Hair Transplant For Complete Baldness

Hair Transplant For Complete Baldness It is a tragicomic state that the more difficult life conditions get, the more difficult it is to have hair on your head. But do you have any idea about the reasons why your hair strands say goodbye to you and why you have a completely bald head?

Many factors cause hair loss. We know how important your hair is for you and how annoying and lack of self-confidence is when making fun of your baldness in society. We will examine the conditions under which this situation occurs and discuss whether a hair transplant is possible for a completely bald head.

Expalining Hair Loss

Let’s explain the causes of hair loss and baldness, for example, the lives of individuals who experience hair loss are very important in this regard. Hair loss can be seen in many situations, from genetic factors to the slightest emotional change in daily life. We will examine these ranges. The cause of baldness may occur according to some diseases, anemia, emptying of your blood stores can cause hair loss, diabetes, cancer and cancer treatments, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, cancer drugs, discharge of vitamin stores by the baby during pregnancy, having absorption problems.

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biological nature, smoking, alcohol, drug use, daily emotional changes, stress, anxiety, sadness, depressive mood, depression and depression medications, antidepressants, neglected skin type or skin type exposed to excessive care, fungal growth, ringworm in the head Possession, genetically baldness and hereditary weak hairs, irregular sleep, and nutrition, unhealthy and excessive fast food consumption, B12 deficiency, insulin drugs, and injections are among the reasons that lead to hair loss and baldness.

As you can understand from the reasons we have mentioned above, we have stated the reasons for baldness, so let’s discuss how much is the possibility of a hair transplant on a completely bald surface.

Can a Hair Transplant Be Done on a Completely Bald Surface?

Hair transplant is a medium for people with weak hair and baldness. We know your concerns and will present you with various researches to answer the question of whether a hair transplant can be done on a completely bald head.

With the improved health techniques, hair transplantation has now been developed and hair transplantation is now possible on a completely bald surface. You will not need to use wigs or lack self-confidence. Since hair transplant techniques have been developed, it is possible to perform hair transplantation with very easy and effective methods. As hair transplant techniques are diversified and made effective, we will talk about the best quality of the techniques applied. FUE and DHI techniques are among the techniques that are popular around the world and used by famous doctors. FUE and DHI techniques, which are techniques used by many people against baldness, can be performed with similar activities in hair transplantation.

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FUE Technique

The FUE technique can be applied to a completely bald surface, for example, hair roots taken from various parts of the body are added to the completely bald head surface, provided that they are healthy. The completely bald head surface that worries you should not be seen as an aesthetic problem because new, healthy, and strong hair follicles are obtained with healthy hair follicles obtained from the back region and elsewhere in the body instead of hair roots that cannot be removed from the back of the neck and ear.

It is now possible to obtain efficient results as a result of adding the healthy hair follicles to the bald surface. After preventing hair loss in this way, you can complete your hair transplantation process with doctor’s checks and analyzes. It is essential to work carefully and healthily in each of the hair transplantation processes. Before the hair is transplanted, tests and stalk checks should be made for the appropriate ground, and hair transplantation techniques and operations should be performed after the tests. After the operations provided, it is possible to perform the development and fertility of the hair again, with the necessary tests, in the most efficient and short time with the doctor’s examinations.

As a result, it is possible to complete your hair transplantation by cooperating with your doctor and you in the development processes of these techniques that we have mentioned to you, to provide the efficiency you want, to be carried out in proportion to the health conditions you live in.

We have stated that by using the most efficient methods of hair transplantation, it will be possible to end baldness. Now we will explain that the application of hair transplantation depends on you and your doctor, provided that the most efficient methods are provided.

Hair Transplant

Today, we said that there are methods that will improve technology and put an end to baldness, but it is up to you and your doctor to configure these methods in the most efficient way. You can reach the permanent and natural results you want by making the activities before, during, and after the operation that your doctor has applied to you in conjunction with you. At this point, we, our company and the physicians of our company, have brought you to a state of satisfaction thanks to the factors that eliminate the impossible situation that seems impossible for you to implement your hair transplantation at the highest level with the techniques applied worldwide.

Consequently, we stated the importance of the reasons before all these baldness processes, the treatment methods of the baldness process, the techniques used in the treatment of baldness, and the relationship between the doctor and the patient. We would like you to know that we can help you with our doctors and physicians, which affect you badly and aim to improve your living conditions, and we will help you with your lost hair and regeneration of your self-confidence.

We want you to know that we care about your health, we will be honored to help you in your struggle with the problems you encounter, we will cooperate with you in every process and stand by you as a driving force that will keep you in your desperate areas. Our physicians can be sure that we will provide the assurance that we will work with you to create the self-confidence you want in your characteristic posture by applying their techniques in the healthiest sterile environments for you and you can apply to us. Hair Transplant For Complete Baldness

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