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Hollywood Smile In Turkey

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Hollywood Smile In Turkey

Hollywood Smile In Turkey

Hollywood Smile, Having a shiny, perfect set of white teeth is not about vanity at all. Shown by different studies, healthy-looking teeth make a person look attractive. In any social setting, no one would say that having good looking teeth decreases their chances. Quite the contrary.

Why? Because a nice set of well-kept teeth show that its owner takes the time and effort to have them looking great. Teeth are a general health marker; having bad teeth makes people not want to be around you.

From a young age, we get to know sugary food while being very relaxed with our brushing habits. Once older, we develop some grown-up habits, such as drinking and smoking. And those habits lead to some teeth-related problems.

Sugar feeds mouth bacteria, enabling it to spill acids that dissolve tooth enamel — acidic compounds inside alcohol stains the teeth of regular users with bad oral hygiene. And smoking makes gums, which are where your teeth rest, become diseased, which can lead to tooth loss.

It is not until we are older that we start to see the importance of having a nice-looking set of teeth. By that time, we’ve already seen results from bad habits and dislike them quite a bit. We start the battle for the health of our teeth at a disadvantage, but modern procedures are here to help us on it. 

Hollywood Smile In Turkey Teeth Whitening

As implied by the name, the procedure seeks to give you pearly white teeth that deserve to appear in the big screen. And no big-screen star would be caught dead with anything but a set of shining white teeth. Unless, of course, the role demands it.

A Hollywood Smile teeth whitening is set on making the patient’s whole set of teeth radiant again. Thus, allowing you to bid farewell to discolourations and staining on your teeth.

On a related note, there are many home products that promise to give you similar results in the comfort of your home. You have seen them before, don’t fall for them. Teeth whitening home products at worse damage your teeth enamel, and, at best, they don’t do anything at all.

A layer of white colour over your teeth that lasts a few hours at most is likely what you’ll get from these home products. They cannot replicate the technique and equipment employed in professional teeth whitening. Please, do not waste your time; choose the proper procedure.

The Hollywood smile teeth whitening uses a much higher percentage of the whitening agent. Its performed through special devices and protects your gums while applying the gel. Home products and at-home treatments have no hope to match it.

After the procedure, the upkeep of your bright new smile is up to you. Depending on what you eat or drink, stains can reoccur on whitened teeth. Best way to avoid this is to perform a thorough care routine and have a professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

Hollywood smile teeth whitening is what you choose if you want your mouth to look whiter than a cloud on a sunny day.

Hollywood Smile Cost

As with most cosmetic procedures available, price varies depending on various things. However, teeth whitening is less pricey than porcelain laminate veneer placement. In addition, It also treats all of your teeth at the same time as opposed to one by one treatment costing you for each. As a result, Hollywood smile teeth whitening gives massive effects at a fair price. 

In order to get a precise price for having a Hollywood Smile, you can get in touch with our clinic. Afterwards, our experts will inform you about the best options we have for you.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Over the years, Turkey has become one of the top destination countries for dental tourism. Dental tourists are people looking to get their dental work done abroad for budget reasons. Therefore, they are on the hunt to get theirs done on the most reasonable price/quality relation.

Here in Turkey, we boast of having low operational costs in relation to high quality in our services. Our dental industry has 15 schools that train orthodontists with the highest standards. Thus, all these factors had led Turkey to be a worldwide dental powerhouse. 

Hollywood Smile Before and After 

After the procedure patients will see enormous improvements in their teeth’s look. Discolourations will no longer be a feature on your teeth as well as stains being no longer visible.

The improvement of appearance from teeth whitening is not something minor. One look at the before and after pictures makes clear the great amount of difference a bright smile does. Disarm them with your bright teeth, get an instant Hollywood smile with teeth whitening.

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