How Much Is ClinicExpert Hair Restoration

How Much Is ClinicExpert Hair Restoration? Clinic experts considers aesthetics as a whole. Dental aesthetics, haira esthetics, beard and Moustache transplant, Eyebrows transplant, obesity and to others. All of them are equallyimportant problems. If you look better, people chooses you.

Turkey is one of the leading country at the aesthetic operations field.  Especially hair transplant. In Turkey new and the last technologyis being used in order to transplant hair becauseyour health is important for us. Patients from all over the world comes to Turkey for hair transplant, mainlyfrom Europe and Middle East because in Turkey latest technological applications are at affordable price level.

After your hair transplant procedure, your private medical consultant will be in contact with you for one year. Besides all this we will arrange your hotel reservation and transportation to clinic from hotel free of charge.

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Hair Transplant Methods

Losing hair is common and normal problem. Amount of hair lost during seasonal changes can be more than regular. However, if your hair falls out too much, that is a sign for a problem. If your hair is falling out as a genetic factor don’t worry. Now there is a solution for it. We offer our aid as a best solution. Best hair transplant is now in Turkey.

There are 3 technique in hair transplantation. FUT, FUE and DHI methods. Let’s examinethese 3 methods in detail.

FUE Method

The first method is FUE. Before the transplantation, the source areas will be locallyanesthetized. After that the hair roots are taken from upper ear and nape area one by one by FUE engine. Third step is collecting the grafts one by one and count. After the collection of the grafts, grafts confined with solution and stored at fridge. Grafts collected will be cut in to the small pieces in order to fill the bald area until the necessary number is reached. Finally, with the channel method, transplantation of the hair will be accomplished.

FUT Method

Second method is FUT. At FUT technique, a strip of tissue is being removed from the back side of the head, transferred in to special area dedicated to wash and separate it in to its grafts. The dissected grafts are planned in holes created in the bald part of the head. Methods mentioned above are not preferred in Turkey as incision marks may remain in the nape area where the hair grafts removed.

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DHI Method

The last method which is the preferred method in Turkey is DHI. DHI can be considered as modified version of FUE hair transplant. In DHI methods, hair follicles are removed from a part of the patient’s scalp, the follicles are mostly removed from the back side of the head. The removed follicles are implanted in to the bald areas.

DHI PRO Operation

Our application is DHI Pro operation which can be considered as the best system with highest technology. It is a bit expensive than regular methods mentioned above but the outcome is way better. Operation steps are as follow. First follicles extracted and then directly implanted to bald area. DHI gives total control over implant visual for more natural looks and less space between graft. We use laser before and after transplantation operation. If necessary, PRP will be used.

In FUE method, holes are being created at the scalp and filled with grafts which leads less control of depth, angle of the implanted graft. The healing time is 6 days after 6 days the patient can return to normal life without any scar on its head.

DHI Method, implantation makes with implanter pen with more control at depth and better angle of the implanted graft. Patient can return the normal life without any scar on its head within a day.

DHI Method is more beneficial as the healing process is faster and maintaining new hair follicles is easier.

Turkey is one of the best countries in the world that provides an excellent option for people suffering from severe hair loss. The DHI method gives the closest results to naturel hair moreover provides high speed recovery. Considering all the benefits mentioned above choosing hair transplant in turkey is the best option.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

How Much Is ClinicExpert Hair Restoration? After your hair transplant procedure, your private medical consultant will be in contact with you for one year. But you must be careful, using specialized products after hair transplantation is a must. First of all, you must use paraben, sulfate, SLS free shampoo. If you want, you can use Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum after six months. It can be help your hair growing process.

It is easy to say that hair transplant turkey refers to easy and painless operations. The time required after the procedure is only a day. If you have got a problem of hair, beard or mustache loosing come to Turkey. Turkey is the country where you can find the best procedure for the most affordable prices. How Much Is ClinicExpert Hair Restoration?

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