What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp micropigmentation (also known as SMP) is more than just a tattoo of blood. It is a common non-surgical hair loss procedure during which natural pigments are added to the dermal layer of the scalp, replicating a natural shaved head appearance, making it a perfect cure for hair loss. When it comes to hair loss, there are a variety of solutions open to those finding a cure. From hair transplantation to sophisticated hair solutions for men and women, the science and care behind the treatment of baldness is continually changing and improving. One of the most recently discovered remedies is scalp micropigmentation, but the question is: what exactly is it?

At the age of 50, 85% of men would suffer visible hair loss. Women are not safe from this figure either; 40% of them are going to face the same thing. For both sexes, seeing a visible disparity in hair volume may be embarrassing and losing some self-confidence. Yet both of us deserve to feel positive about ourselves!

So if you’re feeling down on your hair, there’s something you can do about it: Micropigmentation.

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The Basics of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is better known to be a type of scalp tattoo. A natural pigment is added to the epidermal layer of the scalp during this non-surgical treatment, essentially replicating the presence of natural hair follicles by our scientist. Our surgeon strives to camouflage the surface of the scalp where hair loss has already arisen and, in essence, to establish a new hairline for the customer.bBasically, it’s tattooing on your scalp to make up for the hair you’ve lost. We use an electrical tattoo system for our business to put dots on your scalp to create a fuller shadow on your head.

Now that you know the fundamentals of scalp micropigmentation, here are some of the advantages that you can get from it.

  • You’ll Look a Lot Younger
  • Thinning hair is generally associated with aging, particularly baldness. If you’re a man or a woman, people could mistake you for being older than you actually are, all because your hair is falling faster than usual. Micropigmentation spots the areas where your hair is absent and, as a result, creates the appearance of space-filled. Although it doesn’t give you back your volume, it can definitely fill the holes so that as people look at you, they don’t see all the blank spots right away. As a result, you’re going to look a lot younger. You may be fully bald for guys, but with micropigmentation, it appears as you’ve just shaved it. You can shave years off your look, too.
  • It Looks Natural
  • The artist will deliberately select a color that suits not only your actual hair but also your skin. That way, as they do a micropigmentation, it blends naturally with the hair and skin. And you don’t have to think about it is almost as unnatural as a hairpiece or a wig. Almost no one will be able to convince you why you did this operation.
  • It may Conceal Scars or Moles
  • If you’re self-conscious, not only about your thinning hair but about any scars or unattractive moles, so there’s good news. Scalp micropigmentation will help you conceal these things so that no one can see them again. Other concerns micropigmentation can conceal include botched hair transplantation and hair removal procedures. You’re going to be able to mask imperfections and be a lot more positive in yourself.
  • It’s a “Permanent” Solution
  • Since it’s essentially tattooing, you should consider micropigmentation to be a “permanent” cure to your thinning hair. Although hair transplants can fall out, micropigmentation is not feasible. Although it can fade a bit, all you need to do is get a touch-up to get it back to 100%. In addition, if you ever want to change your hairstyle, all you have to do is visit our business. We will change your scalp tattoo and even apply some glitter to it if you want to!
  • It’s Very Cost-Effective
  • The cost of scalp micropigmentation is very inexpensive as compared to other treatments, such as hair transplantation. They’re really expensive, and they don’t really take it in certain situations. So you end up wasting a lot of money on absolutely no positive results. Plus, you don’t have to spend your money on items like shampoos and tonics. Any of them don’t really work for hair regrowth. And then, after your treatment, you won’t need anything. And there are no medicines or special care products involved.
  • It’s Quick
  • If you’re still low on time, you may be curious about how long it takes to get micropigmentation. Ok, you’re going to be delighted to hear that it just takes a few sessions to end. In all, you’re actually only going to waste a couple of hours at your appointments to get the answer you expect. What’s best is that after your first appointment, you’ll get some noticeable effects! And after that, the healing process is super quick; it only takes a couple of days. Everything you need to do is keep the place tidy and that’s it.
  • There are Very Little Side Effects
  • There are virtually none of the side effects of scalp micropigmentation. Again, literally, it’s tattooing. There may be some redness and itchiness, but your scalp will recover and look completely natural, and it won’t bother you too much. You’re not going to have to think about getting very sick or being unable to function. In fact, most people go back to work within 2 days and just take days off so that people don’t notice too much about the operation.
  • There’s Very Little Maintenance Involved
  • For the first 5 days after your therapy visit, there are some follow-up steps you need to take. They’re pretty straightforward, though, like not touching the place, avoiding direct sunlight, and washing your head gently with cold water.
  • After that, though, there is virtually no maintenance involved. You don’t have to do any medicine or take any treatment goods. You can only proceed with everyday life, which makes micropigmentation a very simple procedure.

When would I See Results?

While the effects of SMP can be detected instantly, roughly 2-3 sessions with our specialist doctor are required for optimal outcomes. Each session is held in a clean, supportive atmosphere to ensure that the patient’s outcome is positive, which ensures that clients are guaranteed that their outcomes will be of good quality. Any SMP technicians claim that having undergone hair loss and first-hand experience with this technique, clients can testify to the advantages of this operation. They no longer have to worry about covering any bald spots or feel embarrassed about what others would think of them. They enjoyed the treatment a lot.

How to get Started with Scalp Micropigmentation?

If you’re having hair loss or baldness and would like to speak to one of our hair experts, please feel free to get in touch today and book a free consultation. As for our company, we use the most advanced and also the newest methods to treat all types of hair loss. If you want to learn more about procedures, please feel free to contact us.

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