Which Vitamin Makes Your Hair Grow?

Which Vitamin Makes Your Hair Grow? Your hair grows about an inch per month. This averages 12 centimeters per year. It may vary slightly per capita. In fact, the seasons are also effective. It depends on your eating habits and which vitamin makes your hair grow. Hair growth is a little more complicated than people think.

The length of a hair lasts about two to six years, and then it enters a kind of resting stage. Then it reaches the maximum length. After a few months, she falls to make room for a new hair strand. How long the longing phase of a hair lasts depends on your gender and age.

Do Vitamins Make Hair Grow?

The drugs that will be discussed are the best preventive for hair regrowth. This means that the sooner you start, the better it works. When hair loss begins to stand out, usually more than 50 percent of the hair has already fallen. Most drugs have been shown to slow hair growth from deterioration of hair. Regrowth occurs in only a few cases.

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How Does Hair Loss Occur?

Numerous reasons such as malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, diseases, birth or stress cause hair loss. These can be detected and eliminated in time. However, if you have a problem with androgenetic alopecia, these men and women are not problems that can be solved with a few vitamins. However, thanks to hair transplant Turkey specialists, this problem can be eliminated.

Do Vitamins Treat Baldness?

Hair growth products generally have a positive effect on the hair follicle. It is important that you still have hair follicles to achieve results. If you’ve been nearly killer for a few years, it is possible that most of the grafts are lost forever and the treatment is actually pointless. In order to prevent these problems from getting worse, you should consider getting a detailed consultation from hair transplant experts.

Do Vitamins Really Help Hair Growth?

Only a few products have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on hair loss. A healthy diet is good for your whole body and various bodily functions. For example, iron deficiency can cause hair loss and your hair growth will benefit from vitamin B12. Vitamins can help support healthy hair growth. Doctors recommend it after hair transplant in Turkey  as it also supports hair growth.

Does Hair Transplant Make Hair Grow?

Thanks to the best hair transplant , you can fill the bald areas and get a healthier look. It may seem like it should be the least preferred compared to other options. However, considering the financial and emotional effort, hair transplantation has more advantages. What makes it so attractive is that it is lifelong.

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When you have hair transplanted, you can see your hair grow after approximately 6 months. After 1 year, the image you want will be completely formed. Of course, this period varies from person to person. But this is a fact; Hair growth will continue normally. So whether you have your hair cut or extended.

Which is the Best Method for Hair Transplant?

Even though decides to have the best hair transplant technique like many people, he cannot have a definite idea about which method is more attractive. FUE, which has been preferred by experts for many years, is the latest technique DHI. Although the operation of these two methods is different, the results are successful. Until this time, FUE’s success was at the forefront, but a special pen changed the whole understanding.

The biggest disadvantage of FUE; The risk of cutting the scalp, the formation of small stitch marks, taking hours of transplantation and unfortunately the immediate death of the stem cells in the donor hair. All these can affect the appearance 1 year later. Experts have developed a different method with DHI to find a solution to these minuses.

What Is DHI Different?

What makes DHI special is that it has a special pen called Choi implanter. Many successful works have been done thanks to this pen. Now, hair transplantation is done without cutting and stitching the scalp. Previously, there was a waiting time outside before the roots were removed. This would reduce the possibility of hair regrowth. However, with Choi implanter, it is a faster process as both hair removal and transplantation are done with a single pen.

Another strength of the pen is that hair transplantation is performed closer to each other. The spaces in between are minimized and aiming a natural look. Of course, you don’t have to worry about shaving your hair as before. Don’t stop researching if you don’t know which vitamin makes your hair grow.

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