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Best Teeth Whitening, The appearance of yellow teeth is something very irritating. So, people want to have their teeth as white and bright as possible. That is why, there are so many products on the market that claim to whiten the teeth. You can safely use some of these products at home on your own. However, the most effective teeth whitening procedures are for professional use only. That means that you can have these professional teeth whitening procedures only in a clinic with a licensed specialist. 

There are many reasons why the professional procedure is the best teeth whitening. All of these reasons combined, make millions of patients to opt for these services every year. There are DIY kits to use at home, however, the results will not be anywhere near a real dentist’s work. Just the fact that a dental specialist is going to be present in the procedure, makes the situation more reliable. If you still feel like taking you chances and trying the DIY kits, that is an option too. Nevertheless, results will take time manifest themselves, and there will not be significant changes on the whiteness of your teeth. 

Teeth Whitening Turkey

The location of the clinic is crucial for having a smooth teeth procedure for whitening. If you choose an unreliable clinic location for the job, the whole process can be jeopardized. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to all the features of your teeth whitening clinic.

Clinics in some certain countries can offer you high and unreasonable prices for their teeth whitening procedures. However, this high cost does not necessarily mean that their services are going to have higher quality than the others. So, choosing the wrong location for your teeth whitening may cost you extra money as well. 

Turkey is famous around the world for offering high quality teeth whitening procedures for affordable prices. Our clinic is one of the leading names when it comes to dental and cosmetic procedures. We have the best equipments and materials matched with the most skilled doctors. That is why so many patients come to our clinic for having all kinds of dental procedures.

Cost of Whitening

The cost of teeth whitening procedures depend on a couple of variables. For instance, if you are going to receive other treatments prior to the whitening, it will affect the final price. However, our doctors are going to diagnose you before the whitening procedure and tell you a price for the process. We do not ask for fixed prices from every patient. Instead, we examine the patient and ask for exactly what the procedure was worth. At any rate, you will not be facing any surprise fees after the procedure. All the costs of the operation will be delivered to you before the procedure. And, it will not have any extra fees when you quit our clinic.

Although it is hard to tell how much whitening teeth costs, you can make sure that it is cheaper than the other options. This is increasingly true as the time period extends. Because, in the long run, you pay more for those other products that do not even work that well. For instance, you can have a teeth whitening procedure to have your teeth as white as possible. And, for this procedure, you only pay the price of a teeth whitening session. But, with the other products, you will need to use these products daily in order to see changes. So, a single teeth whitening procedure may cost slightly more than a ready dental product. However, in the long run, you actually save more money with professional teeth whitening procedures.

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about the teeth whitening prices in our clinic. 

Professional Whitening is Long-lasting

The other products for whitening teeth usually work as long as you keep using them. Even so, their effects are hard to notice. In the end, you are paying money for a product that does not even really whiten your teeth. And, the moment that you stop using them, all their effects are going to disappear completely.

By choosing professional whitening over the other ineffective options, you get a treatment that last considerably longer. Of course, professional teeth whitening procedure cannot stop your teeth from getting stained and yellow in the future. Because, as long as we eat, drink and age, our teeth will get yellowish. However, a teeth whitening procedure will make your teeth very white and bright. So much that it will take a long time until you get it stained again.

Besides, even if you get your teeth yellowish again overtime, there is nothing to worry about. Because, the professional whitening does not harm your teeth in any possible way. So, even if you have had multiple whitening sessions, you can have many more. No matter how many times you repeat the procedure, your teeth will always remain safe and sound.

Is teeth whitening at a clinic better than at home?

Yes, it is considerably better. First of all, the materials they use in the clinics are far more advanced than the regular products at home. Besides, the presence of a dentist during the procedure makes every step more precise and well-conducted.

Do you feel pain during teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a non-surgical procedure which does not involve any cuts or other interventions. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain during the whole procedure. There is nothing that can cause pain after the procedure either and there is no downtime.

Can I have multiple teeth whitening sessions?

Of course, you can repeat the teeth whitening sessions as much as you want. The procedures that our specialists perform during the process do not harm your teeth. Therefore, they can be repeated many times unless you have another complication.

Am I suitable for a teeth whitening?

Almost anyone can be a suitable candidate for the procedure. However, our specialists will tell you if you have an exceptional case.

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