Rhinoplasty In Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey, is a procedure that seeks to alter the shape and functionality of the nose. The surgery has, thus, both cosmetic and functional parts. For the cosmetic part of it, the surgery will alter the shape of the nose to make it thinner and reduce the nasal hump.

When it comes to the functional aspect of it, the surgery will remove any nasal blockage that makes it difficult for the patient to breathe through the nose. 

Patients seeking to change the appearance of their nose is very common. Not for nothing is the Rhinoplasty surgery the single most performed facial cosmetic procedure. And when it comes to Rhinoplasty, Turkey has some of the most experienced surgeons around. 

This is due to people from all over the world flocking to Turkey to have their cosmetic procedures done. Which includes, of course, a rhinoplasty procedure

Reasons to Have A Rhinoplasty Turkey

Since the rhinoplasty procedure is both a cosmetic and functional procedure, then it follows that the reasons to have the procedure are both cosmetic and functional. Among the cosmetical one rests the very obvious fact that some people are not satisfied with how their birth nose naturally looks like. And this is nothing new, beauty standards have been in place for centuries and perhaps even millennials. 

Crooked noses have been deemed as fairly unattractive but nothing compared to the big, hooked noses. The stereotype for big hook noses plays out even in fairy tales, especially when depicting old, malicious witches. That might not have been the case in all of the worlds, but certainly, it was for a good portion of it. Moreover, rampant globalization makes people all over the globe more aware of more general beauty standard. And this same beauty standard happens to like noses thinner than how some many of them are born as. 

Let’s also remember that our noses are the most salient feature of our faces, literally speaking even. The shape and size of them can definitely alter how others perceive us to great lengths. Therefore, if the chance to change that not so tiny feature of you and do so safely presents itself, why not take it? 

There is only a couple of inches of nose skin and bone to lose. And just like there are cosmetic reasons, there are also functional reasons. The functional reasons, or rather reason, is very simple: to improve breathing. 

Blunt force trauma and birth defects can make the nose misshapen. And that is not necessarily a cosmetic issue; some noses can look totally fine and thin on the outside. Yet, have deviated septum, which will reduce your ability to breathe, leading to a plethora of different possible problems.

Before A Rhinoplasty Turkey

Patients that want to undergo a rhinoplasty Turkey have to swing by the doctor’s office for a preliminary consultation. During it, the doctor and you will discuss your expectations and personal preferences for your nose at length. 

The doctor will also take photos for the before part of the ‘before and after’ collection. And also place one of those pictures into a 3D imaging software. The software will then allow them to alter your nose in that picture. This to show you an approximation of the result of a rhinoplasty Turkey. The image shown is only an approximation; the result of the surgery can be even better.

Rhinoplasty Turkey Procedure

For the rhinoplasty Turkey surgery, you will remain sedated under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will proceed to make incisions in the lower part of the narrow wall that separates each nostril. From the said incision, the surgeon proceeds to lift up the skin layer covering the nose. The revealed nose bones and tissue are then exposed and ready for the surgeon to get their hands on it. They will proceed to rearrange or remove both bone and tissue. Just how extensive the changes there depends on how big of a change the patient requires for their nose. When the surgeon finishes sculpting your new nose, they put the skin layer back in place, cut any now excessive tissue of it, and apply suture. 

If the surgery happens to also require correcting a deviated septum, then a separate procedure, a septoplasty, will be incorporated. This will both correct the deviated septum and remove any tissue formation that might be blocking the airways. The surgery requires internal splint put into place inside the nose to hold the septum straight. A septoplasty can happen simultaneously with rhinoplasty with no problem at all.

Undergo A Rhinoplasty Turkey

If when you think about plastic surgery, Turkey is not the first country that comes into your mind, you might be behind the times. See, for the last two decades, Turkey has become a powerhouse for providing cosmetic surgery to people from all over. So much so that, as of now, the cosmetic surgery industry is one of the main engines of the Turkish economy. They even named a ministry after it, the ‘Ministry of Health Tourism’, to oversee the industry. But how did this happen? Well, besides the fact that Turkey has always had a love affair with cosmetic surgery. 

Since the 90s, a steady number of foreigners started to realize the talent of Turkish surgeons. That only kept increasing during the 2000s and, thanks to the power of social media, everybody found out starting the 2010s. And just what is that that makes anyone come for their cosmetic surgery too, and that includes a rhinoplasty, Turkey? Easy, they come because a rhinoplasty Turkey is very affordable. 

A rhinoplasty Turkey goes for almost a third of the price that, say, a rhinoplasty procedure in the UK. And there is no dip in quality either. As stated before, Turkey has a love affair with cosmetic surgery for decades now. It was a national powerhouse industry already before it became an international powerhouse as well. 

Turkish surgeons are just as good and experienced as those from developed countries. And, speaking of developed countries, the reason why a rhinoplasty Turkey is so affordable is that it is not. Turkey is a developing country, that means that salaries are not as high as those from developed nations. Which means services are also cheaper, including surgery. Thus, a rhinoplasty Turkey is an affordable way to go. Contact us to inquire more.

Rhinoplasty Turkey FAQ

Q: Can I correct a deviated septum and have cosmetic rhinoplasty at the same time?

A: Yes, you can. It is actually extremely common to have both procedures together.

Q: How extensive can a rhinoplasty change be?

A: Quite extensive, as a matter of fact. It can turn the bulgiest hook noses into tiny, thin, and very delicate looking noses.

Q: If I don’t like how my nose turned out after rhinoplasty and I want to change it further, can I?

A: Yes, you can. A corrective rhinoplasty to amend results from a previous one can happen. But you need to undergo an evaluation from a surgeon to see if it’s feasible.

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