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Hair From The Side If your hair from the sides, starts fall in down you are starting to be unhappy. In male-type hair loss, usually the hair begins to dilute on both sides. This condition can create a serious aesthetic problem for men and women but it is worth noting that. Anyway, it’s not your destiny to walk around with sparse hair. If your most valuable accessory is your hair, you don’t have to lose them. You should research hair transplant method and find the best method that suits you.

Stress or hormonal irregularities are as important as genetic factors in hair thinning or loss on both sides. For this purpose, the necessary research should be carried out and the appropriate method should be applied. You should know that there is now a remedy for male hair loss. It is important that the problem is identified and solved with the correct method.

Why hair falls out on the side

Many factors, such as seasonal changes, hormonal problems, stress, iron deficiency, can cause hair loss. But long-term hair loss can be caused by serious ailments. Hair loss of 100 to 150 strands per day is normal in healthy people because each hair strand has an average life span of 4-6 years. It is important to find the cause of hair loss and treat it. Hair loss begins a few months after the factor that causes loss. It stops about a year after being treated. Regardless of the reason, hair transplantation in turkey is applied with advanced techniques baldness or hair thinning in men, especially in two side areas, can be easily resolved. This area can be resolved on the same day with techniques that you can return to work after surgery without scarring. Now, with DHI, which is the latest technology method, you can easily get information about this method.

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About Hair Transplant Techniques

In hair transplantation techniques in the world and Turkey FUT, FUE and 3 different methods are used, including DHI. The FUT method is the first of these. As in all techniques, the treated area is numbed. The hair follicles to be used are usually taken from the back of the hair. Because these are the places where the density is highest. Hair follicles are taken one by one carefully. Here, it is important that no damage to the hair follicles is caused. Since the scalp of the person is numbed, it does not feel anything during the procedure. However, when transplanting hair to bald areas, cuts should be made. Stitching those cuts later causes both pain and stitch marks. Full recovery may take up to 6 months.

There are some changes in the other method, FUE. Since the incisions are smaller, the patient heals faster and the stitch marks are smaller. In this way, the patient can adapt to his normal life in a short time. The patient should be very careful not to damage the new hair transplanted.


DHI, the last and most advanced method, has a completely different structure. What makes it different is a medical pen. Thanks to this pen, the procedure can be performed without incision marks and too much pain. Moreover, the hair has a very high chance of regrowth. In the DHI technique, hair bristles can be transplanted more densely. This gives the person a natural look. In other words, it is difficult for other people to understand that they have a hair transplant. In all these methods, the patient and the doctor together determine which one is more suitable for the person.

As our clinic, we find the DHI method suitable due to the satisfaction of our customers and due to its advanced technology. In this method, which we use as the best hair transplant method, we get 100% customer satisfaction.

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Why DHI Method

Hair transplantation Turkey prefers the DHI way. DHI is a very successful method because of implantation pen. At the same time, the laser system applied during the procedure ensures that the hair is stronger and more natural. In fact, all the features make it more advantageous. Thus, people can easily have the procedure done without hesitating about the operation idea as before.

What are their differences FUE and DHI?

Differences exist between these two technique from the very beginning to the end of the process. Although DHI is ahead in cut and naturalness, it has some disadvantages. One of them is that it is made from a narrow area. So if the bald areas are large, FUE is a more useful way. The pen used in DHI prevents processing for large areas. Due to the shortcomings of many methods, they are usually combined. In other words, more than one technique can be used in a single operation. This is determined after an examination. The FUE method is not particularly useful for women. The main reason for this is the shaving of the hair. In DHI, you can have hair transplantation without scraping. Hair From The Side

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