Losing Over 100 Hairs a Day

Losing Over 100 Hairs a Day Each of our hairs that we lose and shed during the day can be a messenger for us. What might our messengers want to tell us? Did you calculate how many strands our hair shed a day and say goodbye to us? 

We can use some statistics to explain at what stages the rates of these spills reach a dangerous level. In this article, we will share with you what the number of hair we lose daily means to us, the extent of the risk of losing or shedding hair for each day, in what kind of cases hair loss may occur, and the necessary precautions and treatment methods.

How Many Strands of Hair Per Day Pose a Risk?

Loss of our hair is a classic routine in our daily life due to many reasons. Our hair may fall out of up to 100 strands, which is normal for an average person in terms of the health of their hair, but it becomes alarming for the individual when there is a loss of 100 strands of hair above the average. Losing Over 100 Hairs a Day The loss of 50 to 100 strands of our hair is not a concern for us because we stated that it is an average situation. You can enter the risk group when this statistic is exceeded. It is a harbinger of evidence that you are in the initial phase of baldness or severe hair loss.

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We specified the daily amount of hair loss and the risky and non-risky limit. Certain reasons take us to this stage. Let’s explain the reasons that brought us to this stage, which we will talk about for you.

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What are the Reasons That Carry Your Hair to the Risk Group?

You can all guess that our hair may shed for various reasons, but if we explain them in detail, some activities that depend on many reasons and that we do or experience without realizing are phenomena that can carry us to the risky hair loss group. Let’s explain what these phenomena are.

Our hair is one of our important features, our hair, in which we reflect our character, is affected by the conditions of the life we live. For example, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, protein, and vitamin deficiencies, various surgeries, anemia. Emotional changes, depression, psychological, pregnancy, and childbirth lead to hair loss. The care products and shampoos we use, changing our hair care stuff frequently are other reasons for baldness. 

On the other hand dry skin, fungal, ringworm, treatment methods applied which are effective to lose your hair. Health weaknesses, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, insulin drugs, heavy antidepressants and such ways disadvantages for your hair. Weight loss supplements that cause and, ready foods, less sleep and irregular nutrition, a life without sports, unhappiness, stress, more secretion of some hormones. For instance, testosterone hormone secretion causes more hair loss in men. As a result of some genetic transfer, weak and weak hair or baldness may appear as an inheritance from our family. As a result, the reasons we have stated are situations that lead to the loss of our hair and often cause us to lose our self-confidence.

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Can We Regain Our Hair? What are the Treatment Methods?

In today’s conditions, we don’t need to worry about our lost hair. Because the developed treatment methods have been improved with technological conditions. Our solution-oriented approach to the problem will be the most logical step for us to regain our hair. If we adopt the problem well, we can approach the solution healthily.

One of these solutions is to reverse everything we do wrong and try to live right and get away from life’s troubles with the most comfortable psychology. Another solution would be a hair transplant. This procedure is a method that many people resort to, most of the time they leave happy and regain their lost hair. There are many techniques and methods applied in hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant Techniques

A few of them are FUE and DHI techniques. These techniques are frequently preferred by our company and our doctors and are preferred by internationally renowned doctors. Let’s talk about the procedures performed in the FUE technique and enlighten you on this issue. The FUE technique is the process of adding hair follicles taken from healthy areas (in terms of hair follicles), that is, from the body, beard, neck, back of the ear or back regions, to the hair follicles on the unhealthy head surface. This process is added gradually in the form of testing your head surface, skin analysis, and is given to the procedure with the probabilities predicted by the doctors.

DHI Technique

The DHI technique, on the other hand, is a famous hair transplant technique preferred by our doctors. It is the process of collecting the roots obtained from the healthy hair follicle regions of the body with hair pens and adding them to open areas one by one with needles. The possibility of pain, which many people worry about, is a stage that should not be worried about for you because our doctors act based on your comfort in surgical interventions and show you focused approaches for the most efficient results.

To sum up, we talked to you that it is not within the stages of hair loss between 50 and 100, the risky groups of hair loss occur in the loss of more than 100 strands, the reasons of hair loss, in which living conditions it is, the hair transplantation techniques applied as a solution and explained the application style of these techniques.

If you want to achieve a quality and natural appearance, we want you to know that we work with you and our doctors working with you, with various tests, taking care of you and your health before, during, and after the application. With the renewal of your lost hair, you will regenerate self-confidence, and you will be able to achieve the characteristic effect you want with the most natural-looking hair. You can trust us and we want you to know that we want to work with you because we care about your hair as much as you do. Losing Over 100 Hairs a Day

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