Emax Veneers Turkey

Emax Veneers Turkey

Emax Veneers Turkey

Porcelain veneers can be very useful; however, metal-based coatings can also cause different aesthetic problems. Metal alloys absorb light and reflect less than pure metals. For such cases, a type of reinforced porcelain called Emax is used. Even though it is not an extremely common occurrence, the light reflection can affect adversely the aesthetic properties of the porcelain crown. Although appearance is very important in today’s world, porcelain veneers cannot meet the needs of some.


They are made entirely of porcelain. Either the dentist creates it as a substructure of porcelain or entirely from porcelain. It is porcelain with increased durability. The chemists will ‘cook’ glass-ceramic under pressure on a pressed ceramic crystal core without the use of metal or zirconium infrastructure. So, it is made entirely of pure ceramic.

What is Emax?

Emax Veneers consist of high-strength porcelain. Each patient will receive his/her unique fit. This improves the appearance and function of teeth. Unlike typical dental veneers, they are also known for their durability and stabilizing effects. In addition, in some cases, it does not need tooth abrasion. Patients benefit from the Emax’s function-based design, look, and fine craftsmanship. While visiting our clinic you will see how we are meeting the needs of individuals seeking dental and cosmetic treatments.
Under the right conditions, the veneers can last a lifetime for the patient. Porcelain with increased durability, produced from glass ceramics burned on ceramic cores pushed together under pressure without the need for a metal substructure. All its components are made of ceramic. They are also porcelain teeth as a whole. It is one of the most aesthetic materials that dentist use in dental prosthesis applications due to its light transmittance and metal-free. For this reason, Dentist frequently uses e-max in laminate restorations.

Why Emax Veneers

Veneers that use Emax material show the best results on anterior teeth where aesthetic problems are at the forefront. It is a natural aesthetic and long-lasting solution as its light transmittance is ideal. Thin porcelain veneers adhere to the front surfaces of your teeth. A false nail is placed over your nails, but stronger! People with straight teeth who want to change the shape and size of their teeth can benefit from them.
With porcelain veneers, a gray metal alloy serves as the basis for the porcelain crown/bridge prosthesis used in the procedure. When attached to anterior teeth, these metal-supported porcelain crown/bridge prostheses provide a gray reflection in the gingival area. Gums appear grayish in color. The reason for this is that the metal alloy dissolves in the lower part of the porcelain coatings and accumulates in the gum area over time. This results in people choosing exams over other dental materials.

Emax in Steps

The first step in deciding whether veneers are right for you is to determine if you need them. If your teeth are under too much stress and you are grinding them together, your veneers can wear, chip, or even fall off. Fortunately, this does not happen very often, but you may need to make a few minor adjustments to your veneers. Before making any recommendations, the dentist examines the dental structure, occlusion, and facial features of the patients.

When patients choose Emax Veneers

When patients choose Emax Veneers, they have a say in the design of their veneers because they are involved in the process. Once patients have the option to “try on a smile”, they can see what to expect when their final veneer is put on. The patient will use a similarly sized replica to choose the aspects they liked best. The dentist informs patients of all the steps involved in the preparation of Emax Coatings before installation within a week to 10 days.

Emax Veneers

With the ones Emax Veneers Turkey located clinics tend to use, dentist, attach veneers to the front surface of the teeth by attaching dental resin adhesive. Following this, the specialist doctor will talk to you about your expectations. In addition, he will prepare you physically and mentally to participate in the procedure before you begin. You will finalize, with your doctor, the best-fit treatment plan that suits your expectation and your situation.

Do Emax Veneers Last a Long Time?

Due to a variety of factors, Turkey has become a top location for individuals seeking dental implants. Nevertheless, briefly, the reason for preferring Turkish clinics is simple and clear: Turkey has several high quality, state-of-the-art dental facilities that provide a wide range of dental services, as well as extensive aftercare programs. Almost any dental office in the country can do all types of dental implant treatments.
The life of Emax coatings is usually at least 15 years if properly maintained. Flossing and brushing are also part of the daily routine. Most patients will want a change after this, mainly for aesthetic reasons. As a result, you should be ready and satisfied to honor this commitment. You and your dentist should make sure this is the best choice for you before moving forward.

The Best Option

Emax Veneers are an excellent option for patients who want to improve their appearance by improving the structure and cosmetic quality of their teeth when they smile. Adults with crooked or crooked teeth, as well as individuals with crooked teeth and irregular or gaping teeth, are also suitable candidates. Emax Veneers are an excellent option for teeth whitening as they not only reshape your teeth but also hide discoloration and stains. Knowing that their teeth are straight and white can give patients a sense of security.
Emax materials are extremely valuable and reliable. Emax Veneers Turkey-based clinics prefer usually provide various benefits to patients. For example, Emax veneers with increased strength and endurance last longer.

You choose!

If you have problems with uncontrollable teeth grinding, they are the best choice for you. They are less prone to breakage! In addition, since it is very easy to implement, patients get their veneer faster. There is no need for tooth abrasion or drilling, which can disrupt the structure of the tooth. Thanks to their build, their transparency, and increased visual quality, resulting in more natural tooth color.


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