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Dental Implant Prices

Damaged and/or missing teeth may make your life extremely hard, with respect to both aesthetics and health. Of course, chewing with missing teeth is very uncomfortable, besides, it also looks quite irritating and unhealthy as well. A dental implant (or implants) is the most effective way of treating this worrying situation. But, how much does dental implant cost?

Dental implants can look and function just the same, or even better than your original teeth. Just imagine, they will replace your missing or damaged teeth with an implant that is much more durable. As a result, your new implants are going to serve you well for the years to come. So, it is safe to say that the dental implants are crucial for our lives and they deserve any price. 

You may be wondering, how much are the dental implant prices ? Implants can be quite expensive in terms of cost. Implants can cost anything from €3,000 to €4,500 in most European countries. A dental crown is usually included in this price. For those who need to have bone grafts, treatment costs will rise. However, getting dental implants abroad can give you a wide variety of affordable choices.

However, dental implant costs may vary depending on the clinic that you choose. Actually, if you choose the clinic wisely, the procedure can be a highly affordable option. Even so, the dental implant costs depend on more than just the clinic. There are a lot of variables that can affect the price. We will be talking about some of these factors that can increase or decrease the dental implant cost.

Dental Implants  Cost Turkey

Dental implants are the most effective treatment option for lost or damaged teeth. Implants outperform all other types of prosthetics. Your doctor must examine you before using this application and treatment technique; this way they can determine how much Dental Implants Cost later. Treatment modalities that are required will be used in this manner.

For individuals who wish to protect their teeth, dental implants may appear to be more expensive than bridges and fillings. Implants, on the other hand, will give more comfort and self-confidence than other methods. Dental implants are a long-term investment. Your implants, if done correctly, can last a lifetime. The lifespan of your implant varies between 15 and 30 years on average when properly cared for and maintained.

Dental Implant Cost Change Annually

The cost of an implant differs. Every year, new advancements emerge that make the implant procedure easier. While traditional procedures need you to wait 2-3 months after implanting, emerging techniques allow you to place the implant and tooth on the same day. Implants may now be placed in as little as one day. And as a result of this cutting-edge technology, implant costs are shifting.

Implants Are a Long Term Investment

Implants are not required for every tooth. The number of implants changes according to the patient’s dental health. Implant application begins after all the other procedures are completed. Before applying treatment, the teeth should be free of other health problems. After the dental implant is inserted, it is absolutely necessary to periodically clean the teeth by the dentist.

Implants will also be capable of executing the functions of regular teeth with ease. Their appearance is perfect enough to help you gain confidence. For these and other reasons, many prefer to have their lost teeth replaced or a new one implanted. As previously stated, to answer your questions about how much Dental Implants Cost , you must first talk to your doctor about the types of implants you want.

Price Of Dental Implants Depends on

Location of the Clinic

One of the most important factors that can change the cost of dental implants is the location of the clinic. It is a known fact that the clinics in some countries charge patients with unreasonably high fees for dental implants. For sure, a high quality treatment may cause more expenses for the clinic. Remember that a clinic has to pay rent, doctors’ salaries, equipment costs, etc.. When the location of the dental clinic is in a costly country, naturally their expenses are going to cost more. 

However, just because you are paying more to the clinic, does not mean that you are getting a better treatment. The skills of the doctors who will perform the operation does not get affected by these things. Therefore, you may find a clinic where you can get an excellent dental implant without paying tremendous amounts of money.

Turkey is one of these locations where you can get high quality and affordable prices at the same time. That is why so many men and women travel to Turkey every year for dental and cosmetic operations. Our clinic is one of the most advanced clinics in all of Turkey, and we receive a lot of patients. 

Another advantage of Turkey is the fact that coming here is easy and affordable. The geographical location of the country is naturally very close to most of the world. You can reach Turkey in a short time from Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa or even Oceania. The frequency of the flights to Istanbul are very high. Therefore, in a very short time, you will find the flight ticket that is the most suitable for you. Considering the fact that travel expenses are also affecting the price of the dental implants, Turkey is a wonderful option.

Dental Implant Procedure

How the doctors are performing the dental implant can also affect the price of the services. For instance, not all the implants are made of the same material, there are zirconium, titanium, etc. dental implants. And, some of these materials tend to cost more than the others. Before you choose the material for your dental implant, you should ask your doctor about the specifications of each material. This way, you will be choosing the option that is the most suitable for you. 

The amount of the implants will also significantly change the price of the procedure. If you need multiple dental implants, the cost will naturally be higher. However, if you need too many implants, your doctor can offer you a more affordable option such as a bridge. 

Sometimes, you may require some procedures such as having a tooth pulled before the doctor begins your dental implant procedure. These extra procedures prior to the operation can also cost you more money than just the price of the implant. The healthiest thing to do is consulting one of our doctors and asking for a diagnosis. After our doctors evaluate you, they will plan your dental implant procedure and give you a price. Telling a straight price without diagnosing the patient is almost impossible, because every patient’s needs are different from one another.

The Doctor

Not every dentist can successfully complete a dental implant procedure. Because, the procedure is a surgery that only some dentists and doctors with a specialized training can perform. You cannot and should not receive this treatment from an unlicensed doctor, because the consequences can be dire. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing your doctor for the dental implant surgery.

Some doctors may charge more than the regular doctors for this procedure. The reason for that is the fact that every doctor’s training and skills are different. However, you do not need to pay unreasonably high prices for having the surgery from a good doctor. We work with some of the most renowned doctors in the field of dental implants, although our prices are affordable. Contact our doctors now and see the possibilities that they can offer you in our clinic.

Are zirconium implants more expensive?

Zirconium implants may cost more than the regular dental implants. This is due to the high durability and aesthetical benefits of the zirconium.

Does the amount of the dental implants affect the final price?

Of course, more dental implants mean more time, work and elaboration from the doctors in our clinic. Therefore, as the amount of the dental implants increase, so does the cost for the procedure. If you need to have too many dental implants, your doctor will probably advise you to have a bridge. Because, the bridge is a more cost-effective solution for replacing multiple damaged or missing teeth.

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