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Best DHI Clinic in Turkey DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the latest and most advanced technique popularly made in Turkey. In the DHI method, utmost care is taken to make the hair follicles correctly and transplant them into problematic areas. All these procedures are performed manually by experienced doctors who have special training in the DHI technique. In Turkey, the DHI method has changed the way the realization of the shape transplant. This method is known as an advanced technique that people can choose from and gives better results. In Turkey, DHI hair transplant has become much more popular as it is performed by experts and supported by qualified and trained assistants.

DHI hair transplant has benefited many patients in Turkey. The first one gives 100% natural results when your hair is transplanted in this method. Secondly, this method is very comfortable because it is an extremely painless procedure and since it is performed manually, it can provide a much more intense hair growth after the hair is transplanted. All devices such as needles and tools used in this method are disposable and this provides a high level of safety. Today, fast-paced people are very selective and conscious about their looks and image. Therefore, they prefer to go to the best clinic for high-quality results.

DHI hair transplant is the most advanced procedure and this method is highly developed in Turkey. Some factors should also be considered for the Best DHI clinic in Turkey.

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Why Turkey for DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplant is known as the most advanced hair transplant technique worldwide, providing excellent results to many people suffering from baldness. Just like celebrities, many people have tried this procedure for baldness along with hair loss and find it very useful. Direct hair transplant is a technique in which hair follicles are carefully taken from the donor area (sides and back of the head) and transplanted into the recipient area (krone, front, and top) one by one. Here, a thin device with a diameter of less than 1 mm is used. The direct hair implant process has managed to create an important position for itself in the sector. Many reasons encourage patients to choose Turkey for hair transplantation.

The reasons for choosing Turkey for DHI hair transplantation are generally as follows:

  • Turkey has 50 years of experience in the DHI method and hair transplantation and has highly experienced doctors in this area.
  • In Turkey, the DHI method is the pioneer of the hair transplant technique, which is the most advanced hair restoration procedure in the world and was launched in 2005.
  • Specialists such as Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists are only authorized to perform DHI hair transplantation to patients who require this type of treatment and surgery.
  • Doctors who perform DHI hair transplantation are specially trained.
  • The DHI method is 100% safe and gives natural results. At the same time, it ensures the lifelong growth of the hair as well as its maximum viability.
  • This method offers a painless, incision-free, bruise-free, and scar-free procedure with 100% natural results.
  • In Turkey, All tools used in this application are of high quality and disposable. Thanks to this feature, there are zero risks of infection.

How to Choose the Best DHI Clinic in Turkey?

In recent years, many hospitals and hair transplant clinics have been opened in Turkey. Unfortunately, these hair transplant centers are not adequately controlled by local authorities. Therefore, the hair transplant center to be treated must be carefully investigated. The widely used method to have a DHI hair transplant is internet searches in Turkey. The most valuable information that can be accessed by this method is previous patient comments and reviews.

To find the right hair transplant center in Turkey, it is necessary to consider the following issues:

  • There is no branch of medicine called DHI hair transplant specialist in Turkey. Plastic surgeons do the hair transplant procedure. However, you can question the diploma of the doctor you are considering hair transplantation.
  • Some hair transplant centers may ask you to sign a contract that promises not to comment negatively on social media, considering the postoperative medical risks. Be sure to ask if the center has such a policy at the beginning of the process.
  • There are many brokerage companies and individuals on the market. Their main purpose is to bring the patient together with the hair transplant center and get a commission. These types of people and companies can make false promises to you. To eliminate such problems, contact the hair transplant center and the doctor directly. If necessary, you can request a video call.
  • Remember, hair transplantation is a medical practice and there is always a risk of complications. Know all the risks before dealing with cost transactions.
  • Many clinics can make some irregularities in hair transplantation. During this application, which lasts for 8 to 10 hours, the entire surgery should be managed by the doctor. However, in some hair transplant centers, this procedure can be performed by nurses or health technicians. In this way, hair transplant centers can treat several people at the same time to increase the number of patients (and therefore profit). As mentioned earlier, hair transplantation is an important medical procedure and a doctor must be present at all stages. Make sure that the hair transplant will be managed by the doctor before making the payment.
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