Going Bald In 30’s

Going Bald In 30’s Hair loss is an important condition for both genders and is seen in both genders. Baldness for various reasons is seen in both genders, but it mostly occurs in men. In this article, we will talk about the difference in hair loss in men and women, the reasons, the causes of the average age, and the treatment method.

Causes of Baldness in Men and Women and Its Frequency in Men

Going Bald In 30’s The rates of onset of baldness in men and women are different and are related to various reasons. Hair loss and baldness in women and men are based on two types, These are male pattern hair loss and alopecia. Alopecia mostly occurs in women, while male pattern hair loss is related to men, as the name suggests. The reasons seen in hair age men and women occur depending on health, living conditions, emotional and physical changes, diseases, drugs used, treatment methods used, blood diseases, hormones, genetic and hereditary conditions.

Giving birth in women and the drugs used in female disease is one of the reasons that play an important role in alopecia type hair loss. In men, the important factor that plays a role in hair loss is hormones. For example, baldness starts as a result of the secretion of the testosterone hormone. This hormone is disadvantageous for men.

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Hair Loss Seen More Men Than Women

For this reason, hair loss is seen in more men than women. There are common causes of hair loss for both sexes. For example, living standards, blood reluctance, diabetes, cancer and chemotherapy process, the medication used and their side effects, various mood changes, weight loss, unhealthy diet, irregular sleep, smoking, alcohol, stress, sadness, using various shampoos and Hair loss can occur for both genders due to reasons such as bathing, unhealthy hair care products, skin type, skin fungus growth, AIDS. Due to the reasons mentioned above, hair loss may occur. On average ages, men often experience hair loss and baldness in their thirties, depending on their living standards

The fact that men experience baldness at thirty ages is related to living standards, health problems, life stress, the environment the man is in, the drugs he uses, and naturally his hormones. The onset of baldness for such reasons is normal, but the occurrence of baldness in the thirties, in general, cannot be limited as the onset of baldness because hair loss also occurs due to genetic factors. therefore it may not be correct to provide a specific and precise start date.

What Should Men Who Experience the Onset of Baldness in Their Thirties?

Going Bald In 30’s We have presented the reasons why men experience baldness in their thirties, so let’s examine what men should do in this process. The fact that men experience baldness in their thirties occurs due to hormones and many reasons. Some techniques should be done and applied to prevent and eliminate this situation. For example, it is a bit impossible for a middle-aged man with hair loss to regrow that hair. In this case, many individuals apply for hair treatments, quality medicines, and shampoos, but hair transplantation can be seen as the most appropriate method because hair transplantation can be given as the most effective and permanent solution used to eliminate baldness. If efficient results are desired, healthy methods and quality clinics should be studied. Individuals are mostly afraid of hair transplantation because they take into account the painful or unhealthy results of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Is Most Effective Solution

Hair transplant is the most effective solution recommended in case of baldness. If we examine the information about this procedure, hair transplant is the case of adding new healthy hair follicles to the empty areas by shaving the nape and back of the ear instead of the inefficient hair follicles.

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Various techniques are used, for example, new and healthy natural looking hair is transplanted to the lost and emptied head surface area with the FUE and DHI technique. FUE and DHI methods occur by placing hair follicles in the balding area we mentioned above. It can result efficiently according to the doctor and clinic you apply to. Hair transplant is a saving method for men. It is also preferred by women, but mostly because men suffer from baldness.


Hair transplant techniques are a suitable method to prefer men in their thirties in case of baldness. This method is related to your skin type, allergic reactions, health level, and living standards in safe hands. control of these should be linked to you and your doctor and can be controlled, otherwise, you may not get the level of efficiency you want. In this case, it is up to the individual and the doctor, the doctor’s method.

Before Applying Hair Transplantation Methods

For example, before applying hair transplantation methods, the appropriate ground should be adjusted, the necessary tests should be done before the operation and the individual should try to keep the efficiency of the hair transplantation at the maximum level, the most appropriate technique should be applied to the individual during the operation, and the necessary conditions should be applied for the necessary tests and appropriate health conditions after the operation. In this case, a quality hair transplant can be performed.

As a result, the treatment of a male individual who is about to experience baldness in his thirties with the hair transplantation and treatment methods mentioned above is a very normal and efficient situation. If these methods are applied most carefully, the desired result is obtained.

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