Types of Hair Transplant

Types of Hair Transplant. Hair transplant is a method that can be applied to men and women and is generally applied to the area with hair loss by taking hair follicles from the nape area. Although different methods are used, hair follicles are generally taken from the nape area and applied to the problematic area. Hair transplant is done painlessly, quickly, and easily with the development of technological devices.

Types of Hair Transplant

Since hair loss is genetically more common in men, it is usually applied to men. However, there is no gender or age restriction on hair transplants. Anyone who wants to have a hair transplant can have a hair transplant after the necessary examinations.

People who are prepared by the necessary conditions before hair transplant are taken to the hair transplant operation. A hair transplant takes approximately 6-9 hours. Details such as the area to be applied and the method of hair transplant affect the duration of hair transplants.

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Hair transplant methods differ according to the way the hair follicles are collected from the scalp and the way the follicles are placed. Nowadays, with the development of technology, hair transplant methods have brought some innovations with them and they have made hair transplant painless and scarless.

Hair transplant methods are divided into FUT and FUE. Among the hair transplant methods, the most known are DHI, DHI Pro, and FUE. These methods can be used in female type hair loss and male type hair loss and also operations give expected results. These hair transplant operations performed by specialists are applied to the person at certain session intervals within the framework of method differences, allowing the hair to grow in a natural appearance.

What is DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the placement of hair follicles that are collected individually in the transplant area with automatic Choi implanter pens. In DHI Hair Transplantation, grafts taken with a surgical pen with a thickness between 0.6 mm and 1 mm are transferred directly to the scalp without opening any channels after they are separated and cleaned.

This process is done in one go in normal hair transplant methods. However, in DHI hair transplant, this procedure is called direct hair transplant because it is performed with implants in one go. DHI Hair Transplant operations performed with special implanter pens require the intense attention and effort of an experienced surgeon. Also, due to the cost of these medical devices used in hair transplants, DHI hair transplant is performed at a higher cost than other techniques. This method, which is applied without damaging healthy tissues, is advantageous in that it allows more frequent transplants.

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Generally, this method is preferred; it is to be placed immediately after the follicles are taken without waiting. Thus, the rate of retention and the probability of grafts staying healthy increases. Although it is a technique that has existed for a long time, its star has recently shined. It is extremely important that the process, which takes about 10-12 hours, is performed by experienced people. As with robotic hair surgery and the FUE method, control is performed on the first day after the procedure. Washing starts on the second day and continues for eight days.

DHI Pro Method in Hair Transplant

DHI Pro hair transplant is a version of the DHI hair transplant procedure supported and developed with the latest technology laser system. This procedure aims to fully support hair transplant procedures, ensure the strengthening of newly released hair, and largely stop existing hair loss. In low-level laser therapy used in the DHI Pro hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles are stimulated by laser beams and hair loss is stopped. The DHI Pro procedure is an important version of classic hair transplant procedures supplemented with PRP and laser sessions.

The DHI Pro Hair transplant procedure begins with the examination of the patient’s donor area and the determination of the required number of grafts. After the number of grafts and the front hairline are determined in full terms, PRP and laser sessions are performed first. A local anesthesia procedure is also performed before the transfer process, preventing patients from feeling pain or pain. Grafts taken after this procedure are transferred using the Choi pen technique, which is especially preferred, which allows hair to be transferred much more intensively and often.

The process after this technique is just as important as the hair transplant process. Supportive practices are performed by the surgeon to protect, thicken, and support new hair that will come out and existing hair. Another important feature of this technique is that it is aimed at exactly this need. Hair follicles are fed and growth processes are thus supported by PRP and laser sessions that will be held at certain intervals.

FUE Method in Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant surgery is a type of aesthetic operation that is frequently performed as a permanent solution to baldness. Hair transplant method is a widely used hair transplant method in the world. During this method, no incision is made on the scalp and no piercing is applied on the skin. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was first applied in Japan in 1988 with 1 mm punches.

In the FUE method; the hair follicles are taken one by one from the area selected as the donor area, that is, separated from the skin and implanted in the desired area. The hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted into the desired area not collectively, but one by one in the same way. For this reason, the implantation of the hair follicles causes this method to be performed with longer sessions compared to other methods. Today, this method is done with a micro motor rather than punches.

A hair transplant with the FUE method is a widely used method. How this method is applied is important. The method should first be applied by specialist healthcare professionals. Otherwise, a non-aesthetic hair image may occur. After FUE Hair Transplant surgery, the hair that grows from the transplanted hair follicles is shed in an average of one month. This is a necessary and expected process in hair transplants. After this shedding process, new hair grows permanently within 5 months in the transplanted hair follicles.

According to the feature of the technique used, the hair follicles transplanted are provided with an efficiency of approximately 90%. The first washing process is carried out in the hair transplant center, then the patients are given detailed information about how to wash their hair.

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