Did Nicole Kidman had Facial Surgery?

Did Nicole Kidman had Facial Surgery?

Nicole Kidman is one of the top Australian imports from Hollywood and rarely looks anything but radiant at 52. Her flawless and ever-youthful skin, however, has for years been at the forefront of plastic surgery debates. There’s no doubt that her appearance has changed over time, but the actress is surgery-free as far as we know and has only ever confessed to attempting injectables briefly.

So are the rumors about plastic surgery, right?

We’re going back to where it all began to give you a peek into her transformation.

Interestingly, she discussed the reports of plastic surgery again at that point, telling an Italian newspaper that she had attempted cosmetic injectables but regretted doing so. She called an “unfortunate move,” the decision to get injections, and said, “I got out of it, and now I can finally move my face again.” It’s no wonder reports of plastic surgery have persisted. Her facial features look a little different on the 22nd Annual Choice Awards red carpet, with her eyebrows appearing elevated and her eyes looking a bit smaller.

Nicole Kidman still seemed to appear youthful somehow. 

This has sparked speculation that plastic surgeons have enabled the strikingly stunning Australian actress to keep her looks young. Besides the new hair color, people began to note her plumper lips and cheeks. According to near watchers, even as she laughed or smiled, Nicole’s face did not bear any wrinkles. This is representative of someone who has had some sort of surgery, they said.

None of whom treated Nicole Kidman, two board-certified doctors, concluded that she had a mini-facelift, a temporary brow lift, and botox to remove the lines around her eyes. They also openly admit that good genes or less invasive procedures like laser treatments or chemical peels may be the product of her perfect skin. However, her very tight jawline belies some kind of work suggesting surgical intervention, they stated.

Who is Nicole Kidman?

On June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii, the 5ft 10in beauty was born to Anthony Kidman, a renowned biochemist, and Janelle, a social activist and nursing teacher. By the time Nicole was three years old, the couple had settled themselves in their native Australia. She starred in the Oz movie Bush Christmas at the age of 14 and took home the Australian Oscar equivalent for Vietnam three years later. But it was the psychological thriller Dead Calm in 1989 that made her the hottest export since Foster’s lager from Down Under. Then she moved Stateside, and she met the man she was going to marry.

She decorates several mediocre Hollywood films, including Billy Bathgate and Malice, before she came back to haunt her with an enigmatic note she once got from Jane Campion.

Nicole and Tom separated in February 2001. From theological differences to differing ideas on how to raise their two adopted daughters, Isabella and Conor, speculation on the split included everything. Yet the screen beauty remained stoic during the firestorm, saying nothing and pouring its resources into promoting the highly awaited large-screen version of the musical Moulin Rouge, chosen to open the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Fueled by her win at the 2002 Academy Awards, the actress’ career has also gone from strength to strength. On Oscar night, Nicole found herself tearfully clutching the best actress statuette for her role as Virginia Woolf in The Hours, with her mom and daughter in the crowd. It seems she was rewarded for heeding Jane Campion’s early advice as the first Australian star to take home the best actress gong.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

When we see the transformation of Nicole Kidman, we realize that she had some facial procedures to look better. We will revise some surgeries that she has undergone below;


Botox is a muscle weakening or paralyzing drug. It can decrease skin wrinkles in small amounts and help treat certain medical conditions. Botox is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, created from Botulinum toxin. This is the same botulism-inducing toxin. It is a toxin, but when used correctly and in small doses by physicians, it may have advantages. It has cosmetic as well as medical applications.

As a cosmetic treatment, the appearance of skin wrinkles may be minimized by Botox injections. It has also been approved as a medication for various health conditions by the Food and Drug Administration, including eyelid spasms, excessive sweating, certain bladder disorders, and migraine.


A facelift typically involves lifting the skin and tightening the tissues and muscles. Our surgeon can sculpt, extract, or redistribute fat in the face and neck at our company. Facial skin is then draped over the freshly repositioned face contours, removing excess skin and covering the wound by stitching or taping. The surgical incisions depend on the methods that will be used and the needs of the patient. The choices include:

A typical facelift incision begins in your hairline temples, continues down and across the front of your ears, and finishes in your lower scalp behind your ears. To improve the look of your neck, an incision may be made under your chin. A limited incision is a shorter incision that starts just above the ear in your hairline, wraps around the front of the ear, but does not reach into the lower scalp.

The incision of the neck lift begins in front of your earlobe and proceeds through your lower scalp around your ear. A small incision is made under your chin as well. A facelift typically lasts between two and four hours, but if other cosmetic processes are performed simultaneously, it may take longer.

Temporal Browlift

Today, many men and women are searching for new ways to preserve their youthful look and add to their faces’ aesthetic appeal. Outer upper eyelid hooding is generated by heavy eyebrows and drooping of the outer corners of the brow. However, as we continue to age, those less invasive non-surgical solutions do not answer those issues anymore. The best choice for correcting lateral eyebrow lowering could be a mini-brow lift or a temporal brow lift for these patients. A lateral temporal lift does not lift the central forehead and brow, unlike a standard brow lift or endoscopic brow lift. Instead, at its outer corner, the brow arches up. This eliminates the look of an unnecessarily open-eyed or shocked one. Even if they are younger and have not undergone aging, some may want a more classic arched brow.

A temporal brow lift is a cosmetic surgery that is less invasive than a standard brow lift, also identified as a lateral brow lift, mini brow lift, and mini forehead lift. It has only one small incision concealed in the hair, and the outer 1/3 of the brow and forehead is raised using telescopes. Over one weekend, people will recover from this treatment.

This technique including: can have several effects

  • Reduction of wrinkles and folds in the eyes’ brow, forehead, and corners
  • Smoothing the brow
  • Outer 1/3 brow lift
  • Sagging cheeks lifting
  • Elimination or restriction of hooding over the upper eyelids
  • Smoothing of “crow’s feet” around the eyes
  • Giving a broader and more open look to “sleepy eyes

With small, invisible incisions concealed in the hairline, a lateral brow raise achieves these objectives. Consequently, it is used more often in our company again for people who need less drastic outcomes or in combination with other processes.

At our company, we use the most advanced and the newest methods to cure all types of hair loss conditions. If you want to learn more about procedures or others, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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