Very Bad Hair Fall 

Very Bad Hair Fall Are you one of the millions who are suffering from a very bad hair fall? Are you one of the psychologically irritated, bothered and vexed people whose hair is excessively falling and you do not know what to do? Do you want to know more details about  the main reasons, types and possible treatments of a very bad hair fall? Keep reading the following article, and it will meticulously answer your inquiries. 

Firstly, your hair could be falling due to the natural cycle which goes through four different phases that are the anagen phase, the telogen phase, the catagen phase and the exogen phase. The fourth phase is also called the shedding phase in which between 15 to 20% of the hair starts shedding regularly on the average of 150 to 200 hairs every day, and the new hair grows.

So in case you notice that only this few number of hairs is falling in a specific period, you can not classify it as a very bad hair fall, it is quite normal and natural. But if your case is totally different and your hair is shedding in large amounts on a daily and regular basis, be certain that you have a serious problem that you should solve as soon as possible to prevent baldness and more severe issues that could be probably untreatable. 

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Consult A Doctor

The first thing you have to do is to consult a doctor, but in this step you may get confused not knowing who is the reliable and competent doctor that you may trust and consult. Do not worry, we are here to help you choose the best doctors worldwide. In fact, in the last few decades, Turkey has been classified as the first country in the world in the aesthetic field in general which includes the hair transplant,  the plastic surgeries and the dental treatments.

In this country  there are a lot of international hospitals that are widely known by their competence, experience and professionalism such as Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey. You probably live in another country, and you may find it difficult for you or even impossible to travel from one country to another just to consult a doctor: you can perceive it as a waste of time and money, hence you may think that consulting a doctor near to you is a way more efficient.

Very Bad Hair Fall

So cheer up, no worries, we found for you the solution, those international and reputable hospitals in Turkey like the one we already mentioned (Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul) have solved this problem. In case your hair is getting thin or you have a very bad hair fall, you just need to google their website, contact them either via email or whats app, and a medical consultant will call you immediately.

He/she will ask you some medical questions to clearly understand your case, they will ask you to send some photos of your hair from all the angles: the front area, the sides, the top of the head and the back of the head as well. They may also ask for  some blood tests if needed, and then they will forward your medical file to one of the doctors who are extremely professional and experienced to examine your case. And later on, they will provide you with a thorough and detailed diagnosis by explaining your situation, and finally they will suggest for you the best treatment that is mostly suitable for your case.  All of this *FOR FREE*.

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There are numerous and various options in order to completely  treat a very bad hair fall, from which we can mention: 

The hair transplant

in case the doctor finds that you already have clear and large bald areas on the top, the sides or the front area of the head, and the type of hair loss you are suffering from is chronic and kills the hair follicles, he will automatically suggest for you to undergo a hair transplant process. Because, once the hair grafts are dead in a certain area, no other solution could revive it except the hair transplant procedure. There are different methods that are used nowadays to transplant hair, some of them are surgical like the Follicular Unit Transplantation known as the FUT technique  and others are non surgical like the FUE, and the DHI. But the best one so far is the most recent one which has been developed in 2018 by Clinic Expert Hospital, and which is called: the DHI PRO

  • The Platelet-Rich Plasma.
  • The Low-laser therapy. 
  • Healthy and natural hair products. 
  • The healthy hair care routine and  nutritional diet.

To summarize, experiencing a very bad hair loss is very common, normal and treatable, but what could make it a highly severe issue and sometimes incurable is ignoring it until it results in complete and total baldness.

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