FUE Hair Transplant Cleveland

FUE Hair Transplant Cleveland After scrutinizing and analysing the damages and the horrible  side effects that the Follicular unit transplantation, known as the FUT method, had caused, an Australian doctor named Dr Ray Woods, invented and developed a new method that is totally different from its precedent, and he named it the FUE technique. Since then, this technique has been used in almost 100 countries, and in this article  we are going to highlight the FUE hair transplant in Cleveland. So what is this method? How is it done? What are the differences between the FUE method and its precedent? How much does it cost? And is FUE hair transplant in Cleveland your best existing option nowadays in order to get a perfect result with the minimum risk?

FUE Hair Transplant

Primarily, before highlighting the characteristics of Fue hair transplant in Cleveland, we need first to define the technique per se:

The FUE or the Follicular Unit Extraction is completely different from the Follicular Unit Transplantation commonly known as the FUT technique:

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  • For the anesthesia, it is the same, both techniques are done under the local anesthesia. The hair transplant in general does not necessitate a total anesthesia.
  • For the extraction of the hair follicles: with the FUT method, the doctor needs to cut a whole strip from the back side area of the head which deleteriously damages the donor area and causes permanent scars, harvest hair follicles from it, and then stitch it back, that is why it is also called the strip technique. However, with the FUE method, the Australian doctor, Dr Ray Woods invented a totally different mechanism, which consists of extracting hair grafts individually from the donor area of the head using a very advanced medical device called the micro fue. This medical instrument has a punch of 0.7 mm only which allows the doctor to harvest the hair root separately without causing any scars, cracks or bleedings in the donor area.
  • In the second step, with both techniques, the doctor opens incisions in the empty or bald areas of the head.
  • Finally, the doctor transplants the extracted hair follicles individually in the opened incisions.

After we shed light on the Follicular Unit Extraction, let us now underline the FUE hair transplant in, The Rock and Roll Capital of the World : Cleveland.

FUE Hair Transplant In Cleveland

What Is Hair Transplant?

In terms of the technique’s effectiveness: in fact, even though the FUE method was considered as a highly advanced technique that has numerous advantages, in 2010 a new method was invented, and it is known as the DHI technique (the direct hair implantation technique). The latter proved to be better than its precedents. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, with the FUE technique, the doctor needs to open channels in the bald area of the head before transplanting the hair grafts which has numerous drawbacks. The opening of these incisions negatively affects the hair density as well as the result because it results in a very artificial and unnatural result.

Furthermore, using the FUE method, the doctor can not transplant more than 60 hair follicles in 1cm². However, using the Direct Hair Implantation technique (DHI), the hair transplant operation is done only in two steps: the hair extraction and the Implantation. The extraction is similarly done as the FUE technique, but for the transplant, with the DHI method, the doctor does not open any incisions or channels in the recipient area, which allows him to transplant between 100 and 120 hair follicles in 1cm², which is the double compared to its precedent. Thus, the patient gets a perfect density in addition to a very natural result. So in terms of the method, you can obviously conclude that FUE hair transplant in Cleveland is not your best option.

In terms of the cost

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

When it comes to the cost of the procedure, the FUE hair transplant in Cleveland is highly expensive and costful. The average cost of this process in the Metropolis of the Western Reserve: Cleveland is between 7000 USD to 15.000 USD, for the operation only. Even though it is not considered as the best existing technique nowadays, it costs a fortune, which  makes it inaccessible to everyone.

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However, of you chose to do it in Turkey, you will surprisingly find that even though this country is considered as the leading country worldwide in terms of the used hair transplant techniques like the DHI method, or the DHI PRO that has been developed by Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul, in terms of competence and professionalism, you will get startled by the cost of the procedure which is very reasonable when compared to the FUE hair transplant in Cleveland or in any other country.

To summarize, if you are losing hair or getting bald, and you decide to undergo a hair transplant operation, be certain that FUE hair transplant in Cleveland is not the right choice.

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