Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery increases the size of your breast up to a bra size you feel more attractive with. How large your breasts are is something entirely determined by genetic factors. And there is nothing you, as a woman, can do to change that fact if you got smaller ones. Or there wasn’t, at least, before, breast augmentation surgery. Through a simple incision and the placing of a prosthetic implant beneath the breast tissue, you can rock breasts larger than the size your body originally intended for you.

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedure since its inception to this day, it is one of the safest, most developed too. Millions of women worldwide already underwent the procedure. Their satisfaction with it is very high, by the way, since around 95% of patient-reported being very happy with it. The one thing most of them say they regret about it is not having gotten it done sooner. 

The breast augmentation surgery represents the chance to get yourself into the upper rung of attractive women that seem to horde all the attention. There is little to lose and much size to gain through a breast augmentation surgery.

Why Breast Augmentation?

All women are born free. Yet something they are not born equal when it comes to physical attributes. Upon reaching puberty, some of them begin to grow larger breasts, some smaller ones, and some bare any breasts at all. While both small breast and large breast function the same, biologically speaking, culturally, they are very different. The human species decidedly has their own generalized set of preferences in what it considers more attractive.

And, based on that, one can observe that women with a larger bust are consistently considered more alluring. While it might not be always the case and personal preference vary, statistics show consistently that people like them better larger. That leaves ladies born with smaller breasts with at a disadvantage they were born with and can’t change… on their own, at least. 

A breast augmentation procedure if the cosmetic surgery that can level out the playing field for them. Giving them the chance of experiencing the attractive features nature never let them have. Through a simple cosmetic procedure, any woman has a chance of realizing their dream of attaining their ideal standard of beauty. Some might say that the breast size is something that does not matter at all.

Yet, consistently and without a doubt, you can see in day-to-day life how women with larger busts get more attention. They get drinks for free at the bar. They get more looks thrown their way in the streets. They get asked out much more in social media dating apps, etc. It should not be a controversial thing to say that we as a society love large breasts, it is a fact. Breast augmentation surgery is your chance as a woman to enhance your attractiveness further and give people two bigger reasons to look your way.

Undergoing A Breast Augmentation Surgery

Your breast augmentation procedure will unfold with you under general anaesthetic. So, you will be conscious while it happens. Your surgeon will start the surgery by using the type of incision previously chosen for you. The basic of the procedure is the same regardless of which incision type. The surgeon will, though the incision, make a ‘pocket space’ between the breast tissue and muscle beneath your breast. It is there where the implant goes and sit in, increasing the volume of your breast notably.

There are two types of implants, saline solution implants and silicone implants. The latter are pre-filled while the former the surgeon can place inside you empty and fill afterwards. Regarding the incision, there are four possible types of breast augmentation surgery incision. Depending on the original size and shape of your breasts, the surgeon will choose the one most convenient for your case. These four types of incisions are:

Crescent Or Peri-Areolar Incision 

The surgeon will make the incision around your areola, the darker segment of the skin surrounding the nipple. The incision can be a partial or full circle around the whole areola. The fully circular incision will border the whole areola, the partial will only cut half of its circumference. Either the lower or upper half with the former being the most common. The fact that the areola skin is rather darker in pigmentation that the skin surrounding it makes this incision very discrete. 

The Underside Or Inframammary Incision

Perhaps the most common incision type for this procedure. The surgeon makes the incision across the whole width of the inframammary fold of each breast. The inframammary fold designates the place in which the breast and the chest met up. Thus, it is where the breast actually ‘comes out’ of the body and an ideal site for the implant to slip from an incision there. 

Armpit Or Trans-Axillar Incision

Rather than around your precious breasts, the surgeon goes to make the incision on your armpit area. From that very same cut, they slip the implants laterally into proper place into the pocket space beneath the breast tissue. The fact that the incisions happen far away from your breast has the advantage of not leaving any marks on them.

Belly Button Or Trans-Umbilical Incision

The incision will happen in your bellybutton, hidden among the umbilical creases since it is very tiny. From that incision, the surgeon creates the breast pocket space with the help of a tiny camera and a couple of special tools. Once creates, they will proceed to insert the empty saline breast implant and elevate them into the proper place beneath the breast.  With the implant in the pocket space beneath the breast, the only thing left to do is start filling them with saline solution and closing the incision afterwards. This method only works with saline solution implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery

It is also possible to have breast augmentation surgery through fat transfer and with no implant involved. The procedure happens through a limited liposuction to extract some fat from elsewhere in the body and inject it back into your breasts. The results from it are modest at best, however, increasing you up to a full bra size at most.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Results

The results from breast augmentation surgery are, of course, the increase of volume on your breast by several bra sizes according to your taste. Most women are particularly satisfied with their results, citing increasing self-confidence and perceived attraction levels from potential partners.

Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQ

Q: Which is better, saline or silicone implants?

A: Both offer different advantages. Saline solution implants are more versatile since you can insert them empty and fill them once they are into place.

Q: Is breast augmentation surgery reversible?

A: Yes, you can have your implants removed any time you feel likely.

Q: If I have my plants removed, do my breast go back to their previous shape?

A: Yes, in some cases. Some patients need a breast lift, a separate breast procedure, to look like they used to.

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