Will I Be Bald?

Will I Be Bald? Excessive hair loss causes us to encounter big problems. Although the effect is not very clear in a short time, concerns of will I be bald begin to emerge over time. With this situation, which is a nightmare for all ages, people seek solutions for themselves. This situation affects people both financially and morally. Many solutions are now strong enough to eliminate baldness.

What Are Causes of Hair Loss?

The causes of hair disease are not always clear. It is generally believed to be a response of the body’s own immune system. In addition, hair diseases can sometimes be triggered by prolonged exposure to stress, untreated thyroid disorders, severe infections, the use of certain medications, hormonal changes, and a lack of certain vitamins. Various studies have shown that stress can be an important trigger for various hair diseases. Especially it has been successful hair transplant in Turkey expert examinations.

Is Hair Loss Normal?

Hair loss happens to many men and women. Hair loss is not usually caused by diseases. However, hair loss can leave a mark on your self-esteem. Start by identifying the cause of excessive hair loss. Adjust your diet and choose a healthy diet with adequate exercise. If you want to stop hair loss, you can use hair extension products.

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What Causes Alopecia Areata?

Current research shows that something triggers your immune system to suppress hair follicles. It is not yet known what this trigger is and whether it is an external factor or a body reaction. Studies have also shown that some people have genetic traits that affect the development of Alopecia areata. If your doctors have made this diagnosis, you don’t need to worry. Successful hair transplant Turkey doctors are achieving good work in the fight against alopecia

Do I Risk to Be Bald?

Anyone can develop Alopecia regardless of a certain age. Various reasons play a role in the development of alopecia. Examples include hormones, aging, infections, medications, medical treatments, lifestyle, exposure to chemicals, smoking and alcohol use. Alopecia may also be more common in family members with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, lupus, and / or thyroid disease.

Is There Any Way to Get Rid of Baldness?

Hair diseases unfortunately do not vary depending on age and/or gender. Both children and adults may experience baldness caused by a congenital or later hair disease. This affects not only men, but also women. Baldness is common in any way and is certainly not uncommon. However, it is possible to get rid of it with the best hair transplant technique.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

During hair transplant, hair follicles called graft taken from your hair are transplanted to the determined bald areas. The structure of these hairs is sometimes a little different from your other hair. For example, these hairs are not sensitive to the DHT hormone. This hormone is responsible for hereditary hair loss. You do not have to worry as the transplanted hair also tends to fall out. Hair transplant results are therefore permanent. Over the years, your hair may eventually thin out as it normally does.

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Are Hair Transplant Results Fast?

Just as it is impossible to expect a product we use to have an immediate effect, this can’t be expected from the best hair transplant. Especially when it comes to an operation, a time is needed for the healing of the scalp etc. However, thanks to successful techniques, it is possible to see the effects after approximately 6 months. It takes 1 and 1.5 years for the hair to complete its full formation and become desired.

Thanks to the operations managed successfully by the experts, you can have hair transplantation without side effects. People fear the negative aspects of hair transplantation. That’s why they look for different ways to get rid of baldness. This is a more difficult and tiring process compared to hair transplantation. Moreover, it does not give exact results.

Is Hair Transplant Really Permanent?

Baldness is a condition that affects people of all ages psychologically. Especially early age causes loss of self-confidence in young people. If you have been trying to cope with such a situation for years, it may be tired of not getting the result you want. You should know that it is possible to end all your baldness problems with hair transplantation.

You can get rid of baldness thanks to DHI, a special technique used in hair transplantation today. Thanks to successful doctors, you can have this procedure done with the least pain and you can trust yourself as before. So you will have no worries about will I be bald because of your hair loss and you will have the look you want.

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