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Boston Medical Center Transplant

Boston Medical Center Transplant

Boston Medical Center Transplant Contrary to popular belief hair loss (alopecia) happens equally to women and men. For a long while, it was thought of as specific to men. Even if you are suffering from hair loss, you don’t need to worry at all. Gaining your hair back is quite easy. The best answer in the fight against alopecia is having a hair transplant. Techniques employed by our clinic’s expert staff won’t even lose to techniques employed by Boston medical center transplant staff.

How do I know if I am losing my hair before becoming completely bald?

Thankfully it is easy to determine if this is indeed your condition, or your hair loss is merely caused by some preventable and temporary change in your body or external factors. Many different issues may be guilty of causing hair loss but age and heredity are the most specific villains. If your issues on hair loss are indeed inherited, it is called androgenetic or androgenic alopecia. The conditions of inheriting androgenetic alopecia cannot be ascertained easily. Since there are lots of different genes affecting this issue, especially since aside from genes exterior variants are also included, we likely won’t be able to solve the puzzle of androgenetic alopecia any time soon.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata should also be counted among the most widespread types of alopecia. With Alopecia areata your hair will fall out in small circular spots, most likely many people will not even notice that they are losing their hair. Lots of many patches, spots without hair, might connect before becoming noticeable. This is an auto-immune condition. Some peoples’ immune systems identify their hair follicles as foreign invaders, just like a virus or a bacteria, and therefore immune system starts developing antibodies to fight against your own follicles, which results in hair loss.

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Telogen effluvium, or hair loss related to trauma, is another reason for losing your hair. Telogen effluvium is usually temporary. Due to the excessive shedding of resting hair which can also be called telogen hair (therefore naming the condition itself) due to some type of shock occurring to the body. This almost always occurs due to physical or emotional trauma and it is usually temporary.

Anagen effluvium is the type of hair loss that we see a lot around us. Ever wondered why people taking cancer medicines, chemo or radiotherapy are almost always bald? This condition named anagen effluvium is the issue here. With this condition hair sheds during the anagen stage which is also called the growth stage. It is almost the exact opposite of telogen effluvium since telogen effluvium happens during the resting (or telogen) stage.

Is it common to lose hair?

It is quite common among men especially those who are older than fifty. Age is usually the main factor that triggers hair loss. It is also the main trigger that causes hereditary alopecia. half the men over fifty years of age lose their hair to varying degrees. Almost all of them are affected from one or more of these conditions. It differs a little for women. Alopecia usually accompanies menopause. This makes hair transplant operations appealing to many patients in that age bracket alongside younger patients. Because how you look is important and your self-image, life fulfillment is important no matter the age. Especially with the best hair transplant techniques available nowadays, androgenetic alopecia is no longer the once feared beast that it once was.

What are the solutions?

For alopecia, supplements and treatments might slow down or completely halt your hair loss. Or you may even gain some of your hair back. But once it is determined you have alopecia, your best option is to go for a hair transplant

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The newest hair transplant techniques

The newest techniques in hair transplants are DHI and DHI PRO. Both these techniques are offered by our clinic and they are the best hair transplant techniques available for the best experience and fulfillment of your ideal self-image. Unlike outdated techniques of FUT and FUE, these techniques won’t even be noticed by many people and they won’t leave any scars on your scalp so you won’t need to pay anything extra for an expensive plastic surgery operation. So don’t hesitate to consult our clinic for our affordable and satisfying prices and expert techniques.

Will my hair look natural?

Of course, especially with DHI PRO treatment that our clinic is known for, nobody will even be able to guess that you had a hair transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey

Our clinic’s expert staff employs the best hair transplant techniques available all over the globe right here in Turkey. We provide great before and aftercare, we even take care of your hotel reservations when you make an appointment with us for an operation. So come at once to gain your splendor back.

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