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Therapy Hair Houston has a very important name in the industry for hair transplantation in the United States. In their center, where the latest technologies are used, state-of-the-art hair planting techniques are available to patients. But if you have problems with going bald, do not make an appointment for a hair transplant procedure beforechecking out our clinic in Turkey. Hair loss is caused by many reasons. Age, gender doesn’t matter. If your hair is falling out, you aren’t helpless. If you don’t want to lose your hair, no matter what stage of the hair loss you are at, be sure to contact us for the hair planting process here in Turkey.

Hair transplant in Turkey has been incredibly successful, easy and affordable. In our specialist clinic, which is the first choice of Europe and Asia, beard sowing, eyebrow sowing, women and men hair sowing processes are performed. We help you not only with your hair problems, but also with beard loss or shaping, as well as with eyebrow modeling and planting. The latest 3 methods are applied in our country and you can return to your life on the same day. Read more to see what these methods are.

About Hair Transplantation Techniques

Therapy Hair Houston Hair transplant procedures have become highly professionalized today. There are such methods in which you can return to work without pain, blood, on the same day within hours after the operation. So do you want to know about these methods?

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Using FUT method (Follicular-Unit-Transplantation) as the name suggests, takes strip shaped frolics from the back of the head, which is the scalp and these cultivated cuts of scalp are placed on the bald area. The donor area is closed by surgical suturing. Recovery time can be up to 6 months. After the operation, it is necessary to use the appropriate products for best results.

FUE (Follicular-Unit-Extraction) method in another process. This method emerged with the development of the FUT method. A large area of hair can be planted directly but with this method, unfortunately, some bleeding occurs. Grafts taken from donor are placed in the bald areasthrough micro incisions. The healing process is limited to a few weeks. Post-operation treatments are necessary to shorten the time of healing and increase the retention rate of the hair.

The DHI method is now the most reliable and successful hair transplantation method applied in the globe and also in Turkey. This method has a better chance of success over the other techniques. After this procedure, you can go back to work on the same day.

Details of DHI Method

The DHI and DHI pro are created by combining the DHI method with CHOI PEN, bringing incredible results and all range of permanent sowing operations can be performed from hair reduction to eyebrow sowing. Forthe use in hair transplantation, there aren’t surgical stitches or scars. The lack of necessity to shave the hair on the operation area is one of the key factors that increase customer satisfaction. For this reason, we use this method as hair transplant Turkey.

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What are the disadvantages of the DHI method?

Inthe DHI technique, unlike FUE technique, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and planted in the area without having too open the channel with an implant, and can be simply described as a method in which both stages of the operation occur at the same time. The Implanter device, CHOI needle,has a cylindrical,thin and sharp tip. It works like a canal, and the hair can be guided along this canal and inserted into the needle for transplantation. The reason DHI technique is also called CHOI method is because of the features and utilizing of this needle.

Zero Pain in Hair Transplantation

The DHI method does not cause any bleeding and is painless. Both Therapy Hair Huston and Turkey consider it the best hair transplant process. To mention the benefits mentioned by experts; firstly, survival rate of hair follicles is the highest because of the minimized amountof time the hair follicles remain out of tissue. Therefore, hair transplantation takes place in a healthier way, preserving the health of the transplanted hair as well. In addition, since the incision area is smaller, less bleeding occurs. Faster recovery is seen after the operation. The patient can easily return to his daily routine on the very same day.

Most importantly, in this method, hair transplantation can be done more easily and without having to shave operation areas. Clinically, we serve you in all your hair transplantation processes with the most advanced devices in the Middle East and Europe. Visit our page or call us for more information on our methods of recovery and services that we offer on the same day. We are honored to serve you with our expert staff. Do not make a decision without calling us for your hair, beard and eyebrow planting with a completely painless, bloodless and unshaven method. Therapy Hair Houston

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