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Hair Doctor San Francisco Hair loss is a health problem that people have combated with for many years and have found various solutions. Hair loss treatment is practiced all over the world. Doctors who specialize in this issue provide this service. There are also quite a number of hair doctors in San Francisco but the important thing is to reach a successful and high-quality doctor.

This for purpose, it is useful to do very good research. Otherwise, you may experience the opposite of the result you expect. In order not to encounter such negativity, you must first find a safe clinic. Hair transplantation is the most preferred treatment for hair loss. The demand for this method is quite high.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Many factors can be mentioned that cause hair loss. Genetic, hormonal or environmental factors can cause hair loss. In general,

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  • Incorrect hair care. The wrong cosmetic products and wrong applications used for hair care can cause hair loss. Excessive use of chemicals and using hard Combs is quite wrong.
  • Thyroid diseases and internal diseases. Problems such as liver diseases, thyroid diseases can trigger hair loss.
  • Birth control pills and some used medicine. Cancer treatment drugs, birth control pills and some medications can have an increasing effect on hair loss.
  • Unbalanced, false and incomplete nutrition. Not consuming enough protein, vitamins and minerals can cause serious hair loss. This for, we must eat healthy.

These statuses are the main causes of hair loss. With hair transplantation, you can get rid of hair loss caused by all these problems.

Hair Loss Treatment With Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the most preferred method for hair loss. applied with many different techniques has no known side effects. Thanks to the latest technologies developed, the pain level has been reduced to a minimum. Patients receiving treatment are very happy with the result. With this treatment, both your hair loss problem will decrease and the missing areas of your head will re-form vivid and plump hair.

Our main goal in this process is to capture the natural appearance. Hair transplantation is much better with new methods so it will not be apparent that you are doing an aesthetic procedure. Many famous names also protect their youth with this method. You  can also  benefit from this treatment to have plump and perfect hair.

Methods Used For Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an operation that has existed in the medical world for many years from the past to the present. Even if its history dates back to very old, current methods have been added to hair transplantation. FUE, FUT and DHI methods are known techniques. It is possible to say that the FUE and FUT method is a little older. The DHI method is the most preferred and up-to-date method of doctors.

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FUE method is an application made by cutting hair. Some bleeding may occur. Although it is an old method, it is not a method that doctors use much.  FUT method is hair transplantation in strips. In this method, stitches are made. After the procedure, the scar may remain. Could be heavy bleeding. This method is not now used.

DHI method is the healthiest method. In this method, no stitches are performed. No heavy bleeding. The pain level is minimal. The process is applied using special pens. There is also no need to cut hair in this method.

The Best Hair Sowing Centers

 Hair transplantation for, you should make sure that your preferred hair sowing center is of high quality. At the same time the cleanliness, hygiene and most importantly sterilization of the environment to be processed should be fully ensured. You also need to very well research the doctor who will perform the procedure.

We recommend that you read the previous patients comments. You should choose experienced and specialized doctors. The result you will get in this way will please you much more. You should clearly communicate your wishes to your doctor. At this point, doctor-patient communication is very important. The anxiety you feel when you talk to your doctor will also decrease.

You can ask your doctor about the stages of the technique. You should definitely talk about the things you need to pay attention to after the procedure. A serious problem is not expected in the postoperative period but there may still be important things that the patient should pay attention to.

Hair Transplantation Centers In Turkey

In Turkey, a country that has developed itself quite well and announced its name in the treatment of hair transplantation, this procedure is performed quite successfully. It is known that the best hair transplant centers are in Turkey.  This for reason, many people from abroad visit Turkey.

No matter where you are in the world, you can choose Turkey for hair transplantation. In addition, hair transplantation prices in Turkey are also quite reasonable. You can get services at a much more affordable price than in other countries for Turkey  hair doctor San Francisco  is more preferred.

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