Gastric Balloon in Turkey

What is a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon or intragastric balloon in Turkey consists of a soft, expandable balloon, and a filling system. It is an effective treatment for people with mild or moderate obesity (people who have a body mass index of 30-40).

Gastric balloon in Turkey is one of the most popular non-surgical solutions for weight loss before bariatric surgery. Obese patients can reduce the risks of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery by having a gastric balloon beforehand. Patients with higher or lower BMI (Body Mass Index) should consult their doctors since they might not be eligible for the gastric balloon. Depending on your general health status, your doctor may recommend another weight loss procedure.

An intragastric balloon simply reduces portion sizes and helps you to lose weight. It works by filling up the gut and thus providing a longer-term feeling of fullness with a smaller amount of food.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

We insert the balloon into the stomach in a simple procedure. It takes approximately 20 minutes to endoscopically insert the gastric balloon in Turkey. The placement of the balloon is completely safe and doesn’t lead to any serious medical complications. However, it is only suitable for the patients who don’t have reflux, ulcer, and gastritis. Otherwise, the mild complications (such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain) can increase.

If you don’t have any health issues to prevent you from having a gastric balloon, we will place a deflated balloon into your stomach. The balloon is made of silicone and it has a soft texture. After we settle it in the stomach, we fill it with a blue liquid and finish the procedure.

ClinicExpert’s surgeons are some of the most experienced to perform intragastric balloon in Turkey. Our surgeons have performed more than 5000 weight loss procedures including, gastric balloon, gastric bypass, gastric botox, and gastric sleeve. For information and appointments, you can call or message us via WhatsApp.

Allurion (Ellipse) Gastric Balloon

Allurion (Ellipse) is a capsule that expands in the stomach, offering a non-surgical weight loss solution. Within approximately 15 minutes, under the guidance of a doctor, the balloon inflates. Patients appreciate the speed and convenience of the Allurion Balloon, as it eliminates the need for anesthesia or endoscopy. Moreover, the removal process is equally uncomplicated, requiring no surgical intervention. The Allurion balloon naturally exits the body in about 12-16 weeks, typically resulting in an average weight loss of 25%.

At the four-month mark, the valve on the Allurion Ellipse dissolves, causing the liquid inside the balloon to drain and the balloon itself to gradually disintegrate. Subsequently, the dissolved Allurion is eliminated from the body through natural processes.

The gastric balloon procedure is entirely non-surgical, avoiding any incisions. Instead, the surgeon inserts the deflated gastric balloon orally, similar to consuming food. Enclosed within a tiny capsule no larger than a regular pill, the deflated balloon is attached to a thin, elongated tube. Upon swallowing the capsule connected to the tube, it passes through the mouth and travels down the throat. The tube reaches the stomach by way of the oesophagus and lower oesophagal sphincter. With the balloon securely positioned in the stomach, the doctor commences the inflation process by introducing saline solution through the tube. As the balloon expands, it grows significantly larger than its initial size.

The enlarged balloon cannot pass from the stomach to the small intestine, remaining freely within the stomach. Occupying a substantial portion of the stomach’s capacity, the balloon restricts food intake, leading to effective daily calorie reduction. This restriction facilitates weight loss, with an average of 30lbs to 50lbs expected within six months. After this period, the surgeon safely removes the deflated balloon from the body, concluding the procedure.

Who Can Get a Gastric Balloon in Turkey?

The gastric balloon procedure in Turkey is suitable for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) ranging from 30 to 40, particularly those who struggle with weight loss despite efforts in diet and exercise. However, it’s important to note that individuals who have previously undergone any form of bariatric surgery are not eligible for the non-surgical gastric balloon procedure. Bariatric surgeries alter the structure of the stomach, making it incompatible with the gastric balloon application.

Furthermore, it is essential that you are both willing and able to commit to a healthier lifestyle following the gastric balloon procedure. The procedure actively restricts food intake for six months, and upon balloon removal, you are actively responsible for maintaining your new weight. Adopting healthy eating habits and incorporating regular exercise into your routine are crucial for long-term success.

After Your Gastric Balloon Procedure

After the gastric balloon placement, you may initially experience stomach fullness, but it diminishes within a week. During this period, avoid solid foods and drink plenty of water. You should also avoid coffee, soda, and ice cream. It is recommended to refrain from engaging in any strenuous physical activities for the next 24 hours.

After the first week, you can gradually introduce mild solid foods into your diet as per your doctor’s instructions. Opt for options such as porridges, lean soups, and pureed fruits. When the time comes to have the gastric balloon removed after the six-month period, ensure that you refrain from consuming solid foods for 24 hours before your appointment. Additionally, avoid drinking any fluids for 12 hours before the removal procedure. Following the removal, maintaining a healthy eating pattern and incorporating regular exercise into your routine are crucial for sustaining your new weight.

Removal of Gastric Balloon Procedure

The gastric balloon procedure remains inflated and occupies a significant portion of the stomach for approximately six months. During this period, the amount of food you can consume decreases noticeably. The presence of the balloon creates a sensation of fullness, even with smaller portions of food than you would typically eat.

After the six-month duration, you will return to the surgeon’s office for the balloon removal process. To remove the balloon, a thin tube, resembling the one used during insertion, is inserted through your mouth, down your throat, and into the stomach. Upon reaching the balloon, the surgeon uses a retractable picturing blade at the tip of the tube to gently puncture and deflate the balloon.

As the saline solution slowly leaks out through the puncture, the balloon rapidly reduces in size. Once fully deflated, the balloon easily passes into the lower intestine. You will expel it from your body during a bowel movement. It’s important to note that the saline solution is harmless and does not cause any interference with your stomach. Additionally, the thin tube is equipped with a tiny attached camera, allowing the doctor to ensure precise puncturing without any concerns of damaging other structures.

Rest assured that the removal process is conducted with precision and care, ensuring a safe and effective procedure.

Gastric Balloon in Turkey: Costs and Packages

The cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey varies across hospitals and is influenced by several factors. These factors include the expertise of the medical team, hospital fees, and the cost of the balloon itself. While prices can differ, the average cost for a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey ranges from $2,500 to $3,000. We have to admit that it is significantly lower than many other countries.

It is important to note that the gastric balloon procedure is not purely an aesthetic treatment but a significant step toward improving your health. If you have made the decision to undergo this procedure, it is crucial to choose wisely. ClinicExpert offers comprehensive packages that cater to all your needs during your stay in Istanbul and even beforehand. With the assistance of a ClinicExpert medical consultant, you can select the most suitable surgery package, and all that remains is to book your flight. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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