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Natural Hair Transplant In India

Natural Hair Transplant In India

A natural hair transplant in India is a surgical procedure where the hair strands are moved from the neck or temple and then planted in the places on the crown and other areas where increased hair growth is desired. In most men, hair loss in the forehead is common, and it is especially the deep creases above the temple or the exposed skin spot on top of the crown that are to be filled.

Women are also affected by problems with thinness around the temple, and experience a hair transplant in this area as a great aesthetic improvement. In addition, procedures are performed to increase hair growth on eyebrows or eyelashes in cases where the hairs in these areas are thin or gone.

What Is Hair transplant?

The hair strands are inoculated into the skin, whereupon the transplanted hair follicles grow firmly and then produce natural hair. The hair transplant Turkey  method is the only permanent treatment for dealing with hair loss that at the same time gives an immediate and almost permanent result. The reason for this is that the hair strands are taken from an area on the head where one usually does not experience hair loss. This in turn means that these hairs are genetically coded not to be affected by hereditary hair loss.

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Hair Transplant Side Effects

Development of new techniques for hair transplant over the years has resulted in fewer side effects, in addition to the procedure giving a good result on the vast majority of patients – both women and men. The first operations fifty years ago often left wide and strong scars on the neck. The result was sometimes unsatisfactory, as large amounts of the transplanted hair fell off. Fortunately, this has changed. Today, the transplant is done step by step with small transplants that contain only one group of hair follicles at a time. As a result, the end result is so good that one can hardly distinguish between one who has had a hair transplant performed and one who has not.

What Are Hair Transplant Methods?

If you are considering hair transplant in Turkey, there are a number of factors you should consider before deciding on a clinic. The two main factors are the technique itself and the price. Currently, there are two main types of hair transplantation. One of them is FUT, which is a slightly less modern procedure. This method is not considered very modern as it leaves scars on the scalp.

Which Method Is The Best?

It is difficult to give an exact answer as to which method suits the individual, and is something one must consider in relation to finances, time perspective on recreation and the size of the area to be treated. Today, the FUE method makes up the majority of all procedures performed, but improved efficiency and time-saving measures contribute to an increasing number of procedures being performed with the DHI method. The important thing is that the patient is fully aware of the various possibilities and limitations associated with each method. With this information, the patient should be able to make a safe choice of the best hair transplant technique.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

The DHI, the best  hair transplant is one of the most used techniques of recent times. What makes it so perfect is that it is quick and painless. The FUE technique is preferred very often and it is determined whether it will be performed or not by considering the patient’s condition. However, if there is no problem for the patient, DHI is more advantageous for the person. What makes it so advantageous is that it is made with a medical pen called Choi implanter.

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DHI Advantages

If you do not like the idea of ​​making small cuts to your scalp such as FUT or FUE, then it will be appropriate for you to make a point-sized hole in your skin with a pencil-like tool. Thanks to DHI, the possibility of donor hair to hold in the roots and the recovery time is much shorter.  At the same time, you may not like to shave your hair. If you only have a small area of ​​baldness on your head or you want to fill your hairline that goes back then you will not have to shave your hair completely. The rest of your hair will not be affected, since only the area to be transplanted will be treated. As in the FUE method, the hair is not sparse but transplanted more densely. So you can have more natural hair transplant in India.

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