Penile implant surgery helps one to be more in control of his body by assisting him with erections. During this operation, a small device is hidden inside of your body, and the miniscule incisions are made in a way that no one can tell you have had work done. The surgery usually takes about an hour or shorter, and the patient is good to go home after it. Sexual activities can also continue 4-5 weeks after the penile implant surgery.

You might consider getting a penile implant if:

  • You have troubles with getting erections
  • Pills and injections have no effect
  • Your doctor tells you that implants are the best option for your case.

Estimations tell us that about half of the pills and injections fail to work for many people. What’s more, most of the side effects of these medications might deter you from this type of medical treatment. Penile implant surgery has very minimal risks, and it is overall a successful surgery. 

How Does a Penile Implant Work?

There are two types of penile implants. These are:

  • Inflatable penile implants: This treatment includes two cylinder materials that are inserted into the penis and connected by a tube to a saline-filled pouch in the lower belly. The container is attached to a pump placed in the scrotum. When the pump is squeezed, saline water enters the inflatable cylinders. Thus, erection occurs.
  • Semi-rigid penile implants: These implants are usually made of metal, and they help penis to stay in an erect position constantly. Since inflatable implants require pumps, semi-rigid implants are mostly used for people who have very little mobility.

It is important to note that after penile implants, you will not be able to have an erection on your own. However, the surgery is also permanent, so it is a definitive solution to your needs and desires. If you think something is wrong with your implant, your doctor will change it with a different one so that you do not lose any mobility. 

The penile implant will also most likely not enlarge your penis. This is because the implant is made according to your body. They are not one-size-fits-all as each implant is custom made, so that they can help your body without interfering with your natural appearance. If you are planning on getting a penile enlargement or girth enhancement surgery instead, make sure to contact the ClinicExpert team to discuss your options. 

Advantages of Penile Implant Surgery

  • A better sexual life: Being able to have and maintain an erection will help you have more satisfaction in terms of your sexual life.
  • Enhanced confidence: So much of men’s insecurities might stem from their sexual performance. So, solving this problem will enhance your confidence greatly.
  • Permanence: Penile implants are usually long-term solutions for your erectile dysfunction problems. 
  • High satisfaction rate: Penile implant surgery has the highest satisfaction rate among the erection-related surgeries and solutions.

What’s more, penile implants might help with severe conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease. 

Does Penile Implant Feel The Same?

Yes, penile implants look and feel the same as your natural erections. It does not interfere with your ability to ejaculate. The only difference after getting a penile implant is that you will now get hard exclusively with an implant. Plus, penile implants will not change the length of your penis. The scars of this surgery are not obvious, and the implant also does not change the sensation.

Penile Implant Costs

There are several factors that might complicate the costs of this procedure. The expertise of the surgeon, the devices that are used, and the conditions of the clinic are all factors that change the cost of penile implants. Furthermore, some factors are completely outside of the clinic’s control, such as inflation rates and the needs of the patient. There is no way to know without asking the clinic about their current prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a penile implant last?

Penile implants typically last for 15-20 years. The device might malfunction due to various reasons, and if this is the problem, then you can contact your doctor to see your options. Your surgeon will most likely replace the implant.

What is the downside of a penile implant?

If you are struggling with having or maintaining erections, then penile implants will save you. They are permanent surgeries that completely take over your ability to have erections. This means that the biggest downside of getting a penis implant is that you will not be able to have erections on your own anymore.

Can a woman tell if a man has a penile implant?

No, in most cases, the partner will not be able to tell the man has an implant. The implant looks and feels the same as the natural body, especially when an erection occurs. So, there is no need to worry or feel insecure about it.

Can you ejaculate with a penile implant?

The prosthetic device does not impede your ability to ejaculate. Instead, it helps you to get erections. Your ability to ejaculate or have an orgasm will not be affected by your penile implant.

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