Eyebrow Planting In Malaysia

Eyebrow Planting In Malaysia As our eyebrows represent a  very prominent and highly important part of our facial features that does not only protect our eyes from microbes, dust, dirt…etc, they also play a key role in accentuating the shape of our visage as well as the body-language and the non-verbal communication. Thus a lot of people who are either born without or with very thin eyebrows, or who lose their eyebrows for multiple reasons tend to cosmetic operations such as the eyebrow transplant which is performed in numerous countries around the world.

In this article, we will shed light on the eyebrow planting in one of the Asian countries Malaysia. So what are the main features that characterise eyebrow planting in Malaysia whether the positive or the negative ones? How much does this process cost in this country? And can we consider Malaysia as the best destination where you can safely undergo  a successful process?

Primarily, what is the eyebrow transplant and how is it done?

Similarly as the hair transplant process is done, the eyebrow Implant is performed simply by harvesting hair roots (hair follicles) from the donor area (the back of the head, the beard or the chest) to the eyebrow area. This process is done through multiple techniques such as the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and the most recent one which is the Direct Hair Implantation Pro known as the DHI Pro.

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The best and most effective one so far is the DHI PRO which was invented in Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey and which is done as following:

  • First, the doctor applies the platelet-rich plasma in the recipient zone and the donor area in order to nutrify the hair grafts with plasma and to stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Second, the doctor will apply the Low-Laser Therapy on the head for 30 minutes which is highly effective and beneficial for the hair grafts that would be implanted later.
  • In the third step, the doctor will extract hair grafts from the donor area with a medical device that has a diameter of 0.7 mm known as the micro fue which harvests the follicles separately without damaging the donor area.
  • In the fourth and last step, the doctor will transplant those grafts in the empty eyebrows area as preferred by the patient.

The characteristics of eyebrow implant in Malaysia

In terms of methods

Even though, the FUT and the FUE methods are nowadays regarded as very outdated and old techniques that have numerous drawbacks and unpreferable side effects, and even though very efficacious techniques have been developed like the dhi pro method, eyebrow planting in Malaysia is still performed using the old techniques that proved to be unsuccessful and inefficient. For instance the FUT mechanism ,known also as the strip method, since its invention in the twentieth century had deleterious outcomes on the donor area as the grafts extraction is done by cutting a whole strip from the back of the head which ruins the zone and causes long-lasting scars. After developing the new methods, this method is not applied anymore supposedly, but unfortunately  hair transplant as well as eyebrow planting in Malaysia are still done by this extremely disadvantageous, harmful and risky technique.

In terms of the cost

As far as the operation cost is regarded, eyebrow planting in Malaysia is highly costly and inaccessible for everyone. Even when you find a few clinics with reasonable prices, the result anyways will not be perfect, and your expectations will be eventually deflated since the techniques used in this country in the first place are obsolete and outdated.

So obviously, eyebrow planting in Malaysia is not a good option to get a perfect result with a very reasonable price, so what is the best destination where you can undergo a very successful procedure with a good and reasonable price?

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From the late 90s, Turkey has been the leading country in the world in the aesthetic field including plastic surgeries, dental treatment,hair transplant and eyebrow transplant. It has ranked first worldwide for numerous factors. In terms of medical advancement, in Turkey, you can find all the most effective methods such as the DHI PRO which, as we already mentioned, has been recently developed in Istanbul Turkey by the international hospital Clinic Expert Hospital.

professionalism and experience, in this country you can find various internationally qualified doctors and aesthetic surgeons whose reputation is recognised worldwide. price, unlike the eyebrow planting in Malaysia, the eyebrow transplant in Turkey is done with a very reasonable  price that is accessible to all the people no matter which social class or stratum they belong to: the upper class, the middle class or the lower class.

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