Why Do Hair Fall Out For Females?

Why Do Hair Fall Out For Females? According to the International Society Of Hair Transplantation Surgery, more than 40% of women around the world are experiencing hair loss which is caused by multiple factors, so why do hair fall out for females? In this article, we are going to underline all the possible factors that may lie behind this common issue, so in case you are interested about this topic, and you are looking for further details about it, this article will thoroughly  provide you with the necessary information.

Before answering the frequently asked question: why do hair fall out for females, it is necessary to underscore first the different  types of hair loss that may affect women.

In fact, female hair loss could be categorized into three types as following:

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Female Hair Loss

  • The Androgenetic Alopecia: For females it is called the female Pattern baldness. Unlike the male pattern baldness which firstly causes hair loss in the sides of the hair, and then takes place in the crown and the top of the head, the female pattern baldness shows up as a kind of hair thinning on the top of thead, and of it does not get treated early, it may eventually result in total baldness.

In Addition to heredity, why do hair fall out for females could be answered as following:

  • The Anagen effluvium.
  • The telogen effluvium.
  • The central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia.
  • The frontal fibrosing Alopecia.
  • The alopecia Areata.
  • The cicatricial alopecia.
  • The alopecia universalis.
  • The Tinea Capitis.
  • The dissecting Cellulitis of the scalp.
  • The folliculitis Decalvans.
  • The Lichen Planopilaris.
  • The Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

 Why do hair fall out for females?

We can actually break down the factors that may lead to male hair loss as following:

Male Hair Loss

  • Genetic and hereditary factors: the female pattern baldness known as the Androgenetic alopecia occurs mainly due to heredity and genetic factors. 90% of women who have female pattern baldness, have the same issue in their families history.
  • Environmental causes: a lot of people may trivialise this factor, but the environment has a huge impact on our hair. And multiple environmental conditions like; the hair pollution, the high humidity, the water pollution… can negatively affect our hair resulting in hair loss.
  • Hormonal causes: during her life, the female may experience hormonal changes and disturbances during different periods including; the pregnancy, the child birth, the menopause, the period …, or due to some diseases such as the thyroid. And this may lead to hair loss but this type is temporarily and quite natural.
  • Numerous diseases: multiple illnesses such as the blood pressure, the thyroid, the type two of diabetes, the severe heart problems, the cancer, the lever viruses: (hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C), Anemia, PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), autoimmune diseases like Celiac disease, all the chronic diseases, the severe infections.
  • The unhealthy hair routine: A lot of women do not pay attention to the constituents of the hair products they are using regularly. And they apply hair products ( like hair colourants, hair lotions, hair conditioners, shampoos, Hair sprays, hair oils, hair creams..etc), that contain damaging and harmful chemical substances that ruin the hair follicles and cause hair loss, like the silicone, parabens, sulfates…
  • Mental factors: it is well known that mental health is an extremely indispensable, important and vital pillar of our lives that should be necessarily taken care of. Hair loss and mental health could be considered separate but they totally overlap. Hence, any psychological diseases or disorders such as : severe depression, acute stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, trichotillomania ( which is one of the most common obsessive compulsive/impulsive disorders that could be defined as the constant and unconscious urge for pulling out our hair. It definitely damages the hair, and if it does not get cured and stopped early, it may also cause hair loss and baldness).
  • The regular or daily use of some medications: we all know that all the unnatural medications have certain side effects that may occur differently. A lot of medicines actually trigger hair loss and may cause baldness as well. For instance, the insulin injection, the diabetes pills, the severe blood pressure pills which are the (anti-hypertensives), like for example beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, and diuretics, the chronic heart diseases drugs, the chemotherapy, the birth control pills, the anti-clotting drugs, the Acne medications, the Antidepressants, the cholesterol lowering drugs, anticonvulsants (epilepsy drugs), the weight loss drugs, the steroids, the anti-biotics, the anti-inflammatory drugs…etc.
  • The high PH level of water: if the water contains a high level of PH, it will damage your hair causing hair loss.

To conclude, after answering why do hair fall out for females, you need to know that you should not ignore this issue until you lose your full hair, and you worsen the situation making it probably incurable, once you notice a hair loss, consult an experienced doctor to advise you.

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