Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Surgery

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Surgery Ariel Winter, star of the hit comedy series “Modern Family” inspired lots of women with her breast reduction surgery story. She is on tv screens since her childhood. Her grow up can be followed year by year through watching her in tv series. However, this situation can bring out some problems as everyone can see how you are changing. This situation reflected on Ariel Winter’s life as receiving negative comments on her breast size and the clothes she is wearing in “Modern Family”. She acted as a middle sister in this tv series and people have criticized her because she was not wearing appropriate clothes for that age according to their opinion.

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Surgery

The fact that was she had a hard time finding appropriate clothes because of her breast size. Before her breasts growing up, she says she has no boobs and fat booty. According to Ariel, this situation makes her sad and she was looking forward to her boobs getting bigger. Her wish became real after her sister’s wedding. But things get wild and her boobs ended being too heavy for her body. This situation brought out lots of problems.

Followers of the tv series “Modern Family” said that she is wearing clothes which make her look like an adult woman. These comments make Ariel Winter feel exhausted. As her breasts getting bigger the stylists in the set of “Modern Family” find a solution by dressing her in big sweatshirts. But this was not a permanent solution. Because it was restricting the characters’ dressing options. Also, Ariel had other critical problems than clothing. Her heavy breasts were giving back and neck pain to her. Year by year these pains increased and lowered the quality of her life. She had physical problems therefore she decided to have breast reduction surgery.

Before breast reduction surgery her breast size was 34F. The famous actress and her doctor had a meeting about what size should she get after the surgery. They considered her big hips and in order not to cause an unnatural appearance they decided her boobs size should be 34D. After surgery, she had a quick and easy recovery. She says she is really pleased about her new breast size and moving more comfortably makes her very happy. According to, Ariel Winter she feels like she regained her freedom back after breast reduction surgery.

Who is Ariel Winter?

Ariel Winter Workman was born on January 28, 1998, in Virginia, Us. She is an American actress, model, occasional singer, and voice actress. She became popular with her role as Alex Dunphy in the Tv series Modern Family. Had roles in lots of Tv series, advertisements, movies, and lent her voice to characters in animated movies. She attended Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles and graduated in June 2016. Although she accepted the University of California, Los Angeles in April 2016, she decided to take indefinite hiatus from the college as she wants to focus on her work.

Ariel Winter and Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a treatment used to remove extra fat, tissues, and skin from your breasts. It is also known as mammaplasty. Mostly women get breast reduction surgery but men with conditions such as gynecomastia can also have it. Breast reduction surgeries can be done for two purposes: aesthetic or health reasons. Some people may not be pleased with the look of their breasts. Because sometimes breasts could be too big for the proportion of the body or do not fit the bras or clothes. Also, a person may feel like they are taking attention because of their breast size. This situation can give that person an uncomfortable feeling.

The pressure cannot be finding proper clothes that may cause stress to women as everyone has the right to wear whatever they want to. However, this surgery is mainly done for health reasons. As a result of the heaviness of breasts a person generally can have chronic back, neck, and shoulder pains or chronic rash and skin irritation under the breasts. Also, the size of the breasts can restrict activities such as exercising or sleeping.

The purpose of the surgery is to balance the proportion of the body profile and creating a more convenient size and shape for the breasts. The surgery is done under general anesthesia. Therefore, you do not feel any pain during the operation. The operation lasts for three or four hours. After the operation, you can go back home on the same day or you can stay for one night in the clinic. This is optional.

Breast Reduction

There are different surgical techniques for this surgery. They are liposuction, vertical or “lollipop”, inverted ‘T’ or “anchor” breast surgery. The surgeon decides which techniques are best for you according to your situation. Before the operation, you should quit smoking to prevent potential complications and stop taking medications which can interfere with your body’s ability to heal or result in bleeding. Also, you should ask for a friend or a relative to help you to get home because you will not be able to drive home by yourself.

You cannot drive until you stop taking pain medications. The scars seem red for 6 weeks then they mostly fade over and become invisible under bras or bikinis. You can fully recover from breast reduction surgery after 2 to 6 weeks. You can go back to your daily routines after a week. However, activities like heavy lifting or bouncing should not be done until your breasts are fully recovered which takes four or six weeks.

The effect of this surgery mostly lasts for a lifetime. Results of the surgery are noticeable and can be felt by patients immediately after a couple of days of the surgery.

Ariel Winter says she was getting lots of negative feedback because of her breasts’ appearance but the main reason for her breast reduction surgery was for health reasons. After the surgery, she says she felt more energetic and good, the breasts became lighter and gave her a chance to move to feel physically better.

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