patient is taken and the necessary tests are performed, it is important to have a medical team equipped to intervene in the complications that occur during the surgical operation.
  • Adequate equipment of the clinic: It is very important to find sterile operating rooms and necessary equipment for the surgical operation to be performed.

Other important issues are:

  • Compliance with the hygienic conditions of the clinic,
  • The development of the clinic in parallel with the developing technology and the fact that the experts in the clinical staff closely follow the developments in the health sector and update their knowledge.
  • The number of foreign patients who prefer the clinic,
  • The importance is given by the clinic to its patients and the criticisms of the patients who had hair transplant in the clinic,
  • Facilities provided for patients from abroad,
  • Having an interpreter for patients coming from abroad,
  • The success rate of the clinic in the sector,
  • Communication with patients before or after surgery,
  • The number and content of the news in the media about the clinic,
  • Information on the website,
  • The number of years the clinic has been in the sector,
  • Hair transplant costs etc.

The mentioned criteria are very effective in determining the best hair transplant clinic. However, the order of importance of these criteria may differ for each patient. The selection of the clinic where hair transplant will be performed should be very sensitive.

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