Balding On The Sides

Balding On The Sides This is a question many people asks when they see the bald spots form on the sides of their head. It is also a big cause of low self-esteem and even depression among many people. Hair is culturally a big part of peoples’ image, hair is often associated with virility, youth, and even success. Losing our hair therefore hurts our confidence and makes our life much harder than it should be.

With aging our hair follicles lose their strength, this is the main and most common cause of hair loss. There are many different reasons. And each reason, thanks to science, has a different solution. These solutions vary from hair transplant which employs the best hair transplant techniques with the advancement of technology nowadays, to laser cap treatments and even simplest supplements may create a great difference. Knowing what causes hair loss is also quite important for preventing this nearly unavoidable but easily solved issue.

Reasons for hair loss

Hair loss may have many reasons, and yes some of them occur only on select areas such as the sides of your head. The most common causes of hair loss are as follows,

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Internal reasons

Heredity: genetic factors that manifest themselves over the years are the most common cause. This means if your father or mother (or even uncles) have bald sides on their heads, you are at risk of losing hair on the sides of your head. Usually called Androgenic alopecia, loss of hair due to hereditary factors occurs step by step.

Patterns of loss due to this reason is quite predictable. Hair starts to weaken with age, your follicle cannot reproduce hair as fast as it is lost, and therefore balding occurs on the whole head or on select spots. Bald spots are quite common with this condition. Contrary to popular belief women are also susceptible to this cause of hair loss.

Women may experience thinning of their hairline, or even balding on the sides determined by the gravity of their situation. For regrowing hair back after this kind of hair loss (which is the cause in most hair loss situations) hair transplant is the best option.

Hormonal or medical issues: There are many hormonal adjustments that happen in our body during our life. The most notable ones are pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems. All of these steps in our life may result in partial or complete hair loss. Immune system issues and accompanying health conditions may also cause hair loss. Our scalp may get infected, our immune system may get confused due to genetic or external factors and deem body-hair as alien, etc. These reasons are easier to treat since they are usually temporary.

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External factors

  • Medications, diet, drugs: Certain harmful drugs, especially narcotics do not only cause addiction and even eventually death, but they also cause hair loss. Medications, which is needed to cure many ailments that can even be deadly if left alone, may also cause hair loss. Especially medications for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart, gout, and even high blood pressure have found to be among the many reasons for hair loss. Dietary preferences, especially malnutrition may also be a huge factor for the health of your hair.
  • Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy is a treatment method mainly used on cancer patients. Radiation is used to kill and/or prevent the growth of cancer cells. This treatment is often necessary for the patient to recover from this dreadful illness, it nearly always results in hair loss. Sometimes, depending on the amount of radiation used which varies with the progression of cancer, hair may not be able to regrow after the treatment. Even if the hair grows back again, sometimes hair may not be able to regain its lustrous glow back.

Aside from these, there are also reasons like excessive hairstyling or trauma, which can either be physical or emotional, that can cause hair loss. These reasons may result in complete baldness or simply balding of the sides of your head. Either of these can be prevented by avoiding the reasons which cause hair loss, taking natural, noninvasive supplements, applying laser cap treatments, or hair transplant operations.

Can hair loss be prevented?

Hair loss may be prevented. Even if you can’t avoid it, by using top of the line products on your hair, you can keep your hair the way you want it easily.

While some preventative measures might stop or halt the loss of your hair, Even if you can’t avoid losing hair, you can always regrow it. Technology has advanced really far in helping people with hair loss. We offer the best hair transplant in Turkey while employing the best hair transplant techniques with our expert staff.

What can I do?

Using hair care products recommended by experts in the field may help your hair to regain its vitality back. We offer the best hair care products available on the market for competitive prices. For permanent hair loss or balding on the sides, you might need to go through a hair transplant operation. For this kind of hair loss, we offer the best hair transplant in Turkey for affordable prices.

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