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Hair Replacement Toronto Unlike hair restoration methods of the past, modern hair transplants provide patients with natural, functional hair restoration. If patients take advantage of recent hair transplantation advances, their new hair develops and acts much like the rest of their hair. It’s almost as if, in the first place, hair loss never occurred. So what’s making these techniques so pretty? 

Our doctor is a head and neck surgeon accredited by the board, specializing in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to have the finest hair transplant to offer in Toronto. As a specialist in facial plastic surgery, a doctor’s imaginative eyes and realistic approach to hair restoration have created an outstanding reputation for natural and timeless results. Although many cutting-edge techniques exist in this area, without a dedicated and professional surgeon, they mean nothing. A big factor is a continuity. For a long time, our surgeon built up surgeon’s team of hair transplant specialists, and our surgeon still works with the same team of professional technicians to this day. In Toronto, to prepare your reconstruction, our surgeon will thoroughly examine and consider your areas of concern. 

Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplantation, perhaps a lesser-known branch of hair restoration, is a very important aspect of our doctor’s practice. This technique is the ideal choice for men without facial hair to restore masculinity. Much like transplanting hair on top of the head, before it is precisely implanted in the beard region, hair is first extracted from an abundant hair source. 

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Eyebrow Transplants

Our specialist also proposes eyebrow transplants as an extension of facial hair transplants. The eyebrows allow for a wide range of expression, and almost unexpectedly essential characteristic of the face. The resulting appearance of one may be less than optimal when they are lost to genetics, illness, or other variables. We carefully graft individual follicles into the eyebrow region, just as with any other method of hair restoration. Attention to detail is relentless, aiming relentlessly as a professionally trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon to have the best hair transplant.

The process is followed by;

There are two main types of hair transplants. The other forms are variations of this technique.

FUE: Follicular unit extraction, we extract each hair unit individually, as the name implies. It is a very thorough approach and the timing of the procedure depends on the skill of the hair transplant team. We have a highly qualified hair transplant team who can implant up to 3,500 hair transplants in a very brief period.

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DHI: DHI hair transplant is a hair transplantation procedure that promises approximately 100 percent natural-looking results and uses the most advanced extraction and implantation procedures with a diameter of 1 mm for faster healing. It causes minimal damage to the hair follicles and ensures a fast healing process. Our doctors, who are trained and certified with a hair restoration specialty, perform the entire process under strict protocols of DHI quality standardization designed to achieve outstanding results at all times.

Facial Plastic Surgery

When Seeking Hair Restoration Treatment, You Can Ask: How Long Does a DHI Transplant Go On? “, or Is There a Lasting FUE Transplant?”

During a hair transplant, our surgeon takes grafts from a region of the head, where they are genetically modified to keep growing. Even after they are implanted into the balding areas of the scalp and continue to grow for life, the transplanted hair follicles retain the characteristics of their origin. This ensures that, with the correct surgeon and proper aftercare, a DHI or FUE hair transplant will last for a lifetime.

After all, it is vital to know that everyone is different and no procedure can promise a standard of transplanted hair thickness that is inconsistent with the characteristics, thickness, and lifespan of a patient’s natural hair. While DHI and FUE hair transplants can provide a permanent solution to hair loss, it is not unusual for patients to experience more than one procedure during their hair restoration journey. One of the biggest challenges, however, is that there is a limited supply of donor hair on the back and sides of one’s head, so any hair loss in a lifetime can rarely be reversed.

How Long is a Hair Transplant Going to Last?

A hair transplant is an enormous step, and you have to think about it and whether the transplant is going to be worth it. One would want to know if this is a permanent solution to your hair loss, so it’s rational. We’re also asked how long a transplant would last, and what do you expect it to take? By this article, your mind should be put to rest. Hair Replacement Toronto Hair transplantation approaches are divided into two categories.

Are you probably reading this now, and are you curious about what that means? As one of the types of hair transplant, follicular unit extraction (FUE) or single hair transplantation is classified. So what’s happening? With their follicles, the individual hairs are collected from the donor site, extracted into a solution (nutrient), and then transplanted into the recipient area. We also have the DHI system, which is the most efficient type, besides FUE.

Do Hair Transplants Last?

Why Hair Transplants Last a Lifetime? 

Hair Replacement Toronto In most situations, a hair transplant will last a lifetime because we transplant healthy hair follicles into thinning or bald regions. However, factors such as the hair type of the patient, diet, age, and the degree of hair loss may affect the life expectancy of a hair transplant. In such cases, the patient may need many procedures to get the expected results. A hair transplant can last for a lifespan. For the procedure and design to continue growing, when the hair transplant takes place, we harvest the hair follicles. We do, however, need to be careful and take their age, hair type, and lifestyle into account. The degree of hair loss will affect the longevity of a hair transplant, and in some cases, over their lifetime, someone may need more than one hair transplant to accomplish the goal.

Permanent, organic, modern-day hair transplants that make you look natural. Visit our doctor today, regardless of your gender, age, and degree of hair loss, and evaluate your hair transplant choices. These operations will bring back, with a high success rate, the lost self-confidence. The follicles that are transformed during the surgical procedure will last for the patient’s entire life. These hairs, by evolution, are resistant to balding, which means they will never fall out. That’s because the hair transplanted into your hair originates in an area that is resistant to DHT-induced baldness. You should be sure that once your hair starts re-growing after your operation, it will be there for a lifetime.

We use the most sophisticated and even innovative approaches at our company to treat all forms of conditions of hair loss. Please feel free to call us if you want to ask more about procedures or others. Hair Replacement Toronto

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