Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve

Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve

There are different ways to lose weight. Gastric Sleeve and lap bands are quite popular when it comes to losing weight. However, when we compare the Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve, there are some differences. Both of them can have amazing results for losing weight. Lap bands and Gastric Sleeve are used for treating obese patients. They both help patients to lose weight easily. People who deal with weight issues such as obesity might not easily lose weight. This type of weight-loss procedure helps them to lose weight in an easy way.

Losing Weight with Lap Band

Lap Band is used for helping people to lose weight. However, there are some differences when it comes to Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve treatment. Lap band surgery helps to restrict the size of the patient’s stomach just like Gastric Sleeve. They place an adjustable belt around the upper portion of the patient’s stomach during a Lap-Band surgery. The doctor uses a laparoscope during this surgery. The placed band can be made of silicone and is filled with saline. This medical procedure helps to restrict the size of your stomach. So, your stomach can hold less amount of food and this helps you to lose weight in an easier way. Lap-Band surgery can be a better option in some cases but your doctor will decide if you are qualified for it.

Losing Weight with Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve is a popular surgery for weight loss. It is safe to say that Gastric Sleeve is a harder procedure when Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve treatments are compared. The stomach part gets removed in Gastric Sleeve different than Lap-Band surgeries. It both helps patients to lose weight by making them eat less and feel fuller faster. Gastric Sleeve surgeries can have life-changing results. Gastric Sleeve patients can lose more than 60 percent of their body weight after the procedure. Both of the weight loss surgeries need an effort to improve the outcome. So, patients have to follow strict diets and also exercises for losing weight.

Differences Between Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve

People who deal with weight issues such as obesity might be curious about Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve treatments. Both of them are successful surgeries. However, Gastric Sleeve surgery is more intense. Your stomach parts remain and don’t get removed in Lap-Band compared to the Gastric Sleeve treatment. A band is placed around your stomach. This band is usually around the upper portion of your stomach. However, you have to get your stomach part removed in Gastric Sleeve treatment. Both of them help with eating a lot since you can’t eat more as before. Patients feel fuller faster in both of these weight loss procedures. Not everyone who has a BMI over 40 can be qualified for these types of weight-loss surgeries. You have to be examined by a doctor to find out if one of these surgeries is a better option for you.

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