Do Hair Transplants Last?

Hair transplant is the most natural and permanent method of producing new hair for people suffering from hair loss. In a hair transplant, the patient’s own healthy hair is inserted in the regions of hair loss. The zone where the hair is removed is an area where no hair loss happens. Via hair transplantation, patients permanently recover their own hair as though they had never lost it. In hair transplantation, we aim to provide the patient with advanced medical procedures with a natural hair look in a relaxed manner. In the 1930s, hair transplantation was first performed in Japan and it first appeared in the 1950s in the Western World.

Who can Undergo Hair Transplant?

Today, almost fifty percent of men over the age of 50 experience the issue of hair loss. Thus, the most frequent plastic surgery for men is hair transplantation. Hair loss is not a men-specific condition. Hair loss or thinning issues are often faced by many women.

What are the Effective Methods of Hair Transplant to Make It Permanent?

There are the most two advanced methods in our company;

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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI is the newest hair transplantation process. It is quicker than the FUE strategy and has faster regeneration and stunning long-term outcomes. The extraction and implantation are merged during DHI. Without the previous need to make incisions, hair follicles are removed and then embedded directly into the receiver regions. Using an implanting device is accomplished.

FUE Hair Transplant

One of the most modern and widely used hairs transplant procedures is the FUE process (Follicular Unit Extraction) and it guarantees natural-looking outcomes. Recently, with the use of sapphire knives, it has gone a step further. FUE with sapphire blades is not a modern method; rather, it is an advancement for a process that is already efficient. Patients will combine this technology with soft sedation at our business.

Do Hair Transplants Last Forever?

Thanks to grafts removed from a region of the head where they are genetically engineered not to fall out, indeed, it can last forever as long as the correct surgeon performs the operation and proper aftercare is given. A hair transplant operation will last a lifetime when carried out by our qualified, skilled hair restoration specialist. Hair transplant surgery brings good hair follicles to the thinning or balding areas and transplants them. For inherited baldness, regardless of where it is put on the scalp, the hair retains the features of where it was drawn from. That’s why the only permanent cure for hair loss is hair transplant surgery.

From a region that is immune to hair loss, we extract the hair follicles, guaranteeing that the scalp can tolerate the transplanted follicles naturally. Very natural hair growth will result, and the new hair that develops will display the same features in the same way as the surrounding hair in that region. Our surgeon recommends removing the grafts from the back of the head of the patient. This is because of the genetic susceptibility of the hair follicles on the back of our heads to hair loss.

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That is why, even though they are transplanted into the recipient region of the patient, they do not lose this genetic trait. The chance of more hair loss in the future lies in people suffering from male / female trait baldness. But, in most cases, by conducting a second or third hair transplant procedure on the affected areas where new hair loss has arisen, the issue is solved. As hair loss is gradual and there is a physical limit on what can be achieved with a single operation, to maximize their hair density, some patients prefer to have several procedures. So, we may say that the hair that is transplanted will stay healthy and last a lifetime.

In details;

When considering treatment for hair restoration, you can feel curious about how long a DHI transplant lasts or if there is any permanent transplant. In this sense, you can just consult our company and our specialist is going to be quite pleased to express those questions in more depth for you, but this article presents short details of the facts.

Grafts are taken from a region of the head during a hair transplant, where they are genetically engineered to keep developing. The transplanted hair follicle maintain the features of their origin even after they are inserted into the balding areas of the scalp and continue to grow for life. This means our qualified surgeon will last a lifetime with proper aftercare, a DHI, or FUE hair transplant.

Although a permanent solution to hair loss can be given by DHI and FUE hair transplants, it is not uncommon for patients to undergo more than one surgery during their hair restoration journey. One of the main obstacles, however, is that there is a small supply of donor hair on the back and sides of one’s head, so replacing all the hair loss in a lifetime is rarely feasible.

Will I Need More Than One Hair Transplant?

It can be difficult to prepare and execute a successful hair transplant because hair loss is also a progressive process. This implies that although transplanted hair may be permanent, the original native hair of the patient may begin to thin out. As a consequence, patients often need to undergo more than one hair transplant during their lifetime. This may be to add density to an area that has been previously transplanted, fix a new area of baldness, or transplant hair to areas of continuous hair loss.

Many of our patients take hair loss drugs such as finasteride and/or minoxidil after hair restoration surgery to help control ongoing hair loss and reduce the need for additional surgery. Rest assured that during the consultation process, these concerns will be addressed with you, so you will be fully informed before agreeing to any surgical procedure.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

You will be able to see the outline of your fresh and improved hairline as soon as our doctor finalizes your hair transplant. After your transplant, the hair should begin to develop quickly. After the initial growth, hair shedding and loss are one frustration many patients experiences. Once this first batch of transplanted hair falls out, in a permanent capacity, it should grow back. The hair should be good and natural-looking. After about half a year, most individuals report substantial improvements in hair development. After one year, the complete effects of the operation are almost always completely apparent.

There are healthy, natural, and permanent modern hair transplants.

Patients are considered suitable if they have sufficiently healthy hair developing elsewhere on their heads that doctors can move follicles to the affected area. On the site you have chosen, you will also need the ability to grow hair.

Life-Changing Hair Transplants

You may have an old perception of a balding man trying in vain to look young with very visible hair plugs. Those days have passed.

Hair transplants are permanent and natural-looking today, and they are sought out by people of all races, genders, and ages. In deciding your hairline, alopecia, tension, and genetics play a significant part. And diseases such as cancer can affect your hair patterns, too. They can test or biopsy your scalp when you see our dermatologist. They could pull on it or take some to test it, even if your hair is thinning. To build an attractive hairline, our doctors use good scalps and hair follicles. Your personal and professional life will change with a hair transplant!

As for our company, we use the most advanced and also the newest methods to treat all types of hair loss. If you want to learn more about procedures or others, please feel free to contact us.

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