Different Types of Hair Restoration

Different Types of Hair Restoration Do you know that there are many solutions and treatments for hair loss? Unless the correct and experienced doctor does the hair transplantation, the transplanted hair may fall out over time, as the hair does not hold its roots. Especially in older hair transplant methods, scars may not disappear over time. Hair restoration can be roughly explained as the elimination of negative images formed after hair transplantation. This fix is ​​a process that starts with realizing the error first. Failure to perform hair transplantation in the right areas with the right technique may cause problems in the future and it may take some time for the patient to understand this, but the doctors in our company find solutions even to the previously wrong transplantation with regular controls.

However, even if the error is noticed late, this situation can be overcome with a specialist physician. Hair transplantation gives results according to the preferred method; For example, in the older hair transplant method, hair transplant is performed in strips, which compromises the naturalness of the result. Therefore, the FUE technique is the definitive solution because planting the hair follicles one by one provides a natural appearance and increases the healing speed. 

Why is Wrong Hair Transplant Repeated?

Different Types of Hair Restoration Since patients who have hair loss problems or baldness problems ignore the condition of the hair directly in a center without any research, hair loss and even new gaps are seen after a short time. There are some reasons for this. When the patients want to remove the traces from the old method, they find a new technique…. 

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FUE Is The Solution

FUE is an exact solution for scars. When it is desired to straighten the hair transplanted at the wrong angle, the most important point in hair transplantation is to transplant the roots at the right angle and thus create a suitable environment for new hair to grow. Because the hair is transplanted in strips in the old technique, a natural appearance is not provided. Therefore, this situation is a problem for the patient. Since the transplanted hair grows vertically rather than at a correct and horizontal angle, it creates a grass-like appearance, so incorrectly transplanted hair restoration is needed.

The two most important factors that cause this situation are the choice of specialist physician and the method used. When deciding on a hair transplant, assistance should be sought from a specialist and experienced physician. It is recommended that the FUE technique be preferred for the technique to be used, which is the other issue. This method, which is effective in covering the scars formed as a result of wrong transplantation, offers a completely permanent solution. 

What Is Hair Transplant?


The treatment can be repeated more than once for the area that is available for re-transplantation as a result of removing the scars. To avoid the need for this type of hair restoration, you should carefully choose your doctor before a transplant you will have for the first time and examine the methods thoroughly. One of the most serious problems leading to balding is deep burns. Burns leave severe scars and deformed skin. Sometimes it may be necessary to apply skin patches. Hair does not grow in the burning area and is known as cicatricial (scar-related) alopecia. Any element that creates a scar on the scalp constitutes an obstacle for hair growth in that area.

This condition is called cicatricial alopecia. This condition, which can have many metabolic, infectious (bacteria or fungi) or traumatic causes, can be treated with hair transplantation. One of the types of cicatricial alopecia of unknown cause is the condition described by Brocq where the hair grows in clumps. Between these clumps, there is hairless and not very well-nourished skin, and hair growth is not expected. In fact, contrary to what is known in society, the targeted result should be to obtain healthy hair, not hair growth. Hair health is an issue that requires education in society.

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Hair Care 

Everyone should do hair care by knowing more or less about the structure of their hair and every patient with the onset of hair loss should go through a physician’s control. It should not be forgotten that when hair loss is caught early, it can be caused by many preventable reasons. Among the medical treatments applied for hair health, there are results that mesotherapy is particularly beneficial in terms of stopping hair loss, balancing the dryness of the hair, and achieving an increase in hair diameter.

It is also used to increase the blood supply of the recipient bed before the hair transplantation period. Hair mesotherapy, in parallel with other mesotherapy derivatives, includes initial sessions with increasing regional blood supply and then treatments directed directly to the target, ie the hair follicle.

Although many drug cocktails can be prepared, today they are sold more practically as commercial products. The hair-removing effect of mesotherapy is to stimulate the hair follicles entering the telogen phase and their transition to the anagen phase, but the effects are reversible when the treatment is paused for a long time.  Another popular application recently is scanning 8-10 passes on the scalp with needle rollers called micro-needling.

Hair Restoration Cost

DHI Pro Hair Transplant 

The biggest disappointment of patients who hopefully have their hair transplanted is that the transplanted hair sheds again and even larger gaps occur. The DHI hair transplant method is that it allows the hair to be transplanted without shaving which provides a more natural appearance on the hair. Since the hair follicles are transplanted within 1-2 minutes after they are taken from the donor area, the hair follicles can’t wait outside of the body. This minimizes the possibility of damage to the hair follicles so we can understand that the patient gains more successful results.  In areas where the hair is not completely shed, it is possible to transplant between hair more easily. Denser hair transplantation can be done especially in narrow areas. 

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