The Secret Behind Wayne Rooney's Transformation

The Secret Behind Wayne Rooney’s Transformation

The Secret Behind Wayne Rooney’s Transformation. Wayne Rooney, the professional English football player, entered the football arena more than a decade back. He is known for his stupendous performance in the various Premier Leagues, EFL cups, UEFA championship league, and the FIFA club world cup.

Rooney started suffering baldness from a very young age of 25. Since he entered the arena early on, his baldness was quite noticeable for his fans and wellwishers. That is when he decided to undergo a hair transplant at a well-known hair clinic in London.

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Wayne Rooney’s Baldness Pattern

The type of hair loss men experience generally take different forms. One such form is Androgenic Alopecia where the hair on the temple and crown starts receding. This type of baldness starts during the teen years and becomes apparent when the person reaches his 20’s.  Rooney’s baldness was following the same pattern.

There are different ways in which Androgenic alopecia can be treated. Patients can undergo surgical procedures like hair transplant as well as non-surgical procedures like laser treatment.

What is Hair Transplant and How was it Undertaken in Rooney’s Case?

A hair transplant is one of the most successful hair loss cures. In this procedure, hair follicles are removed from a ‘donor area’ and is transplanted in a bald area called the ‘recipient site’. There are two types of hair transplant procedures – FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Hair Transplant)

Rooney underwent the follicular hair transplant procedure in 2011. In his case hair transplantation FUE was undertaken where the individual hair follicles from the back of his head were transplanted to the front. Small incisions were made in the recipient area for transplantation. Considering the transformation he underwent, it can be estimated that around 2500 graft transplantation was done in the first operation.

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Rooney was thoroughly satisfied with the procedure he underwent. He had expressed his satisfaction through a tweet where he openly declared that he underwent hair transplantation.

Did Rooney Undergo a Second Hair Transplantation Procedure?

Two years later, Rooney underwent a second hair transplantation procedure. There are various reasons why people undergo second hair transplantation. Sometimes, the hair density may not be at the desired level. In other cases, the natural hair starts shedding resulting in uneven hair density.

In Rooney’s case, no explanation was given as to why he underwent a second surgery. After the first surgery, his hair density was at the desired level. From the various public images available, it seems his hair density had declined, thus prompting him to undergo a second round of hair transplantation.


Hair implantation comes as a boon for all those with a receding hairline. It not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence and personality. The latest hair restoration techniques like FUT and FUE makes use of your own hair for transplanting. This provides a more natural look.

If you are looking forward to getting your hair transplanted, make sure to avail the service of world-class clinics for hair transplant Turkey. With state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained staff, you are sure to get the best service you can ever dream of.

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