360 Tummy Tuck

360 Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck makes your tummy firmer, but it’s not enough if the problem isn’t just in your tummy. Do you want it to look good on your back? Then 360 tummy tuck is the app for you. Thanks to this application, you can look more beautiful both from the front and from the back.

Thanks to this procedure, the most beautiful appearance can be achieved for everyone. Fatty body fat, which is frequently seen in people who have experienced excessive weight loss and who have had pregnancy, leads to a bad appearance. This causes their self-confidence to suffer. In such cases, aesthetic operations are started to be investigated. Although lipo is the most popular application during this research, it is not sufficient.

What Is 360 Tummy Tuck?

Traditional tummy tuck removes the skin and excess fat under the belly button and tightens the abdominal muscles. 360 tummy tuck does more than that. In addition to standard abdominal tightening, this procedure also uses Safelipo to remove excess fat from the entire torso. Bra rolls, sides and back fat are also treated. This procedure was developed to correct problems commonly seen by plastic surgeons.

The standard tummy tuck wasn’t quite enough when women said they wanted to restore their pre-pregnancy body. Because the fat layers on the back and chest level were not interfered with. This made many women feel bad. Thanks to the 360 ​​tummy tuck, both the front and back of your body can become as tight as you want.

360 Tummy Tuck vs Tummy Tuck

The standard tummy tuck is considered a miracle by many. People who complain of sagging in the abdomen can have a much more wonderful appearance with this surgery. But what about the fat in your back area? Almost many people complain about the layers of fat on their back. Your bikini, which you wear to the beach in the summer, is not enough to hide this image. Or the sports you do in the gym are insufficient to destroy these fats.

360 tummy tuck is a large-scale liposuction surgery that eliminates these problems. It allows you to get rid of fat on both the front and back of your body. In this way, you can have the perfect image you want. 360 tummy tuck saves you from belly and back fat. This app will help you stay fitter.

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