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Hair Clinic Boston We have some surgical procedures at our company in Boston that deal with the hair problems you already have. Our surgeon washes your scalp first and then injects medication to numb the back of your head. Our doctor may choose one of two techniques for the transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or DHI hair transplant. If you have FUE treatment, our team of surgeons will shave the back of your scalp. Then, one by one, the hair follicles will be separated from there by our doctor. The area heals with small dots that your current hair will hide. After that phase, both processes are the same. 

After preparing the grafts, our surgeon cleans and numbs the region where the hair will go, forms holes or slits with a scalpel or needle, and places each graft in one of the holes elegantly. Our surgeon will probably get support from other team members to plant the grafts, too. Depending on the type of transplant you get, all procedures can last from 4 to 8 hours. Later on, you will need another treatment if you begin to lose hair or decide you want thicker hair.

In Our Company, FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is one of the most common items that has recently occurred. There are tons of individuals who, even once they are fully bald, are using this technique to induce their hair back. They comply with surgery, then someone else’s hair is transplanted to the head of the person.

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Various types of methods are frequently adopted for this technique, though cyst unit extraction is one of the most well-liked techniques for this work. Since scores of people may not be at home with this issue, we tend to tell you about staple things associated with this technology here, which may help you to understand what FUE really is.

And What is FUE?

A relatively clean and natural technique for hair transplantation could be FUE. This method has quite a phenomenon to follow, which in itself is incomprehensible. It does not provide the skin with an appropriate pain or harmful response, which is also an excellent facet of this hair transplant technique.

You’re going to undergo entirely different steps in this hair transplant procedure, which are going to be delineated below. As a consequence of each of them relying on each other, all of those steps are important to obey. If all of them are missing, then you can hardly know any successful outcome from it. You’ll get to disrupt the skin canals during this hair transplant procedure, which are known as holes. These canals are responsible for providing a route for the hair to come back from the earth of the skin. When doctors have to transplant hair, they open the holes slightly and then plant hair in its place. It’s just like planting a seed in such a way that it can become a tree. Your hair will begin to grow in the same way as it used to, once this transplantation, that is kind of wonderful.

Hair Transplant by DHI

DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) at our company is a technique used without the microchannel forming stage to transplant the extracted hair grafts directly into the receiver region. Some have recently stated that DHI, specifically in the hair restoration and transplantation field, is a newly developed hair transplantation process. The others thought that there is no approved process named DHI for hair transplantation and it is a marketing trick. Therefore, it isn’t right to recognize the DHI technique as an independent operation, as it is an integral part of the hair transplant surgery procedure.

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As a result, with the DHI technique, because the extracted hair grafts are inserted by a medical instrument directly to the receiver site by our doctor, containing a super fine injector called Choi pen or Choi implanter, it does not need to establish microchannels or recipient site. Hair Clinic Boston So, in this case, building the receiver site and transplanting the hair grafts would be a built-in phase. As the steps “forming the microchannels” and “placing hair grafts” will no longer take place, this will remove the steps of the hair transplant process.

However, the main use of the DHI hair transplant technique is to increase the requisite density of transplanted hair grafts, because, with our doctor’s expertise, the superfine end of the injector (Choi pen) will help provide the appropriate opportunity to transplant the required number of hair grafts within each square centimeter of the recipient area.

Hair Transplant for Eyebrows

Hair Clinic Boston Eyebrow hair transplant has become an increasingly popular procedure in recent years that our team performs regularly. Hair Clinic Boston Although there may be a range of medical conditions that lead to eyebrow loss, such as low thyroid disease (hypothyroidism), overcrowding is one of the most significant causes of eyebrow loss (in addition to being born that way). These extracted hairs may be permanently gone after the hair has been repeatedly plucked from the eyebrow, and may require surgical hair transplant.

This is typically an easy procedure to execute, but it involves the surgeon’s complete artistry and the assistant staff’s most detailed work. To achieve excellent results, we suggest students use eyebrow transplantation as the very last technique they learn to master because it requires the most imaginative and scientific mastery. Anything less than that will result in poor and difficult outcomes to correct.

  • Female eyebrow hair transplantation: The type and position of the female eyebrow are uniquely different from the male eyebrow. The arc is always more noticeable, and the eyebrow above the female eyes is normally higher than the male eyebrow. In addition to these general characteristics, for any individual, female eyebrows are very special and distinct. Studying stunning models, one can see that the eyebrow styles are incredibly distinctive and still make the face more beautiful and feminine. It is a matter of artistic interpretation and opens the debate with a prospective patient to explore exactly how to make a perfect eyebrow for a patient. After restoring her eyebrow hair, a woman will feel more feminine and attractive, which should be an ever-mindful goal to accomplish.
  • Male eyebrow hair transplantation: To enhance their masculine attractiveness, men are increasingly realizing the importance of eyebrows. Typically, a male eyebrow is lower, thicker, flatter, and longer than many females. In each person, these strikingly masculine, though common, characteristics differ significantly based on gender, ethnicity, and unique facial characteristics. The effect can be a significant improvement in one’s masculine characteristics and appearance if the eyebrow follows the general male guidelines and is then tailored to that individual. Since one’s eyes are at the center of socio-professional interaction, when a man’s eyebrows are repaired, the implied effect on the audience can be both subtle and profound.

Hair Replacement Recovery

Hair replacement is a rewarding experience that can produce a more youthful hairline and thick, dense hair all over the scalp. If you choose to undergo DHI or follicular unit excision, both procedures will lead to normal results and full hair regeneration (FUE). Our surgeon and his specialist team at our company seek to provide their patients with excellent care and transformative results. Preparing for your hair transplant recovery is a vital part of the hair regeneration process and learning what to expect after treatment will help put your mind at ease. Our doctor and his team carefully develop aftercare protocols that allow their patients to enjoy a comfortable hair transplant recovery and eventually you will see the optimal results.

We use the most proven and even the newest methods at our company in Boston to fix all forms of hair loss conditions. If you are interested in hearing more about procedures and others, please don’t hesitate to call us. Hair Clinic Boston

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