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Balding From One Side Hair loss can be seen in all ages, men and women. Hair loss can be caused by many factors. The latest technology developed as a solution to hair loss is hair transplantation operation. This procedure that has been performed for many years! Despite this, new techniques were added to this process over time. Nowadays, the DHI method is being used.

This method, which is much more advantageous than other methods, is used all over the World and is performed successfully, especially in Turkey. It’s not hard to get the look you dream of with the support of professional doctors.

How Is One Sided Hair Loss?

One-sided hair loss is baldness, which is salient only in one part of the hair. Some factors that cause this;

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  • Trauma: Trauma is a common cause of hair loss. It occurs a a result of head surgeries.
  • Trichotilomania disease:  People with this disease constantly snatch strands of hair. These subconscious habits can lead to one sided hair loss.
  • Psychological factors: Emotional states such as stress, sadness can also cause hair loss.
  • Serious systemic diseases: Health problems such as liver, rheumatic diseases, diabetes and most importantly the heart can also lead to hair loss.
  • Skin diseases: Excessive oily skin, psoriasis, skin diseases such as fungi can also cause you to experience hair loss.
  • Medicine use: Some medications, such as hormones used, weight loss pills, birth control pills can also cause hair loss problems.
  • Cosmetic errors: Some styling methods can also cause one sided hair loss. It may occur as a result of an error made during the process.

These causes can cause general hair loss, as well as be the cause of one sided hair loss. One sided hair loss is quite a sad status. It is necessary to find out why. Because it could be the result of a serious situation. Treatment should be applied according to the cause. In addition, hair transplantation is also recommended.

Treatment Of One Sided Hair Loss

Of course, the treatment of one sided shedding us, above all, the finding of the cause. This reason must be destroyed. Hair transplantation is also an effective solution. Three different methods have been developed fort his operation. FUE,FUT  and DHI. The FUE and FUT method is a bit old technique. The DHI method is the most current method. Special needles are used in this method. This is carry out by taking strand of hair from the donor the area with needles and placing it in the non-hair area. This method is more advantageous than other methods. These avantages;

  • The biggest advantage is that hair transplantation is possible without shaving. Other methods may require shaving.
  • Hair follicles are very unlikely to be damaged.
  • Between hair them can be do sowing more easily.
  • Can be done more intensively, especially in narrow areas.

Hair Transplantation With The DHI Method

This technique is a highly successful method. This process takes longer than other methods. This is a it’s very precision. Therefore, it should be done by experts. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention angle and direction of the hair. At this point, it becomes important that the doctor performing the procedure has experience. The best hair transplantation is performed in Turkey.

It is a developed country in this topic because there is a lot of demand in Turkey. DHI method, which is the most effective method for hair transplantation , is performed successfully in Turkey. Turkey serves many customers at home and abroad. In addition, hair transplantation in Turkey  is performed at a much more affordable price than in other countries. If you want to get both affordable and quality service, you can choose Turkey.

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One Sided Hair Loss Treatment In Turkey

Balding From One Side One sided hair loss treatment is performed meticulously in Turkey. The doctors here have gained a lot of experience in this topic. After determining the cause of one sided hair loss, if there is a medical condition, first this condition should be treated. Hair transplantation is performed as a last resort. Hair transplantation is performed by DHI method, especially for regional hair loss. Because this method is suitable for narrow areas!

A very natural appearance will be achieved after hair transplantation with the DHI method. It will be never that you have done an aesthetic procedure. Your healing process will also be fast. Your existing hair will not be damaged. The best conditions for hair transplantation have been provided in Turkey. After this operation, you can reduce the probability of hair loss to zero by paying attention to your diet and sleep system. You should also avoid chemical material and excessive processes. Drink plenty of water. Stay as far away from stress factors as possible. In this way, you will get rid of hair loss. Balding From One Side

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