How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost? More than two thirds of men suffer from hair loss, women on the other hand, suffer no less than that significant number. In my many indistinguishable cases, it can be really disturbing to experience hair loss on a daily basis, which triggers solution seeking.

At this stage, you start noticing that hair transplant is the sturdy solution, to which, the many searches that everyone first thinks of, is eventually the question : How much does hair transplant cost? What are the factors that can affect the cost of a hair transplant operation ? and where can I have the most affordable hair transplant?

To answer the most related and frequently asked questions, we must indubitably determine what constructs a hair transplant bill.

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The main component that define hair transplant cost

  • Consider the examination fees: Before the operation, there are some basic but necessary tests, to make sure that your body will adapt with the anesthesia, and that you will be having a risk free procedure.
  • Doctor’s expertise: Not all doctors are safe to go, it is a must that you search about your doctor carefully, the more experienced your doctor is, the higher the cost of hair transplant
  • Clinic reputation and authenticity: whether you choose to do it in a clinic, a center or a hospital, you will notice a big difference in the total cost.
  • Hair transplant technique: As medical advances, many techniques such as FUE, DHI, and DHI PRO, are developed over the years, another factor that plays a big role in determining how much money will be out of your pocket.
  • Transplantation area: whether it is your scalp, crown area, front area, eyebrows, or your beard, you will be facing different costs.
  • Number of implanted follicles: during your preliminary diagnosis, the doctor should be able to determine how many grafts will be extracted and implanted to your bald area. Each single follicle comes at a cost.
  • Country of operation: depending on health systems in each country, the question how much does hair transplant cost can be answered differently.

You will actually go through many stages until you find yourself sitting in the middle of an operation room. First stage will be of course searching for the best, the best location, the most reputable clinic, the best doctor and the best techniques. Generally, each criteria we just mentioned raises your medical bill by a bunch, but the good news is, increasing your hair transplant cost is not always the end result.

Choosing the right place, the right doctor and the right hospital can save you up a lifetime of saving, especially if you choose the right country, Turkey in specific, has become the world leading country for hair transplant and aesthetic operations.

How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?

For decades, Turkey has gained a stellar reputation in hair transplant operations and health sector in general, the country’s officials and health ministry paid considerable attention to this matter, especially for the medical tourism benefits that related procedures have resulted in.

Medical tourism is Turkey’s fastest growing industries, stacking up an estimated 5 billion dollars annually, Granting the opportunity to develop even more, and invest in the technology to create a self sustainable industry, by developing their own techniques, produce top skilled surgeons and cut off the cost of hair transplant placing itself on the top of the competitive pyramid compared to most European countries, Canada and the United States.

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The general hair transplant cost is on average 80% cheaper than the United states and United kingdom. You can literally include a two-ways flight tickets from the USA to Istanbul, for you and a companion, a full week in touring Turkey’s magical touristic city, with all expenses included plus the hair transplant operation, and the total cost would still be way cheaper than having to pay it in the US.

Turkey’s hair transplant competitive market

All these facts had produced a strong competitive market in Turkey itself, many places, such as ClinicExpert Hospital, offer extra services, airport pickup and a private driver and translator to accompany you during your stay, a five stars hotel accommodation that covers your operation period, and a medical follow up lasting as long as it takes for you to see your final results. Not only that ClinicExpert has developed its own advanced hair transplant technique, which is the DHI PRO, this hospital has managed to provide the services and the technology that made the hair transplant cost as affordable as possible.

So how much does hair transplant cost? is a question that cannot be answered directly in digits as many factors can intervene with the answer, but at least, if you suffer from hair loss, now you know where to look for your next life changing operation.

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