The Average Cost of Hair Transplant

The Average Cost of Hair Transplant In this article, we will provide detailed information about the average cost of a hair transplant, factors affecting the cost, and hair transplant procedures. That way, you won’t have any question marks. If you’re ready, here we go!

We will examine what hair loss, which gender is shared is, and what its causes are. Hair loss, one of today’s problems, is a significant disadvantage for men because women are more fortunate than men in this direction. Hair loss is generally seen in men due to some reasons. For example, hereditary traits inherited from the father, hormonal disorders, stress, and quality of life affect this. However, there are treatment methods and surgeries for hair loss. The most important and famous of these is hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is the transportation of hair follicles taken from the breast, leg-arm, genital area body parts, particularly from the back of the head near the neck, to the area where the hair is shed. More preferable in hair transplantation are the hair follicles emplaced at the head’s end (in the neck). Since the hair follicles in men’s necks are insensitive to the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone, they shed less. For that reason, women are lucky about that hormonal situation.

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Type of Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair transplant techniques are the preferred methods that are very common today. These methods are the Fue technique, DHI hair transplant, shaved and unshaven hair transplant techniques. PRP hair transplantation method is made with minerals taken from the scalp. The DHI hair transplant is done with a special device called Choi pen.

First, the area where the hair follicles will be taken is determined. In the next stage, the hair follicles taken are brought to the appropriate hair for transplantation. In the last step, the hair transplantation process is completed to create a natural appearance. In the FUE, which is the hair transplant way, hair is gotten from the same place. It is taken from the area between the two ears, just above the neck. But in that part, the hair’s procedure is taken distinctly taken with a stamping tool with a one mm diameter tip. The number of hair in each 1 mm diameter tissue is taken out may be around one, two, or three. These are some effective techniques.

The Average Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a preferred application that eliminates baldness problems in most men. The average price of this procedure varies according to the requirement of the patient’s hair type. For example, it varies depending on the hair type, hair root, skin structure, head base, and hormone structure. The transaction costs applied to change according to their kinds.

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Hair Transplantation Costs (According to the Variety)

The types of hair transplantation vary according to the style because the procedures performed, the procedure’s quality and the people treated vary.

  • FUE hair transplant
  • FUE hair transplantation with PRP
  • Mega hair transplant
  • DHI hair transplant
  • DHI Pro hair transplant
  • Robotic hair transplant
  • Densification planting
  • Prosthetic hair technique
  • Sapphire percutaneous hair transplant

These are different types of hair transplantation. They are differently applied to people. Sometimes, for patients with weak hair follicles, more than one technique is used to make the hair follicle stronger. These processes can be performed alternately. The prolongation or shorter duration of the procedure depends entirely on the patient and the patient’s response. However, each patient should consider the period of hair transplantation and its cost in direct proportion to the treatment.

Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery

Determines the patient’s 3D hair transplantation. In order to complete the model, photographs of the person from 5 different angles are created and uploaded to the system. Gaps between the hair and forehead lines are determined. The places where hair will be transplanted are determined. Thus, the image of the person after transplantation appears, and the transplantation process begins accordingly. In robotic hair transplantation, all hair follicles are collected in 1 day, and the transplantation process can be completed in the right way. This method is very easy, painless, and lightly overcome, and the results are very efficient.

How Many Hair Roots can be Transplanted in One Session?

Hair follicles and structure differ from the genetic characteristics of the person. The person’s number of hair to be transplanted, different sessions may occur depending on the hair quality and hair difficulty. It is estimated that 1,500 hair grafts will be added in 3 or 8 hours in a single session, and this is usually the case. If your hair is not thick, these numbers may vary by taking extra time. 300 hair strands can be transplanted in a single session on thin hair. The time and number of hair follicle insertion will gradually increase in each application of hair sessions. Spare parts of the hair are likely to be added in the longer term.

How does Hair Transplant Result?

Hair transplantation shows efficiency due to the continuity of the techniques, the quality of its application to the doctors, the hair type and the development process of the patient, and the importance given to you by your doctor. If your physician takes care of you and your wishes in a sterile and clean way, with the most honest effort, it is inevitable that your hair transplant will be successful.

Based on What is the Best Hair Transplant Cost?

If we repeat based on the information we have mentioned before, hair transplant prices are determined according to the person’s hair transplantation period. The costs can be estimated in accordance with the chosen doctor’s technique, the severity of the baldness condition, the economic conditions of the hair transplant period, the currency situation, the clinical quality, and the quality of the hair transplant technique used in the clinic.

In short, hair transplant prices depend entirely on you and reliable doctors. In this case, our company is voluntary to be with you. As a result, if you are dreaming of a hair transplant in the hands of our qualified and reliable doctors in the most efficient and quality way, at a low cost, and not burning your pocket, our company will welcome you with endless sincerity. Your comfort and wishes are of the utmost importance to us, your happiness is our happiness, and your healthy hair will be our best quality gift to you.

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