Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey in Turkey

Bariatric Surgery Cost Nowadays, especially in modern societies, obesity has reached an alarmingly increasing rate. Millions of people around the world have obesity. It can have bad consequences, especially in the long term. Obesity has many complications that can sometimes take lives.

Therefore, the conversations about how and where to go to get treated have been controversial. Some people claim that only the rich can get a weight loss surgery. That is not true! When compared to other countries, Turkey raised the bar on competitors in terms of Bariatric surgery cost. We will be seeing that in a minute. But first, let’s take a look at the types of bariatric surgery.

Types of Bariatric Surgery:

There are lots of methods of weight loss, first we mention:

Gastric Balloon

By far, it is the most used method, especially with cases of morbid obesity. Technically, a Gastric balloon is an actual balloon that is put inside the stomach in order to reduce the amount of consumption of food. This method has proved its efficiency with an average weight loss of 20-25 kg. We should also mention that the balloon will not be in your stomach forever. It certainly isn’t permanent. it only stays for 6-12 months, a time in which you will have acquired new eating habits, thus, you will be getting rid of lots of weight.

Gastric Sleeve

Also named vertical sleeve gastrectomy. A surgery in which 75 to 80 percent of the stomach is removed. Gastric sleeve surgery has the potential of changing your life forever. It can be done on both children and adolescents. Within one year, you can expect losing up to 60 percent of excessive body weight.

In fact, gastric sleeve surgery gained an ever-increasing popularity among laparoscopic surgeons involved in bariatric surgery and has proved to be a successful method in achieving considerable weight loss in a short time.

Gastric Bypass

It is a surgery that changes the way your body deals and reacts with food, leading to an observable weight loss in no time. This surgery is done by dividing the stomach into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower pouch. After that, the small intestine is rearranged in order to connect to both. With this surgery, you can achieve losing up to 70 percent of excessive body weight. It actually yields the fastest weight loss.

Budget wise, any bariatric surgery cost in Turkey is considered low. For the great and quality services that you will be provided with, you may consider yourself lucky. That’s because, in other countries, people pay a lot more money to the extent that bariatric surgery became attributed to rich people. However, you cannot say that in Turkey!

How Do You Know Which Type You Should Choose?

The differences between the weight loss surgery types are not based on the bariatric surgery cost as much as they are based on the patient’s case. In other words, your case determines the type of surgery you should undergo. Consequently, contacting a consultant is the first step you should be taking. You will have a full diagnosis by experts. That way, the doctor will decide where to go from there.

Whether it’s a Gastric Balloon, Gastric Sleeve Surgery or a Gastric Bypass, the results are guaranteed. These surgeries have proved high efficiency and satisfying results. In addition, Turkey has been a destination for millions of people who suffered from obesity and its ravaging complications which may sometimes be deadly.

Indeed, bariatric surgery saved many lives. Among people who had these surgeries, we find those who had symptoms of severe health complications which were solved after having weight loss surgery. In fact, morbid obesity becomes problematic in the long term, and medical intervention is inevitable.

The Available Options Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

As mentioned above, Turkey raises the bar high on other competitors in the field. To ensure a successful medical trip, everything is covered. From accommodation, transportation all the way to the surgery itself, you will receive quality services and satisfying results for the lowest prices.

As a matter of fact, Turkey sits on top with an average price that gets up to 80 percent cheaper than the United States of America and most of the European countries. One of the most successful hospitals in the field is Clinic Expert. It is a well renowned place for its brilliant medical staff and the highly sophisticated equipment used in the surgeries. In addition, the patients’ reviews are very positive.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

To conclude, depending on your case, the doctors will decide which surgery is best for you. Get your health and self-esteem back without thinking twice about the budget. In Turkey’s most comfortable and reliable facilities, you won’t have to worry about your bariatric surgery cost.

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