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Hair Transplant Success Rate, Today, hair transplant is one of the most popular aesthetic operations all over the world. Thanks to the advanced technological methods and capable hair surgeons, it is possible to have more successful operations with natural results. Therefore, the patients have the hair transplant operation with peace of mind.

Since the experts who carry out tens of thousands of hair transplants gain a lot of experience, the success rates in hair transplantation are at the top in trustworthy hair transplant centres. However, the success rate of hair transplantation is not the same in every case. In addition to expertise, there are various factors that affect the success rate of hair transplant operations.

The most common methods used in hair transplantation today are DHI and FUE techniques. The condition of the patient determines the method in operation. Moreover, the determination of the technique is the responsibility of the doctor as well.

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It is not easy to achieve 100% success in hair transplant procedures. Nevertheless, the average success rate of hair transplantation today is in the range of 90-95%. Generally, patients do not encounter severe problems after a successful hair transplant. However, this is an issue that needs further explanation. The success rate of the operation varies depending on many factors.

Factors That Increase the Success Rate in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is an operation that requires meticulous work, expertise and knowledge. Moreover, it requires using the most appropriate technology. Below, you can find the factors that increase or decrease the success rate of hair transplantation.

Hairline Determination

First of all, for a successful hair transplant operation, the hair should be in a natural appearance with a well-designed hairline. For this reason, the importance of the specialist doctor is critical in this issue. The physician and the patient cooperate in determining the hairline in accordance with the head structure of the person.

The proper determination of the front hairline can change according to many different factors such as the patient’s head and face shape, age. Keep in mind that hairline is the most crucial indicator of successful hair transplantation.

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The Effect of Technique on Success Rate

One of the most critical factors that increase success in hair transplantation is the technique in the operations.

The best hair transplantation techniques are FUE and DHI methods. In these techniques, it is possible to achieve very successful results as hair follicles are taken from the donor area one by one and planted in the same way to the target area. The success rate of hair transplantation with FUE and DHI is relatively high compared to other methods.

When deciding on the operation technique, our doctors evaluate the patient’s body resistance, the condition of the scalp, the type of hair loss, the frequency of the hair on the nape region. Then, after the necessary evaluations, they select the most suitable technique.

Effect of Hair Transplant Specialist on Success Rate

Although all hair transplantation centres use FUE and DHI techniques, the success rate is not the same. There are some doctors that make a difference in every aspect. They can achieve very successful results thanks to their manual skills.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure as well as an aesthetic operation. Therefore, this procedure should be done by physicians specialized in their fields.

Patients should be very meticulous while selecting the hair surgeon. Medical science knowledge such as physician experience, education, anatomy, physiology, and even design ability is effective in creating a natural image.

The responsibility of the doctor for successful hair transplantation is to determine the best transplantation method for the patient and to perform this process carefully.

Patient’s Responsibility for Increasing the Success Rate

Besides the responsibility of the physician, the patient has the responsibility for the success of the operation. The motivation of the patient before the procedure, preparing for the process, listening to the physician instructions and strictly following them are critical for a successful operation. 

The Effect of the Hair Follicles on the Success Rate

Although many hair transplantation centres do not explain this issue in detail, the quality of hair follicles increases or decreases the success rate in hair transplantation. 

Hair follicles used for hair transplantation are mostly from the nape area. The purpose of using grafts in the nape area is not only aesthetic concerns. As you know, the hair follicles in the back of the neck are resistant to hair loss. Therefore, the hair on the nape continues to exist.

Of the 100 hair follicles transplanted, 7-8 of them do not grow because they lose their vitality. However, it is not difficult to achieve the desired success for an experienced doctor who takes this problem into account and performs sufficient grafting.

On the other hand, the transplanting angle of the hair follicles should be adjusted well. When planted at a very slanted angle, it will not be possible to give the desired shape to the hair.

Importance of Hair Transplant Centre

One of the factors affecting the success rate in hair transplant is the features of the health centre you prefer. It would be best if you were very careful while selecting the right health centre. Otherwise, you can not get the result you expect from hair transplantation, you can even face worse results.

The health centre should have the following features;

  • It must have the necessary work permits from the Ministry of Health and routine inspections by the authorities.
  • Experienced specialist physicians must be working at the facility.
  • The health centre should be established in places where no industrial establishments and non-sanitary establishments are polluting the environment.
  • Apart from physicians, other healthcare professionals should also have working documents. Since surgical procedures are performed in hair transplantation, the health centre should have a clean and hygienic unit with advanced technology devices.

In our Hospital, most successful hair transplant doctors are able to achieve a high success rate in the hair transplant procedures. The techniques they use, the care they show, and the skills and experience they have, make them among the best surgeons. Moreover, our facility has the necessary documents and follows hygienic rules in the operating environment.


What is the success rate for hair transplant operations?

The success rate for hair transplant operations is between 90% and 95%. In our Hospital it is 99%.

What is the importance of the hair transplant centre in successful operations?

Hair transplant facility is of critical importance for successful hair transplant procedures. Selecting a trustworthy centre with capable and experienced doctors increases success rate to a great extent.

What is the patient’s responsibility for successful results?

Patients should follow the doctor’s instructions and follow them strictly for a successful operation. Moreover, the patient should consider the recommendations of the doctor for a rapid healing period.

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