Bbl After 10 Years

Does a BBL Last after 10 Years?

Not only many women but also men want a full and rounded butt. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a form of butt augmentation in which the buttocks are augmented using autologous fat. The effect lasts even after many years. Brazilian butt lift surgery can be repeated and there is no need for large cuts. Despite some advantages, you should inform yourself well before the transaction and be aware of the risks.

Brazilian butt lift can be dangerous if not done by a plastic surgeon. A BBL procedure can be performed using fat, implants, or hyaluronic acid, where individual methods have different advantages and disadvantages. It can plump the buttocks, add volume and tighten the skin.

BBL Recovery

The procedure consists of two steps: liposuction and removal. If the patient does not have enough body fat, the BBL surgeon can suggest implants as an alternative. A combination of transferring fat and implants all together is also possible. The variant with hyaluronic acid or polylactic acid is considered gentle, as the substances are injected only into the buttocks and do not require major intervention. BBL operation is not dangerous and you don’t have to worry about serious complications.

All necessary examinations are done by your doctors so that no question in your mind remains unanswered. He should carefully look at how suitable you are for this surgery and make various analyzes. If you are suitable for the autologous fatty variant, the doctor will explain the treatment process and discuss the risks with you. You can ask your surgeon about the long term results during examinations.

BBL Healing Stages

You should stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery to avoid complications during and after the surgery.  Also, You are not allowed to take blood thinners such as aspirin a week before the procedure. You should not eat or drink anything for six hours before the surgery. Brazilian Butt Lift surgery consists of two procedures that must be performed by a doctor who is an expert in the field of aesthetic surgery.

The procedure is preferably performed under general anesthesia. In the case of a less complex treatment, the Brazilian Butt Lift can also be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and twilight sleep. The person who will determine this is the doctor. But don’t worry. You will be informed before the operation.

BBL Surgery Cost

Brazilian Butt Lift is an operation that people are very curious about. The reason why this operation attracts so much attention is that fuller hips are now popular. This popularity has affected everyone and a straight body is no longer as popular as it used to be. People will get Bbl after 10 years. An understanding of the beauty that will not end for a long time.

You can usually leave the clinic within a few hours after surgery. For a major procedure, you should plan an overnight stay at the clinic. You should wear special compression underwear for the first four to six weeks after treatment. This not only serves to minimize swelling but also supports the healing process. You can return to your normal life in a short time.

BBL After Pregnancy

You should also try to sleep on your face as much as possible for the first two weeks and take care of yourself. If possible, you should take a break from work for these two weeks. Also, try to apply as little pressure as possible to the treated area after BbL after 10 years. This means that you should also avoid lying on your back and sitting during the day. Ideally, this is less than an hour.

It is also important to ensure your comfort after the operation. It is important to find different ways to relax as your movement will be restricted due to the pain you will naturally experience. You can buy some products for this in pharmacies and some stores. After two weeks you can use a pad and place it under your thighs. After about eight weeks, you will be able to sit normally again. You should avoid sports for the first four weeks after surgery. Recognizing that surgery is a difficult process, you should choose the time that suits you best in your private and business life.

Are BBL Safe Long Term?

The final result will be visible after about three to five months. The healing process of the fat takes about two weeks. The situation is the same for people who will have a Bbl after 10 years. During this time, about 60 to 80 percent of your fat, that is, about two-thirds grows towards the hips, the rest is broken down by the body.

Fat cells that survive the first critical weeks remain forever. Thus, the result is permanent and only drastic weight loss can affect the result again. The result varies from person to person after the operation. About half of the volume is lost after surgery because there are a lot of old fat cells and excess fluid that the body needs to break down first. After about two to three months, Bbl after 10 years, a permanent result will appear.

What Happens to BBL After Years?

Anyone who wants to optically enlarge their butt is suitable for a Brazilian butt lift. Especially when the fat distribution in the back, hips, and thighs is disproportionate, these fat pads can be reduced in addition to the Brazilian buttock aesthetic. After significant weight loss, many patients’ hips become drooping and sunken. Brazilian Butt Lift is also suitable here.

People should apply the rules of Bbl after 10 years from now. If you are considering growing with your oil, the prerequisite is to have sufficient oil reserves. Very thin people often do not have enough fat. Targeted weight gain can increase fat percentage, but getting enough fat isn’t always possible. In this case, implants are used. The main limitation of the Brazilian butt lift is the soft tissue of the buttocks. Augmentation will not be possible if fat or implants cannot be fixed properly.

BBL Before and After

Just like the breasts, the hips have a great influence on the image and self-confidence of the modern woman. Full hips radiate health and well-being, these body features are now popular in Europe and Turkey. The buttocks are enriched with autologous fat, its advantages and how it works are described in the following paragraphs.

If the desired beauty goal cannot be achieved with exercise or diet, there is an option to apply aesthetic shaping treatment to the hips. Brazilian Butt Lift helps you achieve perfect curves naturally. During this plastic surgery, autologous fat is sucked from inappropriate places, processed, and transferred under the hip skin. Within a few weeks, the fat heals, the lower part looks firmer, voluminous, and fuller. The result looks feminine, plump, and natural.

What Are the Advantages of BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift has very few side effects and risks due to the use of the body’s fat. However, since the fat taken from the body is processed and made suitable, some components in the solutions used may cause an allergic reaction. Your doctor will tell you in detail about possible situations you may experience. . Brazilian butt lift is a form of buttock augmentation. Buttocks are enlarged with the help of autologous fat. The procedure consists of two steps: liposuction and lifting. There is no need for large incisions during these procedures, which means no visible scars are left. You can also repeat the process. However, it is doubtful whether the result still looks natural after a few sessions. Liposuction, performed to remove one’s fat, has the advantage of making the body appear thinner and tighter.

BBL After 10 Years Pictures

Exercise and a healthy diet are essential for a toned and defined body. However, no matter how much you do sports, some parts of the body may simply not be able to tighten. Also, there are always tiresome love handles going on. Many patients are ashamed and dissatisfied with their appearance. You will get a fit body with the help of aesthetic body shaping and tightening.  

This method of plastic surgery combines two different operations at once. Absorbing oils alone creates a beautiful appearance. Depending on the place of removal, one looks stretched and thin there. Filling the buttocks with autologous fat makes it possible to beautify two parts of the body with a single operation. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift depends on several factors that the doctor will discuss with you during a mandatory consultation. Costs are calculated based on the size of the magnification and the extraction points. Since BBL consists of two steps, liposuction and augmentation, the procedure is accordingly costly. BBL will continue to maintain its popularity.

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