Gastric Balloon in Turkey

What is a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon or intragastric balloon in Turkey consists of a soft, expandable balloon, and a filling system. It is an effective treatment for people with mild or moderate obesity (people who have a body mass index of 30-40).

Gastric balloon in Turkey is one of the most popular non-surgical solutions for weight loss before bariatric surgery. Obese patients can reduce the risks of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery by having a gastric balloon beforehand. Patients with higher or lower BMI (Body Mass Index) should consult their doctors since they might not be eligible for the gastric balloon. Depending on your general health status, your doctor may recommend another weight loss procedure.

An intragastric balloon simply reduces portion sizes and helps you to lose weight. It works by filling up the gut and thus providing a longer-term feeling of fullness with a smaller amount of food.

How Does the Gastric Balloon Placed into the Stomach?

We insert the balloon into the stomach in a simple procedure. It takes approximately 20 minutes to endoscopically insert the gastric balloon in Turkey. The placement of the balloon is completely safe and doesn’t lead to any serious medical complications. However, it can only be performed on the patients who don’t have reflux, ulcer, and gastritis. Otherwise, the mild complications (such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain) can increase.

If you don’t have any health issues to prevent you from having a gastric balloon, we will place a deflated balloon into your stomach. The balloon is made of silicone and it has a soft texture. After we settle it in the stomach, we fill it with a blue liquid and finish the procedure.

ClinicExpert’s surgeons are some of the most experienced to perform intragastric balloon in Turkey. Our surgeons have performed more than 5000 weight loss procedures including, gastric balloon, gastric bypass, gastric botox, and gastric sleeve. For information and appointments, you can call or message us via WhatsApp.

Types of Swallowable Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Allurion (Ellipse) Gastric Balloon

Allurion (formerly Ellipse) is a capsule that can be swallowed without surgical intervention. After you swallow the balloon, it swells in your stomach. This process is completed in about 15 minutes under the supervision of a doctor. Being fast and practical are the advantages of Allurion. Since there is no need for anesthesia or endoscopy, many patients prefer the Allurion Balloon lately. Another feature of this product is that it does not require any surgical procedure for its removal. Allurion leaves your body naturally in about 12-16 weeks. Until this period, it is possible to lose 25% of your body weight on average.

After four months, the valve on the head of the Allurion Ellipse melts. Then, the liquid inside the balloon drains and the balloon melts on its own. The dissolved Allurion is excreted from the body by natural methods.

Gastric Balloon in Turkey: Costs and Packages

As with any other procedure, Gastric balloon procedures do not cost a fixed price in all hospitals in Turkey. The  cost of the procedure depends on many different factors. The expertise of your doctor and staff, the hospital fees, and the cost of your balloon are important in determining the price.

Still, to name an average price, we can say that the gastric balloon cost starts from $2,500 and the maximum price is $3,000 in Turkey, which is way less than most countries.

Gastric balloon is not an aesthetic procedure, but an important step to regain your health. If you have decided to have this done, you should remember that you must choose carefully. ClinicExpert all-inclusive packages are designed to provide your every single need during your staying in Istanbul, and even before.  A ClinicExpert medical consultant will help you pick the best surgery package, and then all you have to do is to book your flight. To find out more, you can contact us now.

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