Why Does My Hair Grow Faster on One Side?

Why Does My Hair Grow Faster on One Side? Besides the hair growth process, some people say that their hair does not grow evenly. You may also yourself that “Why does my hair grow faster on one side?” too. In line with the consensus opinion of professionals, hair grows 1 or 1.5 cm in line with the month. We can not usually manipulate this elongation. you may use a few techniques to combat those negativities. So you don’t ought to fear too much.

Why Does Hair Grow Late?

Some areas of the head may additionally have greater blood circulate than others. This ensures that the hair follicles in that region are nourished extra and develop better with healthy. some conduct can exchange the growth rate of hair. no longer dispensing the hair serum properly, constantly combing the identical place, sound asleep on the same aspect, or so on.

How to Take Care Hair Loss?

If you started to realize your hair started to grow slower or you have a hair loss, it is important to give the right treatment. Hair loss can be caused by poor self-care or wrong hair products. If one doesn’t have a healthy sleeping, eating habit that can cause stress to hair follicles. It is important to make your diet better with proteins.

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Healthy food treatment for hairs can be helpful to use. If there is a balding spot in head or the head is completely bald there are also ways that you can try. But a lot people approve that there is not too much ways to save a balding area by using natural mixtures or proteins. The best way to save a balding spot is getting a hair transplant. Contrary to popular belief, getting a hair transplant is actually easy and painless.

How Is Hair Transplantation Done?

Hair transplantation is a great option to cope with balding. Hair transplantation is a surgery that includes transplanting the hair from the area with hair follicles to the areas in which the hair is absolutely shed or the hair density is decreased. If wanted, hair transplantation can be performed from another part of the body. Popular are FUE and DHI.  You can find these techniques of hair transplant in Turkey.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Transplantation?

The maximum essential benefit of a hair transplantation is you get a great end result from it. Most natural or regular remedies for hair loss problems don’t deliver an amazing end result or don’t even help. After getting a hair transplantation, from the moment hairs develop there will be no hair loss. And they’ll get a natural searching hair with a transplantation. You can get natural looking hair transplant Turkey in great hospitals.

Reasons to Get Hair Transplant

Genetic reasons and an excess of testosterone hormone are often the main causes of hair loss that require transplantation. Hair loss caused by these reasons is classified as “male pattern hair loss” (androgenetic alopecia). When the “dihydrotestosterone” hormone known as DHT, which is found in men, is excessively secreted, it accumulates in the hair follicles and prevents the roots from feeding. The roots that cannot be fed are weakened over time and damaged enough to not produce new hair strands.

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Unfortunately, this situation results in hair loss. In addition, hair breaker (Alopecia Areata), skin problems, some internal diseases, various medications used, stress, psychological factors and in some cases even environmental factors are among the factors that can cause permanent hair loss. Getting the best hair transplant will end with best results. So It’s important to find great doctors for it.

What Is the Best Hair Transplant Technique?

There are two techniques to get an hair transplant: DHI and FUT. However, FUT  is an technique that not a lot people choose since it leaves an scar on the patient’s head after the operation. But we can say that DUH is the best hair transplant technique.

How to Get  Hair Transplant?

To get an hair transplant, definitely you should go to a trustworthy doctor or a hospital. We use the DUH technique for better results and for happy customers. With many customers and their comments, our first priority is to make our customers happy and healthy. With DUH technique, there are no scars or pain. It is a easy and fast technique to achieve a natural looking hairs. So we can say that if you ask yourself “Why does my hair grow faster on one side?” there might be many reasons to it. But there is nothing that a hair transplant can’t help.

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