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The hair on the eyebrows and the head has a period of development and a phase of rest. In many cases, skin disorders (such as circular hair loss), permanent makeup, chemotherapy, etc., cause deformation or even eyebrow hair loss by plucking the eyebrows.

Transplanted hair can be substituted for eyebrow hair that does not grow back. The eyebrow transplant is carried out at our company, like hair transplantation, with our doctor’s transplantation of hair roots taken from the neck area. The fine hair on the neck is extracted. A 1 cm wide and 5-10 cm long horizontal strip is shaved according to the number of transplanted hair roots. Using a micromotor with very fine hollow needles, our doctor removes the hair roots.

Since the hair root extraction area is minimal, no traces in this area are left behind. We may take grafts from 40-50 to 400-500 and transplant the hair where it is needed. The transplant is performed under a local anesthetic, so during and after treatment, the patient feels no pain. During the transplantation, our team will consider the anatomical structure and the growth direction of the eyebrows.

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Our eyebrow transplants, performed by our specialists and an experienced team, lead to natural-looking eyebrows. The eyebrows need 4-6 months to recover and assume their final shape. After two months, their eyebrows may be plucked by the patient. Because it has the same features, the first eyebrows that grow after the transplantation grows just like the hair in the donor area. The growth stops after about one year because the eyebrow area’s blood circulation adapts, and the hair takes on the properties of the eyebrow hair.

So, what factors do determine the cost of the eyebrow transplant?

The Expertise of the Hair Transplant Specialist

While hair transplantation has recently been carried out intensively, this process needs significant expertise. The more a doctor has experience and expertise in this field, the better the quality of the work performed. The cost is directly affected by this situation. This means it should be noted that the cost will increase for the high-quality physicians preferred for hair transplantation. However, it can seriously reduce the success rate of the operation by preferring a lower qualified doctor to decrease the cost. That’s why we highly recommend you to contact us to learn more.

A Clinic Fully Equipped

The clinic where the process will be performed is another factor affecting the cost of hair transplantation. One should be careful about the choice of a hair transplantation clinic. The technology for hair transplantation is constantly improving, as it is known. This scenario calls for the use of new medical devices. Besides this, there should be at least 3 health technicians or assistants in hair transplantation. It should be known that depending on the number of personnel who will work in the operation, the total amount to be paid varies.

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Surgical Supplies

Various techniques may be preferred for hair transplantation, as it is known. In reality, because of the various supplies to be used, the main reason why these methods are different is. In return, this causes differences in costs. Choi pens used in the technique of DHI hair transplantation may be an example of this. Such pens are disposed of after use. So, new pens are used for every patient. This increases cost. However, it should be understood that the consistency and performance of the operation are highly affected by these pens. For the FUE technique, a similar example may also be provided. The cost is increased here by the Petri dishes, staples, micro motors, and similar surgical equipment.

Tests and Medication

Hair transplantation is a surgical process. This suggests that there is nothing like going straight to the doctor and doing the treatment. Before the procedure, there is a range of tests conducted, and according to the test results, it is then determined whether or not the patient is eligible for hair transplantation. Also, depending on the condition of the patient, additional tests may be required. These are applicable for the postoperative time as well. The type and number of tests are significant factors affecting the cost.

The drug prescribed also affects the cost, such as tests. Drugs can differ from patient to patient. It is worth noting that this problem is related to the general condition of the scalp. Some individuals may have multiple conditions on their scalp. Additional drug care may be appropriate to prevent their adverse effects on hair transplantation.

Labour Intensity

The bigger the procedure, the greater the doctors’ and other health technicians’ efforts. This can be articulated as labor strength. So much so that some operations for hair transplantation can last more than 10 hours. There will be extra costs in such cases. At this point, it can be said that the number of grafts implanted, and the hair transplantation method used are commonly influential.

The Location of the Clinic or Hospital

The cost of hair transplantation is highly affected by the clinic’s venue. It is a known fact that a clinic’s general expenses in a luxury neighborhood, the rent being the biggest one, would be much more than a clinic in a typical neighborhood. The clinics, therefore, represent this in their rates. Those who want hair transplantation will pay a higher price at a clinic in a luxurious neighborhood. The most significant variables influencing the cost of hair transplantation are listed above. Except for the ones listed above, there are others. The costs will also increase accordingly as the weight of these variables increases.

The Number of Grafts

In our company, eyebrow transplants are done at our state-of-the-art facility. Firstly, the physician develops the eyebrow design along with the patient to ensure that the results are highly aesthetic and appear as natural as possible. Our doctors use the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE) for this type of operation, the follicular units are extracted from the scalp and then inserted on the area of the eyebrows.

The implant region is treated with local anesthesia such that no discomfort is encountered by the patient Depending on the degree of the eyebrow transplant, the transplant will consist of between 50 and 400 grafts per eyebrow, with each graft consisting of one or two follicular hairs, whether it is a small restoration intended to hide a scar or a complete one for thick eyebrows. Eyebrow hair transplant will largely rely on the number of grafts available per eyebrow. The donor areas are bandaged after the procedure is over and the patient can leave the clinic with the least amount of suffering on the same day.

To sum up those facts;

The pricing practices of the individual physicians who conduct the operation, the number of grafts performed during the procedure, as well as the cost of anesthesia are factors that influence the cost of an eyebrow reconstruction. In the area where the doctor works, medical expenses are also influenced by the local economy. To be able to compare costs and make a good decision about which specialist to consult with, individuals who plan to undergo an eyebrow transplant should ask for a full list of costs associated with the surgery from various providers.

All pricing policies will be determined by each doctor who performs this procedure. Usually, for grafts that require more time to complete, a doctor can set a minimum price for the procedure and then raise that price. Depending on the type of facility the doctor uses and the credentials and number of employees he or she has during the process, the cost of an eyebrow restoration can also vary. In general, if it means sacrificing safety, choosing cheap eyebrow restoration can not be a great idea. Some doctors do eyebrow restoration work in various areas, and patients may find that, due to variations in local economic conditions, rates in one clinic are lower than in others.

The patient’s decision about anesthesia would be another factor in the expense of the operation. Eyebrow restoration may be done under local anesthesia in many cases, but some kind of oral or intravenous sedation may be given to the patient. To cover both the cost of the sedation and the supervision by an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, patients who want heavier sedation can have to pay more. Also, the patient may opt to pay for painkilling drugs to be administered after the surgery, although the cost of eyebrow reconstruction may also include these medications.

At our company, we utilize the most advanced and also novelist methods to cure all types of hair loss conditions. If you want to learn more about procedures or others, please feel free to contact us.

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